Venus Conjunct Jupiter Synastry

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One of the oldest sciences, so to say, could possibly be astrology. This wonderful, ever inspiring ‘science of the stars’ is not exactly an official science.

In modern day, it is considered a pseudo science or an alternative one. Back in the day, until the era of the Enlightenment, astrology was treated together with astronomy.

During this period of rationalization and glorifying the power of Reason as the highest rational value, astrology was separated from astronomy.

Ever since the Age of Reason, astrology has treated as a different path; moreover, as an alternative science, while the astronomy, as we all know, has been considered an acknowledged, exact science.

The ‘science of the stars’, which is how astrology translates into is very old. Discoveries of certain mammoth bones suggest our far ancestors have known about the Moon phases and, what is even more important, that the Moon phases were of great importance to them.

These mammoth bones are amazing because they feature markings that correspond to the Moon phases.

It is certain that prehistoric people would use the sky and the stars as a navigation map. Nomadic hunters’ tribes were in great need for such a map.

Later on, people would have name the constellations and associate particular stars and planets with divine forces, personify them as deities. It has helped people get closer with the forces of the universe.

Some of the oldest evidence about astrological systems originate from ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia. The oldest horoscope possibly comes from the old and majestic, known among the historians as one rich in astrologers. It seems that old cultures of the region (and beyond) had a profound interest into astrology.

Astrological systems, however, have developed in other parts of the world and on other continents. Chinese, Tibetan, Hindu and Japanese astrological systems are all important.

These vast, abundant and complex systems are specific and different from Western astrology, but equally precious. They all have the same thing in common, the sky and the stars.

Our modern astrology has had its periods of glory, but also of turbulence and silence. After the Age of Reason has placed its verdict upon astrology, this intriguing path fell into the domain of the obscure, esoteric and very alternative.

The interest into astrology has revived during the twentieth century. As we could see, it seems it has been getting more and more popular.

You could get a free and detailed astrological report in just a few clicks! Moreover, you could pay for a more detailed insight and a strictly personalized version and receive it in short time.

Of course, you could visit an astrologer and get your readings in person. Many people are interested into learning about astrology on their own and mastering this ‘star reading’ science.

Natal Astrology and Astrological Compatibility

Since we are about to talk on astrology of relations, synastry reports, we have first to look into natal astrology.

Synastry reports and other comparative methods and those of astrological compatibility are all based upon natal astrology.

In order to understand the astrological connection between two persons, you have to meet their astrological personalities.

That is exactly what the astrologer would do first. Each natal chart presents with a specific combination of various elements. That said, each natal chart is unique and specific. What does such a chart reveals, exactly?

Natal chart tells about you as a person; it tells about your main personality traits, your character and temperaments, flaws and advantages and major events in your life.

However, the most important information is the same that people usually doubt. Astrology does not predict the whole of your life nor does it strictly categorize your traits. It tells about potentials and capacities that you have, both good and bad.

By knowing these, you are more likely to take the best out of them all.

Why is this important in synastry? It is important, because each synastry involves two different persons, two highly original natal charts, regardless of how much those two have in common.

Romantic compatibility would depend on all the delicate details in these charts, besides the astrological contacts between the charts.

The astrologer would focus on specific elements of natal charts, before doing a synastry. Romantic tendencies, tendencies regarding commitment, marriage, family and else are all of great importance.

The astrologer would look into how much each partner was compassionate, caring, gentle and more. Personal life goals and views on life are of significant importance.

Astrological Aspects and Synastry

Astrological aspects are specific contacts between planets; they are angles these planets form among themselves. Not all angles are aspects, though.

The five major aspects are the conjunction, the square, the opposition, the trine and the sextile. Each one of these creates a specific and characteristic energetic exchange between the planets.

The aspects could be divided into two groups, easy and heavy aspects. Easy or flowing aspects are the trines and the sextile. These are considered very good and positive, since the energies in these aspects presents at their best and ‘understand’ one another pretty well.

With heavy or challenging aspects, which are the square and the opposition, the energies become tense and confronting.

It is most likely that your synastry would feature both of these, as well as our aspect in question, the conjunction. We will talk about it in the next paragraph. What does this complex of aspect means?

It makes your relationship colorful and characteristic. It is very difficult, if not tricky, giving stereotypical descriptions of synastry aspects.

These aspects should never be taken isolated, although that is precisely what we will be doing here. We will represent only one aspect and it could be of a great use.

However, you should always bear in mind that other aspects would definitely affect the manifestation of this particular one. Besides that, each natal chart definitely plays its role.

Conjunctions and Synastry Report

What could be said of conjunctions? Conjunctions are generally considered the strongest aspects in astrology and the reason is obvious. A conjunction represents a very small distance between the planets that form this one, 0 or up to 10 degrees distance.

Planets in a conjunction could completely match their places or they could stand extremely close to one another.

