Sun in Libra

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Most of us know which zodiac sign we were born under; even those skeptical ones, who do not care much about neither astrology nor horoscopes. Those who do would ascribe things they do or say, the way they react and behave or anything else, simply to their ruling zodiac sign.

They also tend to ascribe zodiac signs related meanings to others and interpret their actions according to their zodiac sign.

You know, people would say something like, “She is so indecisive, a typical Libra.” They would as well say, “He is so proud and generous, a real Leo.” Sometimes even physical appearances could be ascribed to someone’s zodiac sign.

Well, although there is definitely some truth in these examples, things are much more complex. The ruling zodiac sign solely does not determine one’s astrological profile.

However, there is something in there. Your zodiac sign is your base and your core, in a way. It has great effect on your personality as a whole. It is molded and shaped by other factors, as well.

Analyzing one’s personal horoscope is a complicated task that requires a lot of knowledge and practice. In order to understand your stars, you should start from the center, the place of the Sun in your natal chart.

Sun and Horoscope

The Sun, as primary heavenly body, if we speak in terms of Western astrology, which is focused on the Sun as the center of our own universe, represents the most important factor in a personalized natal chart and horoscope and on a wider plan.

The answer to a common question about what you are in the horoscope is actually the answer to a question about the position of the Sun in your birth chart. This means the Sun determines your ruling, native zodiac sign.

In astrology, the Sun is one of the planets, just as the Moon is seen as one, although we know that astronomically, these two are not planets.

However, in astrology, we count ten astrological planets. The first five, amongst which we find the Sun, are so-called ‘personal’ planets. They are the most important to look out for in your birth chart. These planets are major factors in the process of shaping up one as an individual personality.

The position of these personal planets determine who you are, how you see the world, how you absorb impressions from your surroundings, how you react, behave and act. The Sun and the Moon, being the bright ones, the Luminaries, are perhaps the most important.

They represent visible and invisible, active and reactive, expressive and passive parts of one’s personality.

The day planet, the bright, glorious and mighty Sun thus represents what people see about you. It symbolizes vitality and life energy, drive, ambition, personal dignity, self-respect. The Sun is warm, masculine principle that rules our Ego and our conscious mind.

The Sun lightens our personality and let us shine in the world. The way we are going to shine greatly depends on the zodiac sign the Sun sits in one’s natal chart.

The Sun is the center to everything, on a minor, personal and a major plan. The Sun carries many meanings and a lot of symbolism, so it could represent various ideas and concepts. It symbolizes the figure of a father and a husband in a female horoscope, any leader or ruler if we analyze astrological chart of a country, for example.

The Sun symbolizes extravagance, prestige, optimism, glory, royalty, authority.

Sometimes, in conjunction with another planet in a natal chart, the Sun defines even physical appearance of a person and shape up the perception others have about that person. The Sun rules over the sign of Leo. Its element is Fire and its colors are yellow, gold and orange.

Its impact in a personalized horoscope is the strongest from 22 to 42 year of life.

Of course, interpretation of the impact of the Sun in a personal horoscope goes beyond the basic meanings. The Sun determines your ruling sign, which is, in a way, the core of your astrological personality.

However, there are no ideal representatives of any sign; there is no person who is only a Libra, for example, but this person also has mixed influences of other signs and planets in his or hers horoscope.

Sun in Libra – General Info

The Sun in Libra gives those born under the sign of Libra, people marked by distinctive traits this sign embodies and offers. What are native Libras like? The Sun in Libra is in its decline; Libra symbolizes justice, which is the force even the mighty, proud and glorious Sun must bow to.

Libra is balance, harmony and peace, while the Sun is rule, domination and glory. We could say Libra softens the Sun’s energy, which has its good and bad sides.

To illustrate the idea of the Sun entering the sign of Libra, imagine a proud, glorious king who kneels in front of justice, accepting there are forces even he has to respect and admire.

The force of justice is strong in Libra, which makes Libra natives people who would always stand for those to whom any injustice is done. These are honorable, noble people who value justice above everything else.

However, Libras would not aggressively fight for justice. They are kind, tolerant, understanding people, with good balance between their emotions and their reason. Libras are thoughtful and calm; they never make hasty decisions or act impulsively. Their emotional self is, however strong enough, so Libras have empathy and compassion, only they do not let it cloud their reason.

People with the Sun in Libra are openhearted, approachable, laidback and very friendly.

Everyone feel comfortable around him or her. Libras are not tense and they would rather give up on arguing than waste their energy foolishly; they are good at recognizing their own limits. Libra people think good of themselves, although they could be indecisive at times, especially when it comes to love life.

Libras are natural born diplomats, practical and efficient. They are highly cooperative, open to compromises, open to new ideas, but not easily seduced or manipulated. Libras stand for justice, harmony and peace and they do not like to brag around with their achievements.

They are very creative people, with inborn artistic skills, in many cases.

People with the Sun in Libra strongly believe in karma. Although they are not particularly demanding of others, they expect others to be kind towards them, if they were the same.

