Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Flowers

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The sense of smell is probably by far the most emotional sense that human beings possess.

It happens it was so, because we do not need the sense of smell the way some other living beings do. Most animals use it to find food or to locate and track their prey.

They also need to read signs left out there by other animals, such as territorial borders, calls for mating or whatever else.

Humans’ sense of smell started to diminish millennia of years ago; it happened to all primate species. It appears our sense of smell is the least developed now.

Our pets have tens of times better sense of smell than ours; for example, dogs’ sense of smell is forty times more sophisticated and sensitive.

Our own sense, however, has an entirely new dimension.

It has become very emotional. We do not need it to survive. However, it greatly shapes up our perception of the world we live in.

Different scents means much to us and we could associate them with many things.

There is interesting phenomenon of smelling scents that are not there actually. This ability is called clairalience or clear-smelling.


This happens to many people, even more often than you might assume.

We talk about smelling scents and odors that are not physically present; that have no obvious and logical physical source we could connect with specific scents.

However, most of people take this for granted and do not give much attention to it. If the scent is strong and awakens certain emotions, it could be called clairalience.

This ability means not only one senses scents that are not there, but also absorbs their energy.

It is like deciphering secret messages that come in the form of scents.

Clairalience can help us better understand the world and our connection with forces that are out of our comprehension, beyond our conscious mind and awareness.

Spiritual scents

While all sorts of scents could posses a spiritual dimension, several categories are the most common.

Scent of flowers, scents of places, smells that indicate danger are the most common.

Such scents might be a message from deceased loved ones who want to guide us from the other side or who have certain unsettled business and cannot pass into the afterlife.

Clairalience is sometimes called intuitive smelling, which is, for example, a good explanation of why some people smell scents that remind of danger.

It is indeed something primal and obscure; for example, you smell smoke and fire and there is no source of it.

If it is, it might be a sign that you are in danger or that someone you love could be in danger.

Spiritual scents are very often associated with messages from our guardian angels. These divine and mysterious entities watch over us, even if we are completely unaware of that, spiritualists say.

The concept of angels and guardian angels is common in many religious and spiritual beliefs.

What they all have in common is that angels talk to us through symbolic channels.

Spiritual dimension of flower scents

Guardian angels often send us various messages and we could recognize them, if we pay a little bit more attention.

Repeating numbers, same objects or phenomena are usually indicators of angelic presence in our life.

It often happens that such signs come to us in times of great insecurity and difficulties.

Angels want us to know we are not alone and that we will never be alone, even if we feel so, at times.

Flower scents that have no obvious origin, meaning you can smell it, but there are no flowers around you, are commonly associated with angelic intervention.

Sometimes, these scents are also a message from a deceased person from our life.

For example, if there was someone who loved or grew specific flowers, it is likely he or she would use this scent to connect you.

Guardian angels send us scents of flowers to show us they care. It is usually a sign of encouragement of strengthening your faith and belief in yourself.

Guardian angels want you to feel safe, so they send you pleasant, calming scents, such as those of flowers. Most of people find scent of flowers good and pleasing.

Scent of roses

Roses are one of the most favorite flowers to many people. Symbolism of rose is strong and its scent carries the same symbolism.

This is a scent very commonly associated with angelic messages.

Roses are ultimate symbol of love; angels send us their scent in order to make us feel loved and safe.

This scent symbolizes ultimate love, divine love. It proves it lives on and that we have it in our hearts.

Our angels want to remind us of the importance of love, by sending us this beautiful scent.

The scent of roses speaks of romance and passion; it might happen you sense it because you are in the state of amorousness and you feel very romantic or passionate about someone in particular.

This scent reminds you to relax and surrender to your feelings, because they are good.

In a way, this adorable scent of such a beautiful and deeply symbolic flower tells you your feelings are perfectly fine and welcome.

This scent also tells you are important to someone. Roses are one of the most common symbols of affection. People give roses to ones they care about the most and respect a lot.

Try to think about it upon sensing unexplained scent of roses; maybe you are not paying attention to someone who loves you.

Maybe it is the other way; someone loves you, but you fail to realize being focused elsewhere.

Scent of narcissus

Beautiful narcissus is one of very symbolical flowers. You all probably know about the ancient Greek myth about a beautiful young man who was in love with his own beauty, so much that it cost him his life as a human being.

Narcissus flower is indeed beautiful and it smells very nice.

If you sense the smell of narcissus flowers and there are none of these amazing white yellow ones around, there is perhaps a message behind it.

Scent of narcissus could have two meanings. On one side, narcissus symbolizes hidden talents and business success, so the presence of this scent could be a sign of positive outcome in professional area.

It could also be a sign from your guardian angels trying to make you realize what talents you posses that you are unaware of.

This scent tells that you are special in a very positive way.

On the other hand, it could be a reminder. It is a spiritual message, a reminder of the story of too proud and self-obsessed young man Narcissus from Greek mythology.

The message is intended to remind you that you should value yourself, but never to the point that you hurt others’ feelings and neglect those around you.

Try to focus on others, instead of being obsessed with self-image.

Scent of iris

Iris is another of symbolically powerful flowers. It is one of the oldest symbols of hope, faith, wisdom, honor and loyalty. Iris represents glory and bravery, along with dignity, honesty and nobility.

The purple iris has always been associated with divine powers, with mysterious forces.

Iris represents special connection between heaven and earth. The name of the flower originally means rainbow.

It is closely associated with the Greek goddess Iris, who painted the skies with rainbows, sending divine messages.

Rainbow and Iris are symbols of connection between divine realm and that of human beings.

Thus, the flower iris has always been considered a sign of divine guidance and wisdom.

Iris symbolizes hope, faith and nobility, so it is one of very common royal symbols as well.

Sensing the scent of irises is a sign of divine guidance. It means there are divine and noble forces that watch upon you and want you to become the person you have great potentials to be.

This scent is also a symbol of divine wisdom, meaning you are about to find it within your own soul. This mystical guidance suggests you should have faith in destiny and belief in yourself.

Scent of lilies

Lily is probably the only symbolical flower that binds together the idea of royalty, nobility, dignity and passion, with innocence and tenderness.

Lilies are the most popular royal symbol; it is also a heraldic element seen on many standards and coats of arms. Lilies represent mercy and unconditional love, amongst other things.

The scent of lilies that comes unexpectedly and without a physicals source should remind you of all of these noble values.

It is most probably that your guardian angels wants to tell you how worthy you are and that you should value yourself more.

It should also remind you of all those qualities in the world around you, in people that surround you.

The mysterious scent of lilies reminds one to be noble and kind, but also to respect the same values in others.