Sun in Cancer

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The Sun is the main source of energy for our planet, and the central star in the Solar system. It is a huge star, with a diameter 109 times larger than the diameter of the Earth, and with a mass around 330,000 times of the mass of the planet Earth.

The Sun’s composition is mostly hydrogen and helium. It is estimated that the Sun is around 4.6 billion years old. Due to its importance for life on Earth, many ancient cultures worshiped the Sun as their most important deity.

In an astrological sense, the Sun signifies our consciousness and our rational mind. The Sun rules our willpower and our life force. The sign and the Sun’s placement in our natal chart describe the purpose we have on this planet.

The Sun also shows how vital and healthy we are. It represents our identity and the strength of our ego. It symbolizes our reason while the Moon symbolizes our instinctive reactions. The Sun is our present, while the Moon is our past. The Sun symbolizes the lessons we are about to learn in this life.

The Sun gives us determination, and describes the sense of purpose and direction we have in life. It also gives us creativity. People under the influence of the Sun are often egotistic, self-centered, and judgmental.

The sign where the Sun is placed describes our life’s purpose and the influence we have on the world around us. It describes our personal traits and our character.

The Sun travels through one sign during a period of 30 days. It rules the sign of Leo and is exalted in the sign of Aries. In these two signs the Sun is at its best and can exhibit its full power.

The Sun is in its detriment in the sign of Aquarius, which means that it cannot fully express its best traits while transiting through this sign.

The Sun is the ruler of success, ambition, advancement, authority, arrogant behavior, egotism, people in authority, creativity, children, confidence, the ego, entertainment, famous people and fame, actors, movie stars, our father, fatherhood, health in general, husband, leadership, leaders, individuality, men in a woman’s horoscope, men in general, pride, proud people, riches, rich people, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, self-esteem, vanity, prestige, money, politics, politicians, pleasure, power, popularity, etc.

The Sun symbolizes our motivations and the things that motivate us. The Sun sign indicates the things we consider the most important and we tend to focus on the most. Sun symbolizes energy, activity, ambition, initiative, drive, motivation, boldness, courage, decisiveness, as well as the focus on our desires.

It also symbolizes egotism, self-centeredness, bragging, selfishness, being inconsiderate towards other people’s feelings, etc.

The Sun sign describes our personal traits, and the influence it has on a specific person should always be determined as a combination of the sign where it is placed, the natal chart house where the Sun is, as well as the aspects it is making with the planets in that chart.

Sun in Cancer Man

Men with Sun in Cancer are very emotional, but they try to hide that by acting distant and retreating. They do that to protect themselves from being hurt.

These people are easily hurt which is why they have created different defensive mechanisms to help them in situations where their feelings are threatened by insensitive people.

These people have kind and gentle hearts and are full of love for their dear ones.

They have a giving and nurturing nature, and are very loyal to the people who they consider worthy of such behavior. They are home type of guys and they rather spend their time at home than going out or traveling.

There are some types who enjoy traveling very much, but even those men are the happiest when they return to the coziness of their comfortable nest.

These people don’t like changes and they consciously or subconsciously fight against them.

They are under the influence of their ruling planet, the Moon, which is often the cause for their frequent mood changes. Their reactions often come out of the blue, leaving people wondering what happened.

They can suddenly stop talking, or begin sulking, or accusing others. Sometimes they just change their mood without an explanation. Fortunately, these mood swings don’t last long and usually coincide with some Moon phases or transits of the Moon over important spots in their natal charts.

They are loyal and devoted partners. When they find a person they want to spend their life with that literally means “for life”.

These men are good businessmen, with a good sense for earning money. They know the proper way to deal with money and are not spendthrifts, but most of them are not stingy either.

Sun in Cancer Woman

Women with Sun in Cancer are sensitive and sweet ladies, although they are also prone to frequent mood changes just like men born in this sign.

These women are often shy and tend to retreat in situations where there are strangers and people they don’t feel comfortable being around.

They don’t need to share their private matters with people they don’t consider close, and they often appear reserved and unapproachable, which are the general traits people notice about them.

These women are not adventurous types and they are usually not very ambitious, unless there is some other influence in their natal charts to change that. They love spending time in the security and comfort of their homes and love entertaining their friends and loved ones there.

Like Cancer men, Cancer women are often very good in the kitchen, and love preparing delicious food for the people they care about, usually their family members and friends.

They are very attached to their families, especially their parents and siblings. They often end up in a position to financially or in other ways help their family members. They love to be financially secured and often manage to provide for their security and the security of those they care about.

Most of these women dream about their wedding and motherhood from an early age. These women often marry young and become mothers at a very young age. They are wonderful mothers and they often have a lot of children.

