Sun in Sagittarius

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Distant and mysterious planets have always been attracting us and inspiring our imagination.

Since the dawn of time, people have been wondering about what is happening out there, in spaces and in places unreachable to a humble human being. It has always been believed there are some forces higher and beyond our understanding and comprehension.

Even our most advanced technological and scientific discoveries cannot answer all the questions.

The idea of connection between our earthly lives and influence of planets is as old as the whole civilization is. Astrological interpretations seize back into far past, trying to connect our destinies with forces from the heavens above.

Both official and alternative paths claim planets definitely affect our lives, but we are not quite sure to what degree.

Astrology goes beyond what official and exact sciences say; it connects the influence of planets with individual people lives and with destinies of various entities, such as whole nations or countries. It is something acknowledged scientific approaches could not tell.

Astrology is old and very complex. Although a pseudo science, it is based upon serious and firmly established principles, methodology and knowledge.

We are particularly interested into how planets affect our individual lives; personal horoscopes is what most of people are interested in and intrigued by.

Let us start with the first and the most important element when it comes to interpreting natal charts and creating horoscope. This element is the brightest of stars out there, in our own precious little universe, the mighty golden Sun.

Sun and Horoscope

The Sun represents the center of our world, as seen in Western astrology and in astronomy, it is the center of our galaxy, the Solar system. Spiritually, symbolically and of course astrologically, the Sun represents our core, our life energy and the force that guides us from within. The Sun in a natal chart is something like our genetic code.

It is our essence, our base, our inborn qualities. Long story short, the Sun is who we are.

It is not an active, changing principle of the Zodiac, seen through the prism of natal astrology. It is a passive element, in terms that it is defining. The Sun determines the zodiac sign we were born under; if you have the Sun in Sagittarius, it simply means you are a Sagittarius.

This is your core, while all other signs and elements in your birth chart and your horoscope additionally shape you up. This is the reason why there are no ideal representatives of the Zodiac.

The Sun is like your mechanical code, your constituting energy, the one that moves you and guides you. Depending on various other factors, your energy of the Sun would flow easy and free or not.

The Sun represents main sources of your energy and it creates special effects in relation with other planets in a birth chart. The Sun is basic, formative energy, painted by energies of other elements.

It is a masculine principle, associated with warmth, gold, yellow and orange color. It rules the sign of Leo. The Sun is associated with ambition, royalty, glory, strength, power, authority. It is our manifesting energy. The Sun defines the way others see us, the way we present ourselves in the world.

In women horoscopes, the Sun also represents men in a woman’s life; her father as he was when he became a father, a partner as he was when became her husband. It always represents the man actually present in her life.

The Sun in a natal chart determines one’s personality traits. It is one of ‘personal planets’.

They are responsible for someone’s character, temperament and personality in total. The Sun is a star, not a planet, but astrology counts it as one of the planets. In modern astrology, the Sun plays essential role in each natal horoscope, while in traditional astrology it is only one of the factors.

This ‘king of the day’ is the source of our own, personal light. It represents our desires, goals, health, vitality and heart. The Sun is associated with prestige, extravagance, our greatest potentials.

Sometimes, it even affects the physical appearance of a person. This is why some people of the same zodiac sign share similar physical features. The Sun determines our attitude and the way we see ourselves.

Sun in Sagittarius – General Info

Today we talk about those who have the Sun in Sagittarius, native Sagittarius people. Let us find out what are they like. We will briefly go through what the Sun in Sagittarius means on a general plan.

When the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius, it is a period of aiming towards higher states of consciousness, abstract thinking, high goals, visions and ideals.

Sagittarius, as represented with an arch and an arrow pointed upwards, towards the sky, symbolically represents our aims towards higher levels.

For some people, this phase could be a period of enlightenment, a period of searching for their purpose in life, a moment of discovery of some new philosophy of life. He or should could feel an intense, burning desire to share their ideas with the world.

