Mercury in 8th House

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Mysteries of planets and stars have always fascinated humankind. Looking up into the sky, we have been wondering ever since – could stars tell us why we are here and where are we going?

We ask these questions considering both the minor and the major plan. We wonder about humanity and its fate, but we also try to find answers to questions that perplex us in our daily lives.

Houses in Astrology

Houses are an important part of each astrological chart. They are fields that represent our areas of life or, to be more precise, our experience of specific areas of life. Some houses could host more planets; others could remain empty.

Nevertheless, planets will affect them. If there were many planets in the house, it means a particular area of life will be in focus.

Empty houses are affected by the position of their rulers. Each house represents a set of values and meanings, related to individual lives.

Eighth House in Astrology

The Eight House is one mysterious house and, according to some authors, the most important one. This is a house of a complex and a complicated nature.

It is usually associated with negative energy, with misfortune, unfortunate events, criminal activities, manipulation, emotional instability, tensions in general and else.

In addition, this house is associated with an interest into the obscure, dark, esoteric and karmic. Ruled by the enigmatic Scorpio sign, the Eighth House is an enigma itself. It is also the house associated with death.

Everything the sign of Scorpio represents and asks could be answered in the Eighth House; the intimate aspect, passion, desire, death, resources, secrets, the invisible and spiritual realm, hidden power, sacrifices, taboo.

On the other hand, the eight field is associated with the enlightenment, with spiritual journey and spiritual awakening. This is the house of spiritual and moral strength, so it also represents one’s tendency towards leading a righteous and moral life.

We could also say that this house is a double-sided blade. It represents one’s potential to get resources from other people.

This is also the house of the inheritance and the house of sacrifice. However, it could manifest in a way that the native sacrifices many things throughout the lifetime. There could be many examples.

It is common that they fall in love with someone who is unavailable or distant. They could also stay with someone out of guilt and responsibility.

Each individual with an emphasis on the Eighth House is very likely to experience what is it to be lonely and/or alone, especially those with the Sun or the Moon in this field.

People with planets in the Eight House feel that they were special, different from other people. They feel as if they do not fit in masses and they are mostly right. They seem to have a gift of sensing auras, energies, mental forms and emotions.

Mercury in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Houses

Mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar system, the closest to the mighty golden Sun and a planet away from the Earth. This explains why Mercury is believed to have a strong impact over our lives on the planet earth.

The quality of this planet, in astrological terms, is cold and dry. Its character is neutral; Mercury is neither a malefic nor a benefic. Its nature in a horoscope would depend on the sign it matches, as well as on the aspects it forms with other planets.

Mercury’s neutrality applies on the all systems of categorizing the planets, such as a division into the nightly and daily planets, masculine or feminine planets. This planet rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo, being exalted in Virgo.

The place of its exile is the sign of Sagittarius, while it descends in Pisces. It is associated with the Sixth House. On a personal plan, Mercury is associated with the mental aspect of an individual’s personality.

Mercury is primarily associated with intellect, logic, perception, learning, speech, mimic, information and communication in general. People with a dominant Mercury in their horoscopes present with remarkable intellectual abilities. Their minds are always fueled.

They constantly think about something, investigate, analyze or learn. They are thirsty for novel information and knowledge about all kinds of things.

Others would often describe them as people whose brains are active even if they were asleep. Since Mercury rules the logic, these people are excellent learners and they also have impressive memory skills.

Their minds are like an archive of all sorts of information; they are like walking encyclopedias. You could always learn something new and interesting from a dominant Mercury individual. These people are curious, lively and active.

These individuals have brilliant perception, so they could efficiently deal with various people, but also various events and situations. They are clever and cunning, so complete honesty is not much expected of them.

In mythology, Mercury or Hermes is a messenger god, smart and youthful, a patron of inventors, explorers, travelers, merchants, but also of thieves and tricksters.

Master Communicator

Verbal skills are brilliant in Mercury dominated individuals. This means that they are talkative and very communicative, but there is more to it.

It means that they could communicate their messages in an efficient way. They know what to say, how to say it and they always choose a perfect moment.

Mercury dominated people are eloquent in speech, but also when it comes to the written word.

They have an amazing sense for details, when it comes to communication (and else). These people are precise, neat, methodical and systematical. Their minds are very practical and guided by logic.

Mercury is closely bound with the Sun; the Sun represents our Ego and our consciousness and it needs Mercury’s logical ‘advices’ in order to keep in touch with reality and to act efficiently.

Depending on the aspects Mercury forms in a natal chart, its energy would manifest with all of the positive qualities we have mentioned, but it could also be the other way around. If in bad aspects, one would have problems regarding communication skills.

In general, people with a dominant Mercury usually opt for a career and/or a hobby that requires a dynamic mental activity and that are somehow related to communication.

For example, some of the jobs that would suit a Mercury dominant are that of a linguist, a writer, a journalist, a reporter, a teacher, a presenter, a manager, a trader. In addition, astrology is also something that could be of an interest to a Mercury individual.

These people are dynamic and active and capable of multitasking; it is common that they have two or more jobs or activities at a time.

