Saturn Square North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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The second largest planet in the solar system after Jupiter was named in honor of the deity of the Roman pantheon, the heavenly patron of agriculture.

In terms of its importance, the planet Saturn, both in ancient teachings and in modern astrology, corresponds to the size, and the object is considered strict.

It has been compared to Mars.

Saturn – Meaning and Info

But if Mars is a “small evil”, then the powerful saturnine energy allows astrologers to call Saturn the planet of great misfortune.

This does not mean that a native who has received a celestial object in a strong aspect in a horoscope is doomed to an unhappy life. But the fact that such a person will face many trials is a fact.

The hidden symbolism of the astrological sign the celestial object is in many ways the antagonist of Jupiter, and even the astrological symbol of Saturn looks like a mirror image of the Jupiterian.

The designation of the planet Saturn is also a cross and an arc. But if Jupiter’s crescent is higher than the cross, symbolizing the priority of the spiritual over the carnal, then his heavenly adversary is exactly the opposite – the cross dominates.

Symbolists claim that this means the victory of the material principle, the desire for physical pleasure, financial success, and comfort.

There is another, somewhat modified version of the sign, which has moved away from the shape of the cross and, as a result, has become very much like a sickle.

The similarity of the sign with the sickle is not accidental. Ancient artists and sculptors depicted the deity in the form of a stern old man-reaper. He was considered the master not only of agriculture, but also of time.

In fact, it is he who is the prototype of Death with a scythe familiar to modern people. In astrology, Saturn is responsible for the Tenth House and the zodiacal constellation Capricorn.

The planet is protected by the element of the Earth. In the spectrum of “happy” colors, the object corresponds to black or dark gray.

The significance of Saturn in astrology is such that the older the native becomes, the more fully the influence of the heavenly patron is revealed.

The cycle of the planet’s revolution around the Sun is almost thirty years, and it is this periodicity that corresponds to the important, crisis stages of a person’s life.

The revision of life values, achieved career successes, financial well-being occurs during the periods of the “return” of the heavenly patron: at 28-30, 58-60 years.

Depending on what conclusions the person will draw from the lessons that the object taught him, the following human qualities are revealed: worldly wisdom; decency, discipline, predictability; responsibility, duty; self-improvement; long-term goals; perseverance; fears, anxieties; complexes, guilt; conscience.

Some astrologers claim that the planet Saturn in astrology is responsible for working off karmic debts. Globally, the object’s sphere of influence also includes: restrictions, reduction; power, state affairs; time, old age.

The energy of the object is strong, paternal. But this is not the patronage of a kind daddy, as is the case with Jupiter. Having Saturn in the natal chart means constantly being under the influence of a strict, authoritarian, but at the same time fair father. The object constrains, sets the frames.

However, these are the boundaries that are necessary – permissiveness leads to chaos. He does not give gifts, but rewards efforts and perseverance.

Under the influence of the heavenly patron, the native can develop such character traits as the ability to plan, think over actions, and understand their consequences.

If a person learns well the lessons of the patron planet, then he may well achieve significant success, take a leadership position, gain authority in society. Characteristics such as responsibility, discipline, strategic mindset will help in a career.

Such types of activities as mining, metallurgy, agriculture, funeral business are promising – that is, those that are directly or indirectly related to the elements of the Earth.

In addition, the native will achieve noticeable success in construction, as well as in jurisprudence, especially if the patron planet is in a successful aspect with Jupiter.

But the financial, banking sphere is unfavorable – the energy of the celestial body does not contribute to profit, the growth of welfare.

North Node – Meaning and Info

One of the factors of karma in love is to understand that supposedly you have to pay, receive or learn in this life, therefore we study the Lunar Nodes, also called Ketu and Rahu or the Tail and Head of the Dragon.

If this happens in your synastry or compatibility, you can say that you won the FAT from the lottery, because it is a blessed relationship.

The Sun of that person will radiate the dark tunnel of your life giving you clarity, energy and helping you on your way in this Universe.

In this relationship the Sun represents an authority figure in your past life, possibly the father or other dominant partner.

You owe something to this person and you must pay this karmic debt. You feel obligated (da), the best way is to accept with patience and serve the best you can, and this conjunction can be financially very special for your partner.