These women are good with money and don’t like to waste it on things they don’t need or that are useless and only look good. They are not cheapskates and know the value of quality; they just don’t allow money to be wasted. 

Good Traits

The main good traits of Sun in Cancer are:

– sensitivity, emotions, protectiveness, intuition, nurturing, family and home, empathetic, responsible, good parents, protective, reliable, financially secured, etc.

Bad Traits

The main bad traits of Sun in Cancer are:

– overly sensitive, overly emotional, fearful, very selfish, overprotective, clingy, smothering, difficulty to release emotional attachments, prone to exaggerating, etc. 

Sun in Cancer – General Info

Cancer is water and a cardinal sign. It rules our emotions, creativity, agriculture, boats and boat manufacturers, all things related to water, hotels, hotel owners, buildings, real estate, food, kitchens, places where food is prepared and stored, restaurants, restaurant owners and workers, fish, fishing, our home, trade, traders, protectiveness, sailing, sailors, the sea, women in general, etc.

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer. That is why the Moon and its placement in a person’s natal chart are very important for people who have their Sun in the sign of Cancer.

People with Sun in Cancer are usually very emotional. These people are often afraid of being hurt by others, which makes them retreat and take their time before getting to know someone and relaxing in their presence.

Cancer people are very caring and nurturing, but they display these traits in regards to people they care about.

They can be very protective and supportive of their loved ones. They are family oriented and often find themselves in a situation where they need to take care financially or physically of some of their family members.

These people are wonderful beings and very funny and amusing, but only the ones who know them good are able to experience this side of their personality. For others, they usually appear reserved and unapproachable.

For those who are their friends or family members, these people are prepared to do anything to make them feel satisfied. They are great hosts and love having friends and family around their home.

Cancer people are usually excellent in the kitchen and enjoy preparing delicious food. They are always inspired to try out some new dish, especially if it means preparing it for their loved ones.

These people often choose cooking to be their profession, and many famous chefs are born in the sign of Cancer. Cancer people are very welcoming and know how to make a perfect atmosphere for their guests.

Because Cancer is ruled by the Moon, these people are under its strong influence. That means that they are sensitive to the movements of the Moon, especially if, during its transit, it triggers a sensitive spot in their natal chart.

They are prone to frequent, often unexplainable mood changes, moodiness, sulking, moments of silence without explaining the reasons, etc.

These people are ready to do anything to protect themselves and their fragile emotional state. That often makes them selfish and focused only on themselves and their needs, without paying attention to other people. Such behavior might make people avoid them.

These people are home types, and they prefer spending most of their leisure time there.

Their home needs to be a place of comfort where they can finally relax and be their genuine self. Their home should be a place where they charge their batteries and retreat from the stress of everyday life.

They are family types as well, and they tend to maintain strong emotional and physical ties with their family members throughout their entire lives.

Cancers usually have big families of their own. They love children and often have a lot of children. They are great parents who always have time to play with their kids or deal with their problems. Nothing about parenting is difficult for these people. Some of them can be prone to exaggerating and becoming overly involved in their children’s lives.

These people usually don’t like to move a lot, and they prefer staying at home while others experience different adventures and travel around the world. Even the Cancer people who love to travel are the happiest when they return home to their safe nest. All Cancer people need the stability that their home provides for them.

These people love the sense of security which finances and material wealth can provide for them and that is what makes them inspired to earn enough to establish a solid financial base for the future.

Many of these people love to invest their finances, usually in buildings and in the real estate business, but also restaurants, hotels, all hospitality services, agriculture, food, and other Cancer ruled areas. They have a gift for making money and they usually don’t have to worry about money and finances.

Their tendency to change their mood can be overwhelming at times, but fortunately, it doesn’t last long. They are a kind and loyal companion and their relationships (romantic or friendship) often last a lifetime.

These people respect tradition and the traditional way of doing things.

They are proud of their ancestors, and many of them choose to continue the family business which lasts generations so they could keep the tradition alive. They don’t like changes, and they are not very adaptable to new circumstances.


Cancer people are sweet and kind, but can be a bit heavy and tiresome at times. They are very sensitive and emotional. That is why they are prone to protecting their personalities from being hurt by others.

They need to get to know a person well before relaxing in their presence. They carefully choose their friends and acquaintances and can be very picky when it comes to choosing who they will give their trust to.

These people are very good hosts and love to entertain their guests. The ones fortunate enough to experience their hospitality can only say the best for their talent for making others satisfied and happy.

These people (both men and women) usually have a great sense of humor and people enjoy being in their company. They are a home types and prefer spending most of their time there to enjoy and recharge. Their home is a place of comfort and peace.

These people are usually loyal and devoted to their families and romantic partners. They are great parents and love children very much.