Sun in Leo

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Horoscopes have always been interesting to people, regardless of if they believe these are for real or not. Horoscopes are not only those few lines you read about in your daily newsfeed.

There are several different types of horoscopes, in fact.

We are mostly interested into natal astrology and personalized horoscopes, based on careful and detailed analyses of natal charts.

Natal charts show positions of planets at the time you were born. You have to give an astrologer your date, time and place of birth, in order to get your birth chart done. You can easily calculate it online and get the graphic scheme instantly.

However, analyzing a birth chart is a true art. One has to know a lot about astrology as a discipline, in order to properly analyze a natal chart and create a horoscope.

There are many elements to pay attention to and all of them should be seen as a part of a complex image. Planets, zodiac signs, houses, aspects…these are all very important things to look out for when creating a personalized horoscope.

Good astrologers possess great knowledge about planetary influence over our lives and they have practice in using astrological methods.

Horoscopes are like astrological timelines of people, to say so. Each of the elements in a birth chart affects one’s horoscope and actually creates specific potentials for the person in question. Knowing your potentials is the first step towards using them the best way you can.

We are going to talk about the first and the most important element of a birth chart and it is the Sun.

Sun and Horoscope

The glorious Sun is one of ‘personal planets’, the ones that determine your essential personal traits, temperament and character. Besides the Sun, personal planets are the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Although you certainly know the Sun and the Moon are not planets ‘for real’, in astrology they are seen as ones.

They are the first and the most important elements to look out for in a natal chart. The Sun is known as the ‘king of the day’.

Over one earthly year period, the Sun travels through the entire Zodiac. The Sun rules the sign of Leo and we are about to talk about the Sun in Leo more a bit later. The Sun is associated with glory, dignity, royal attitude and nobility, which are as well ideas associated with the sign of Leo.

The Sun is a masculine principle and it represents male figures in a personalized horoscope. In a female horoscope, it stands for a father and/or a type of men that attract the woman.

The Sun is the main source of light and life, so it is closely related to the very idea of the life itself. The Sun reflects ones conscious mind, needs, desires and thoughts you are well aware of. It shapes up your temperament; it gives you certain energy and makes you a person of certain attitude and qualities.

The Sun is everything that is visible and noticeable about you; it shines and it lightens everything. The Sun represents your true self, your ambitions, efforts and everything else.

One should never try to work against attributes of the Sun as they were given, because it means he or she literally suppresses everything that stars offered them, which can cause only negative effects. If you reject the energy the Sun gives you, you surround yourself with shadows and you fall into darkness.

The Sun in your natal chart is your essence and you should nurture it and use and handle its energy the best way possible.

The Sun is associated with the principle of vitality, with health, strength, power, action, with your heart. It is associated with your body frame and specifically to your back. Colors associated with the Sun are yellow, orange and gold. The metal associated with the Sun is, well, also gold.

The Sun is also related to the idea of rebirth, longevity and eternity of life, since it rises over again, endlessly. The Sun is the light of the day.

In horoscope, the Sun actually determines your ruling zodiac sign. That is the sign you were born under. So far, we have learned that your native sign does not determine who you are and what is your life like solely, but it creates specific, unique personality in aspects and relations with other elements in a natal chart.

This means that if you are a Leo in horoscope, it does not mean you carry only Leo’s attributes and traits.

The Sun in a natal chart shapes up your core, to say so, your active principle, your conscious mind. The Sun is your individuality; it is your representation in the world. The Sun determines our view on life and our perception of life in total.

Essential nature of the Sun could take form that favors free and natural expression of the Sun’s qualities or vice versa; these qualities could be blocked and poorly channeled.

Sun in Leo – General Info

It is of great importance to understand what it means to have the Sun in a particular zodiac sign. First of all, it determines the ruling sign you were born under. However, it is important to analyze aspects in your natal chart, to see what relations are created with other signs, planets etc.

Full analysis of your natal chart will show how your Sun’s energy is distributed, used and channeled.

The Sun in Leo makes a magnificent, very natural combination. The Sun is the ruler of this powerful zodiac sign, so it means that in Leo, the Sun is in its most comfortable position.

If you have the Sun in Leo, that makes you a Leo person. What are qualities of Leo people? How this incredible bright energy shines through them? What are they like?

Leos are known to be people with grandiose view of life, the ones that believe they were born for great things, born to be admired, adored, respected and worshiped. Leos are very proud of themselves and could be quite egocentric. However, they are not malicious and they do not wish bad things to happen to others.

Partially, it comes simply from their lack of interest in other people’s lives.

On the other hand, Leos are honorable, warm, passionate and very loyal. Family and honor are what matters a great deal to any Leo. They are ready to fight for their loved ones, to protect them and save them from any harm. Leo people are openhearted, very talented, comfortable in public, self-confident and determined. They care for reputation and status.