Couples who look like this feel a very intense emotional sensation. They feel that they can freely express their emotions since the feeling is like family and with a sense of belonging.

This is one of the most harmonious aspects. The person who represents the Moon and can make you feel that you are entering a relationship of restriction.

The South Node is attracted to the Moon because it must release its karmic debt. It is possible that the person who represents the Moon could have been your Mother in previous lives. And that is why you could feel suffocated (da) in the relationship.

The person who represents Mercury will know how to listen to your dreams and ideals and will help you to realize them.

There is great communication and many common interests. You can learn a lot from this person due to good communication, you can talk about whatever you want. He will feel much protected (da)

There is much difficulty in communication due to past life rivalries or power authority between cousins, brothers and sisters.

The person with the South Node will feel afraid to speak or open her mind for fear of being ridiculed (da) or feeling rejected (da) by the person with Mercury, as she could verbally abuse and be arrogant.

This relationship does not necessarily have to be sexual, it can represent a very strong bond between parents, their children, family and friends. North Node will be showered with attentions, affection, and expensive gifts from your partner’s Venus.

In reference to love, this is the best aspect that can exist. I would say that the person with Venus is your connection to find your “soul mate”.

Possibly you were her lover, wife, mother, father, son, etc., but you did not know how to treat him well, you abandoned her, you cheated on him and you lied to him.

Now you have to pay the price. The South Node has a very weak situation here, even when she feels like a “victim”, you can fall in love very deeply and be ignored by the other person.

In this relationship, sex is predominant, there is a magnetic attraction between these people, and the person with Mars can lead you to realize your most intense fantasies. He or she can help you achieve your most desired goals. All physical activities as well as sex will be the most outstanding.

This is a true conflict situation. War! War and more war! Is the theme of this aspect, the person with Mars can get to abuse the other by draining all the energy from her like vampires?

Possibly this person was your enemy in other lives and his purpose in this one is to hurt you until you decide not to allow it anymore.

This is a good relationship, pleasant and with material and spiritual abundances. From the person with Jupiter, you gain in spirituality, wisdom and material goods.

This is a nice relationship of hope and optimism, possibly you travel a lot with that person. Everything you need, Jupiter provides it.

Saturn Square North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Saturn in the natal card is a symbol of discipline, responsibility, all possible obstacles and setting a clear frame. Saturn is an unrelenting passage of time. The embodiment of individual maturity, hard work, stability, long years of life.

To the competence of this plan refer to such concepts, as duty, consequences, due diligence, careerism, practicality, inclination to the dead, present. The patron of the Kozero also ruled over Bodolee until Uranus was opened.

Influence of Saturn in the house of the mountain Saturn in the 1st house Saturn in the 2nd house Saturn in the Z house Saturn in the 4 house Saturn in the 5th house Saturn in the 6th house Saturn in the 7th house 8 Day Saturn in the 12th house, at an emotional level, it promotes sensitivity, patience, self-limitation, principle.

At the physical level, Saturn is responsible for dryness, coldness, shortage, difficulty, crystallization; it is also associated with hearing, teeth, knees, rheumatism, common ailments, transfusion, dying. Heads of Limits, Problems and Responsibility. It symbolizes a constant time count, human maturity, his persistent work, stability and longevity.

There is a hand in hand with long, fairness, practicality, confidence, love and endurance. Manages Kozerogom (subdued Bolei, until he passed to Uranus).

Due to the success and wisdom of the planets, they stand out with mature and responsible thinking, striving for caryism and true vision of the picture.

Accept all lessons learned by fate. Intellect improves logic and ethics. Thoughts are enveloped in shells of severity, shortness, precision and logic.

Discipline dominates everything, but responsibility does not allow you to go off the intended path. He is not rich in emotions, stern, harsh, accetic, hasty and warm.

At the physical level, the following are retained: cold, limitation, problems, various deprivations. The ear canals, bone, hair, foot and skin, knee and skin can be lost.

Possibility of curing, rheumatism, early aging and injuries with injuries.


The meaning of Saturn in the natural map Saturn symbolizes wisdom and strength, maturity, responsibility, desire for truth, comfort on the way to experience.

At the intelligent level of Saturn’s, they are accounted for with straightforwardness, consistency, logic; she is capable of ethics and strictness, ironic discipline, deep understanding and wisdom of life.