They are restless and energetic, so they enjoy travelling. Not only that it satisfies their need to move around, but it also satisfies their thirst for novel information.

They enjoy visiting foreign places, meeting new people, learning about new cultures and countries. They love to read and enjoy art. Interestingly, some of them are very spiritual and religious.

Thanks to their amazing communication skills, some of them aim towards higher spheres. They are interested into parapsychology, divination and else, all of which taken as a medium to get in touch with the Universe, with higher consciousness and so.

In mythology, Mercury had many tasks and he was always on the run. One of his roles was to take the souls of the dead to Hades, for instance. He wore winged sandals and a winged helmet.

Another interesting thing about the astrological Mercury is its changeable and flexible nature.

Whenever Mercury forms an aspect with another planet, it imitates its energy and nature. In people who have a dominant Mercury, this would manifest as an ability for adaptation, adjustment and flexibility.

This is an amazing ability, since it allows Mercury people to fit into any environment and to feel comfortable wherever and with whoever they were.

Mercury’s adaptable and resourceful, clever nature also make these individuals master manipulators.

They are not people of ill intentions, but they could use this skill into their advantage, at times. In addition, they are not very reliable, which is also not meant as an offense. They simply to not care that much.

Mercury dominated people are not known for deep compassion and empathy, but they are optimistic and their vibes are positive most of the time.

Mercury in the Eighth House – Mercury in 8th House

Mercury in the Eighth House typically indicates a powerful cognitive intelligence, great versatility, investigative and detective capabilities, insatiable curiosity, amazing insightfulness.

People with Mercury in the Eighth House are unusually curious, which also makes them skillful in resolving mysteries and unraveling complicated and deep secrets. They are very efficient when it comes to that.

These people aim for the true essence of things, they need to unravel the purpose, the true core of things as they are. They have the ability to perceive all things in a very deep way; they see through daily matters with an eye of an investigator, though a highly intuitive one.

Most of people remain on the surface and see only the outside and the outline of whether happens around them. Eight House Mercury ones pierce much deeper.

They love challenges, especially those of a mysterious sort. They see everything as a riddle they have to resolve and they love it. Everything that is esoteric, taboo, occult even would attract their attention.

Anything that seems impossible to resolve will drive them even more; they literally feed on riddles and mysteries.

All of this leads to a brilliant intuition accompanying their fascinating intellectual abilities. Situations in which they cannot rely solely on their reason and logic turn on their excellent intuition.

Mercury in 8th House – Below the Surface

They listen to both their reason and their inner voice, which is something rarely seen amongst people in general. They do take interest in mysterious and spiritual matters, such as the question of karma or life after death.

In fact, they would spend many hours thinking through it, but also trying to find some explanations, some answers. They contemplate over the question of our grounds of existence, about the human soul and human life as it is.

Primary fields of interest for a native with Mercury in the eighth House are related to carnal desires, money, mysteries, resolving problems, death, spirituality.

These spheres greatly inspire the native. There is always an irresistible desire to dig deep into the matter of these things.

The hidden side of life, hidden power, esoteric knowledge, everything that is out of the mainstream, below the surface, underground and taboo intrigue and drive these people.

The question of physical death and the mystery of the human soul greatly inspire these individuals. They often think about where does the soul go when we die. They analyze people and analyze themselves.

Throughout their lifetime, it is very likely that they will experience a tremendous personal transformation through their inner voyage. Many of them believe there has to be an invisible, energetic bond between people.

One of the subjects that preoccupy these native’s mind is carnal pleasure. They are people of magnetic energy, hardly explicable and they easily recognize the same energy.

Physical connection and chemistry are often the base of a strong bond between partners; carnal component is often of crucial importance.

They would hardly stay in a relationship in which the intimate segment does not work well. They are also very seductive and imaginative when it comes to that.

As for relationships with people in general, these are not really direct and open individuals.

They tend to express their ideas, emotions and desires through deeds, rather than to say what they want aloud. They are usually not very talkative; their Mercury is turned towards the inside and all the complex analytical processes that take place inside their minds.

They also invest their intellectual abilities into career and it usually brings them quite impressive income, fast and easy.

Mercury in the Eighth House – Synastry

Mercury in the Eight House synastry overlay is an interesting position that could help in understanding the needs of each other, which is a very important question when it comes to romantic relationships.

In addition, Mercury in the eight House in synastry commonly indicates mutual interest into things that are obscure, mysterious and esoteric.

Mercury in 8th House – Transit

When Mercury transits the eight field, one would very likely feel an unusual amount of nervousness, anxiety and sadness. This period makes one depressive and even desperate.

This transit is associated with death of a relative, with facing things and with general nervousness.

During this period one has to find a way to save their nerves; otherwise, he or she may fall ill. This is not a good period to trust your premonitions.

However, during Mercury’s transit through the Eight House, it is very likely that you would start to notice details more clearly. You will find yourself surrounded by secrets.

There is also a chance that you will gain more money, but it will be gone equally fast.

Mercury in the Eighth House transit calls for reason and logic. You should and spare yourself unnecessary worrying.