Leo people love luxury; they love spotlight and attention. They feel extremely comfortable being in the centre of attention and you could easily recognize them by their loud, refreshing laughter and their royal attitude.

This is the best thing about Leos; they act like royals, but they could be extremely friendly, sociable and generous.

However, they have an inborn need to be in focus; they hate being put aside. Sometimes they have undeserved expectations of others, meaning they expect to be adored and admired for simply being who they are. They are very surprised if people do not recognize their importance.

This is because their Ego is naturally very strong and they think the world revolves around them.

Leos demand attention. In most of the cases, they actually work to get it and all the admiration they get is rightfully earned. Leos do not step away from hard work and effort; once they have set their goals, be sure they would bravely engage with all sorts of challenges.

They are natural born leaders; not only they possess authoritative attitude, but they also have charisma that easily wins people over.

Leo people are charismatic and bold leaders, the ones to inspire others.

They do not lead and rule by fear, but by motivation. They are competitive and like fair play. They have their lazy other side; Leos have periods of doing nothing, simply because they think they have worked enough and now it is the time to enjoy what is there to be enjoyed.

Good Traits

Speaking about good traits of having the Sun in Leo or being a Leo native, we could say there are many. The Sun in Leo manifests gloriously; it is its natural channel. The Sun in Leo is associated with a bright, positive aura and an optimistic mind.

People with the Sun in Leo are self-confident and determined. Even if they are narcissistic and egocentric, they do not hurt people intentionally.

They think good of people and they are extremely devoted to their loved ones. A Leo would do everything it takes to make his or hers family or friends or a partner feels safe and happy.

They are also generous people. They would help others without second thoughts. In friendship, in family relation and in romantic love they are warm, passionate, direct and open.

The high type of a Leo person is an individual who channels the energy through creativity, but demands theirs achievements to be acknowledged. The highest type of a Leo person is the one that has sense of his or hers own qualities, but is open to cooperate.

This type is understanding, naturally charismatic and positive, self-confident, but not arrogant.

Bad Traits

Bad sides of Leo people are some of their best qualities, put to extremes. Their generosity could turn into spending more than they can earn.

They are prone to overindulge themselves with luxury, pleasures and even laziness. They could also become real kings and queens of drama; they are pompous and arrogant.

Leos tend to brag around all the time and this could be very exhausting.

They could become so self-oriented and egocentric that they completely neglect other people’s needs. They tend to overemphasize things just to leave an impression. A lower type of Leo person tries to impose, but without any real credits and qualities.

These people seek attention at any cost; they could be incredibly spoiled and even vicious when it comes to that.

Sun in Leo Man

Men with the Sun in Leo are honorable, just and self-confident. Natural roles for them are that of fathers, husbands, aristocrats, rulers, people who carry titles in general. Their attitude is of a royal and a guardian.

Leo men are brave, courageous, very stylish, loud and easy to spot. Their appearance is glorious, simply because of their general attitude.

These men walk upright, dignified; they appear determined and proud of themselves. They are passionate about things they love, especially family and children. Leo men see protection of their dearest ones their true mission.

These men are born to lead and inspire others. They are usually role models to many others.

A Leo man values his reputation and it is important to him to be recognized in public. He enjoys luxury and seduces with style. He is very charismatic and gifted when it comes to seduction.

He generally easily wins hearts of other people. In love, he seeks for a woman as strong and self-confident as he is. His ideal lady is a striking beauty who knows what she wants from life.

Sun in Leo Woman

Women with the Sun in Leo are definitely like these beautiful and dangerous big felines; they are lionesses. A Leo woman is brave, strong and self-confident. She would work hard to succeed.

Once she accomplishes her goals, she enjoys to the fullest. Like her male counterpart, she dreams of living on a high level. She is the one to take the spotlight at any social occasion.

Like Leo men, Leo women love to show off and to be in the center of attention and action. Leo women are naturally easygoing and very positive; their laughter would astound you. Leo women are also great and supportive friends, loyal partners and devoted mothers.

Perhaps their children are what they care for the most. Not as if other women do not care about their kids, but with Leo women, it takes a special dimension.

Leo woman is very loyal in love; she goes to extremes here. She is incredibly passionate. If you win her heart, be sure she will be fully devoted to your relationship.

However, she is demanding in love and has high standards. She needs a man who could challenge her, but who would not undermine her own success. She needs him to be either equally successful as she is or just a tiny step behind her.


People born with the Sun in Leo are native Leos; they are glorious, brave, golden and loud, but also egocentric, commanding and offensive if not given enough attention.

These people could be inspiring, positive, charismatic leaders or lower spirits that make drama over completely negligible things only to grab attention.

Many Leos show both sides, of course, because there is no ideal representative of one particular zodiac signs.

The Sun in Leo is at home; this place makes this life-giving star to shine brightly and endlessly.