Spiritual Meaning of Birds Flying In Front of You and Around You

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Birds are a group of animals with ability to fly. It is estimated that around 10.000 species of bird exist on the planet today.

They are daily present in our lives as part of the nature which surrounds us, and some people even keep birds in their houses, as pets.

Birds have been a companion of humans throughout the history of humankind. Their symbolism dates back to the times of the first humans. Birds are depicted on cave walls, which were the oldest human accommodations.

Birds were important symbol for many ancient civilizations, like the ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, etc.

Many bird species, like the eagles, cranes, ibises, falcons, owls, roosters, etc. were used to symbolize some important aspect of these historically important cultures. Many beliefs were related to different bird species as well.

Birds’ Symbolism

Birds have a powerful symbolism. They are an inspiration to us to aim higher and reach our goals despite of the obstacles we might be facing along the way.

They are also an inspiration to develop our spirituality further. Birds are also considered messengers from the spiritual realms. They symbolize peace, transformation, freedom and power. Angels often appear to us in form of birds and in rare sightings of angels, people depict them with birds’ wings.

We often receive messages from our deceived loved ones in form of live birds appearing in our lives or just images of birds we keep seeing. Their appearance in our life could represent encouragement from the Universe to take on some action towards some desire we have.

We only need to be open to receive the messages they are trying to convey to us.

We often receive messages of support from our guardian angels and they sometimes come in a form of a bird appearing in our lives. That bird often comes in some unusual circumstances and brings us a powerful message.

The birds can help you get in touch with your spirituality and develop it further.

Birds in Dreams

Because they are so present in our lives, the symbolism of birds is more important when they find their way into our dreams. In dreams, birds usually represent good omens.

They are a symbol of desires, goals, freedom, independence, peace and harmony, love, balance, new ideas, etc. They are sometimes reflecting our fears and our hopes in some situations.

Birds in dreams also indicate our connection to the spirit realms. These dreams could indicate spiritual evolvement and freedom you are feeling.

They are often an important message from your spirit guides and in such cases it is important to decipher all the details of the dream.

If the birds were flying in your dream, that is a very good sign, symbolizing abundance and progress.

They could also indicate career advancement, or improvement of your love life.

They could also indicate having high goals and ambitions and doing all you can to accomplish them. They could also symbolize your achieved ambitions and goals and your satisfaction with them.

Birds are known as messengers, so dreaming about them could indicate receiving some long awaited news soon.

If they were signing, that is a good sign in a dream, indicating good luck. Catching them in a dream is also a sign of good fortune.

Dreams about birds could also announce improvements of your finances soon. Sometimes they could be a sign of financial problems as well.

Seeing Birds Flying in Front of You and Around You

Seeing birds flying in front of you or flying around you, besides the general symbolism of birds, also has a symbolism related to the bird type you saw.

Some birds represent good omens and some don’t.

It is important to know which bird you saw so you can have a clear picture about the meaning of the event you have experienced. You need to include all the known facts to decipher the message the bird or birds are trying to convey to you.

For example, seeing an owl symbolizes wisdom, some nighttime activities, changes, or something secretive.

The blue jay symbolizes strength, communication, clarity, or the need to stand up for yourself.

The condor symbolizes the mysteries of life, survival, life and death, as well as visions.

The eagle is a symbol of healing, enlightenment, freedom and messages from God.

The bluebird symbolizes happiness and modesty.

The falcon is a symbol of power, agility, gracefulness, and the mind.

The dove symbolizes peace, maternity, love, and the feminine energy.

The goose is a symbol of travel, loyalty, sociability and new beginnings.

The hawk symbolizes power, strength, farsightedness, spirituality, broad perspective, etc.

The parrot symbolizes communication, and talkativeness.

The flamingo symbolizes romance, generosity, emotions and healing of the heart.

The peacock symbolizes grace, compassion, awakening and nobility.

The magpie is a symbol of intelligence, friendship and loyalty.

The heron is a symbol of wisdom and gaining wisdom, balance, patience, authority and assertiveness.

The vulture symbolizes cycles of life, resourcefulness, patience, cleansing, life and death.

The raven symbolizes magic, the shadow side of your personality, and transformation.

The kingfisher is a sign of prosperity and abundance, good fortune, love and peace.

The pigeon symbolizes balanced relationships, home and security, and peace.

The swan symbolizes beauty, love, grace, healing and angels.

The robin symbolizes new beginnings.

Seeing a flock of birds is a very good sign to experience, especially if you have seen them somewhere around your home, or around the workplace. They announce prosperity, progress, and abundance coming into your life. They confirm the success of your endeavors and current actions.

They also symbolize receiving rewards for some past work and efforts.

The flock of birds flying around you or in front of you could also indicate the process of spiritual awakening you are going through. Be grateful if you experience something like that because it is a great encouragement from the spirit realms.

If only you saw one bird flying in front of you or around you, and it made you feel content and calm, that is a very good sign. That is often a sign from your loved one or from your guardian angels.

They confirm that you have their support and protection.

These events often happen on important dates related to someone important who might not be present in your life anymore. Consider all the details so you can properly decipher your message.

Dreaming of Birds Flying in Front of You and Around You

Dreams about birds, especially flying birds, have similar meanings, and they are often good ones. These dreams usually indicate a fortunate period ahead of you. You can relax and be happy because the hard times will soon be over.

Birds flying around you or in front of you are also a sign of harmonious and balanced personal relationships. If you are currently experiencing some difficulties and struggles in the relationships with some close people, know that they will soon be over and a solution will come up.

Some birds flying around or in front of you might not have a good meaning. These birds can be vultures for example. They can be a warning about some future actions we will take or some words we might say.

They warn us to pay attention to our behavior because it might jeopardize us in some way.

This dream can sometimes indicate someone’s attempt to deceive you and warns you to be careful about the actions of the people around you. They can sometimes symbolize sadness and disappointment we might experience.

Vultures can also symbolize bad luck and the beginning of a period of misfortune in our lives.

If doves or swans were flying around you or in front of you, that dream is a fabulous sign and indicates a great period in your romantic life. It is a sign of blossoming love or finally finding that special person you were longing for.

These dreams are a sign that love is coming soon. You need to be patient and open to receive it.

Eagles flying around us or in front of us have a good significance, usually indicating our strength and ability to deal with obstacles and overcome them.

They are also a sign of good luck and progress because of your own efforts. The peacocks have similar meaning.

Seeing sparrows flying around or in front of you is also a very good sign. These beautiful birds are symbols of hope and good fortune.

This dream indicates the return of your belief in your abilities to succeed. Be prepared for good luck in all areas of your life.