They are not of offensive or vengeful nature and are sometimes helpless in front of others’ suffering. It happens that sometimes they go beyond their strength to help others, so they might feel stressed and exhausted more than needed.

Libras are popular and welcome in any company. They usually know many people, from different spheres of life. However, they nurture few special friendships. They do not like to be alone and are in need of romantic love.

Their ruling planet is Venus, the very embodiment of love, which makes Libras amorous, charming, flirty and elegant.

When it comes to love, those with the Sun in Libra are often indecisive when it comes to relationships, exactly because of their amorous nature in the first place. People who make them laugh and feel comfortable, loved and cozy attract them.

Libras are romantic and dreamy, so they often spend time fantasizing about someone, flirting and playing games, instead of actually starting a relationship.

Good Traits

Libras are known as the most approachable and sociable zodiac representatives. These kind, flexible and easygoing people would make everyone feel comfortable around them. They would also defend their own integrity and stay true to their causes. Libras would not go over the limits of justice. They truly believe in karma and in natural order of things.

People with the Sun in Libra carefully manage their emotions and reason; they usually keep the balance between the two, which is something most of us find hard to achieve. Libra people are tolerant of others, but do not let them cross the line.

They are sensitive to injustice on a general plan, not only personal. They are supportive, caring and reliable friends, partners, parents, relatives.

Libra people care for others and have good intuition. They are diplomatic and pacifistic. Libras would always try to find a peaceful way out of a conflict. Many think Libras are weak opponents, but they are very wrong.

Peace, balance and harmony are Libra’s goals, not an aggressive, devastating victory at all costs. These charming people value small deeds. They are natural and relaxed, which makes them beautiful and worth of every admiration.

The highest spirit Libra is a person who values justice above all, but has enough tolerance and kindness to be soft when needed. These people value unity and tolerance and are excellent mediators.

High spirit Libras know the difference between needs and desires, mind and heart, spiritual self and reality.

They are peacemakers, people who channel the ultimate energy of justice and balance into the world.

Bad Traits

The Sun in Libra bows before justice. Sometimes, it could take an extreme form, so Libras forget their own needs while defending others. The worst part of the Sun in Libra is indecisiveness, which makes them often chose the easier way and get exploited by others.

They sometimes lack motivation to change things, even if they are fully aware of being manipulated. If they have no strong focus, their energy is scattered, their activity inconsistent.

The lower spirit Libra is a person who has no goals, but acts as they do.

These people are faking they are cooperative, they pretend to be someone they are not, they are conformists and have difficulty in achieving the balance in communication.

They are everything the opposite of what an ideal Libra could be. They play with people’s emotions and frequently change partners.

Sun in Libra Man

Men with the Sun in Libra are charming, friendly and flexible personality. He has his goals and ideals and he would not give them up easily. However, he is adaptable and ready to wait for the right opportunity.

He is creative and intelligent, so no wonder many great artists are Libra men.

Libra men are always there for his friends and family. He wants a comfortable, cozy life, which allows him to express his talents and channel his creativity.

Libra men are just and true to their causes. They are diplomatic and efficient in finding peaceful solutions to many problems. Libra men do not like to argue and they would rather retreat than fight, which someone could see as their weakness.

In the most cases, it only turns out as a smart choice.

Libra man is of balanced nature, with both feet on the ground, but also imaginative and compassionate.

All Libras simply enjoy being in love; it is the same with Libra men. Amorous state is what a Libra man feels the most comfortable in. This makes him hesitant about entering relationships. However, once he decides to that step, he is loyal, devoted, caring and loving.

He is a good and supportive husband and a father.

Sun in Libra Woman

Libra ladies are charming, elegant and sophisticated. Women with the Sun in Libra also have tendency towards artistic expression and intellectual subjects. They are steady paced, easygoing and pleasant to talk to. Libra women are sensitive towards beauty as an ideal; they fall for beautiful people, beautiful art, natural phenomena and so on.

It is just what they enjoy and they do not underestimate others things.

In fact, Libra women are capable of seeing beauty even in the smallest and inconspicuous things. Libra women are sensitive to injustice, especially that done to people who are helpless in protecting themselves.

Libra women see herself as a noble protector of the right cause. She is a pacifist; she is reasonable and diplomatic in this.

In female horoscopes, the Sun in Libra could represent a male figure of the qualities of a Libra man. It could be a lady’s father or her husband, later in life. It means this woman has a just, kind, tolerant and supportive male figure in her life.

It is a very good astrological element in a female’s birth chart.

The Sun in a female horoscope represents her father, as he was when he became a father or a partner as he is as her husband, not a boyfriend.


The Sun in Libra is in a declining position, meaning that the mighty Sun bows before just and peaceful Libra.

On a bigger plan, when the Sun is in Libra, we have to question our Ego, to soften it so that we could see what the right thing to do is. It is a good period for finding balance between logic and heart, reason and emotions.

In personalized horoscopes, it gives one all the qualities of Libra, as a ruling sign.

People with the Sun in Libra are some of the friendliest and the most balanced personalities in the entire Zodiac.