The thing with conjunctions is that they create a very strong energetic output. Energies of both planets became intensified and they conjoin. Conjunctions in synastry would make a strong energetic bond.

However, the energy of a conjunction depends on the planets involved. Some authors claim that malefic planets would make for a negative energy and vice versa.

Two different planets, of different natures or those in different signs would make a situation quite complex. This is the reason why you must observe the whole synastry and not an isolated aspect as a determining factor of the relationship.

Astrology cannot say if your relationship was predestined to flourish or to fall apart. We shall see how the conjunction works in the following example.

Venus in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Venus is one of the most important planets to look out for in synastry. It represents love and romance, as well as passion, compassion, pleasure and seduction.

Venus was known as the most beautiful of all goddesses of the ancient pantheons. It is worth of mentioning that only Venus could soften and seduce the fiery god of war, Mars.

These two planets are very important in synastry reports, since mars represents the carnal aspect of romantic connections, and Venus more spiritual one.

Today we will not be talking about their interrelations, but it is a good illustration of Venus’ nature, compared to the other relationship planet, so to say. Venus represents joys of life, happiness, pleasure, our ability to love and to receive love.

Venus represents femininity, beauty, aesthetics, and happiness, everything that make us feel good. Venus helps us establish good relations with people around us and awakens our inner need to be accepted, loved and to be attractive to others.

Venus inspires our romantic self, as well. This lovely planet rules signs of Taurus and Libra.

This planet is one of the personal planets, so it would definitely play a role in a natal chart and also in synastry, forming aspects with planets from the other chart. Venus represents our capacity for love and for being loved.

One has to agree that it is of essential importance when we speak about romantic relationships. In the following paragraphs, we shall see how it reacts to lucky planet Jupiter in a conjunction.

Jupiter in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Just as we have said, Jupiter is considered a lucky star, the planet that brings fortune and happiness. This is the greatest benefactor from the astrological point of view.

Jupiter represents natural, inborn luck and fortune and is associated with concrete steps that would lead to high places, material fortune and wealth. However, this is primarily the planet of expansion and of overall positive energy.

In ancient myths, Jupiter was the supreme god, the god of wisdom, justice, divine and human laws. He was the one to give power to earthly, mortal kings and leaders; he was the one to decide what was right and what not.

Jupiter would gladly visit human world, transformed into an animal or a common human being.

In astrological sense, Jupiter is one of the social planets, along with Saturn. Its nature is best described in contrast to Saturn. While Saturn is restrictive, cold, associated with misery, suffering and  misfortune, Jupiter represents exactly everything the opposite.

It represents growth, expansion, the need to widen horizons and develop. It is associated with high knowledge, higher education, travelling to distant lands.

Jupiter is the planet that brings positive outlook and generally an optimistic attitude towards life. In synastry, this could be great, but too much expansiveness could sometimes lead to negative outcomes, though this could be managed.

Let us see what kind of aspect make Venus and Jupiter, when in a conjunction.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Synastry – Mutual Impression

This connection is, by all means, lovely and binding. Venus conjunct Jupiter inspires great mutual admiration, in aesthetic, creative and romantic sense.

The expansive Jupiter, full of knowledge, but generally light, optimistic and easygoing impresses kind, charming and loving Venus.

Venus person might find herself or himself in awe of Jupiter, as someone beautiful and someone from whom he or she could learn.

On the other hand, open and expansive Jupiter would be much in favor with Venus’ artistic, creative nature, in constant search for beauty. Venus embodies beauty at its best and Jupiter would gladly embrace this view.

What is also very important is that Venus engages Jupiter in social terms and vice versa. You two are very likely an outgoing, friendly couple who enjoys having quality time with other people.

Your bonds are strong and together you make a wonderful team. You are gentle towards one another, open and very passionate. What is even more important, this is a natural connection of mutual understanding and support.

You support one another, in personal, as well as in mutual goals and ambitions. You could fully rely on your partner to be by your side whatever the situation.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Synastry – Into a Long Relationship

The best part of this connection is that each one of you inspires the most pleasant feelings in the other. You simply enjoy being together, whether it was simply chilling out or engaging with activities that are more intimate.

Venus conjunct Jupiter is an easygoing contact that makes you feel good about yourself; you fully accept one another the way you are. If there was something one finds open to criticism, concerning their partner’s behavior, the critic would always be well measured, but sincere.

Your openness and gentleness would make any problem resolved in the most diplomatic, but at the same time, the most romantic way. Your partner is your biggest fan and your greatest support. Be sure he or she would never make fun of you, which happens with some other aspects.

This is a healthy relationship and it definitely has good prognosis, when the aspect is seen isolated. This is, by all means, an encouraging connection.

Venus conjunct Jupiter inspires romantic expansiveness, incredible time together that prove you could possibly stay by one another’s side for the rest of your days. You may have been born to be together.