The Sun in Sagittarius sparks up the desire for travelling, for adventure and discovering new horizons. It inspires the search for new knowledge, about the world around and about ourselves. Personal limits and boundaries get crossed. With the Sun in Sagittarius energy, many people overcome their own limitations and dare reach beyond what they were used to.

This burning inner desire for adventure does not have to be manifested as an actual, physical journey, but also an abstract, intellectual. This is the period of upgrading your knowledge, learning, searching, developing your intellectual capacity.

People who have the Sun in Sagittarius in their natal chart are filled with hope of better tomorrow, because they strongly believe there is always something more to be discovered and learned.

The Sun in Sagittarius is encouraging principle; it brings hope to sad ones, it strengthens the weak ones and awakens faith and hope in each one of us. With the Sun in Sagittarius, nothing is lost and nothing is impossible. With the Sun in Sagittarius, all boundaries are transparent, changeable and flexible.

The Sun in Sagittarius opens doors to new horizons and calls you enthusiastically to engage with your own, personal journey.

Curious and energetic, Sagittarius is the most passionate adventurer of the zodiac, in abstract and in physical sense. Sagittarius people are open-minded, philosophical and always eager to learn new things.

Their driving force is their search for the meaning of life, for their own essential purpose. They are optimistic, extremely enthusiastic and extroverted people.

Sagittarius loves changes; routine and monotony is what makes these people feel irritable and uncomfortable. They need action and movement, intellectual and physical.

Sagittarius is sharp minded, active and he or she rarely leaves their ideas on solely thinking level; they see to transform their thoughts into some kind of action. These people are very independent and self-reliant, but the world and the people keep intriguing them.

They need to be in touch with everything out there, in order to experience, learn, discover.

Sagittarius are not afraid of risking and of making mistakes. They are, perhaps, some of the most optimistic zodiac representatives. They do not like to wait for things to happen; they take action. These people value freedom above everything else. They are smart, communicative and charismatic, so they would always brighten up your day.

Good Traits

The Sun in Sagittarius has many positive sides. This is an inspiring energy, motivating and enlightening. The Sun in Sagittarius is associated with the desire to cross borders, to progress, to discover and learn.

This is the combination that breathes freedom; physical, spiritual and mental. Sagittarius people are daring, courageous, very intelligent, extroverted and communicative.

They are people of experience and action; they know how to channel their enthusiasm and use their skills, if aspects are good. Their ruling planet is Jupiter, which is also the planet of personal fortune. This makes Sagittarius ones the most optimistic and positive people there.

These people share their ideas and thought with others; they are not offensive, but talkative and open.

The Sun in Sagittarius shines brightly. These individuals carry sparkles in their eyes and smiles on their faces wherever they go.

They deal with problems with ease, because they accept them as a part of their purposeful quest for the meaning of life. They are never discouraged, but would adapt to new circumstances and move forward. They are friendly towards people. Sun Sagittarius inspires and motivate others.

Bad Traits

Bad sides of the Sun in Sagittarius are related to these individuals’ extreme enthusiasm, energy and intelligence.

Sagittarius know a great deal of various things, but they often act as know-it-all ones.

They know everything about anything and could become annoying with trying to impose their own opinion about something. They act as if they know all the people, as if they are up to date with everything happening around and so on.

Their worst trait is impatience and lack of tact in communication. Sagittarius are sharply honest and they always speak up their mind aloud, no matter what. Sometimes they are ruthless in speech and they do not hold anything to themselves.

They could hurt people by saying things that could easily be skipped. Their words could be really offensive, because they do not mind trying to soften anything. They are also very impatient and they cannot sit still; it is their childish and very immature side.

They tend easily to lose interest in things, to see normal things as too boring and to underestimate common, but valuable things, out of the same reason.

Sun in Sagittarius Man

Sun Sagittarius men are enthusiastic idealists, pompous, curious, always surrounded by people.

They are loud, optimistic, very practical, naturally fortunate and lucky in life. These men are fearless and courageous. They easily recover after bad events in life and move forward. Sagittarius man is honest, open, direct and very communicative. He cannot stand trickery, deceit and lies.

Freedom and truth are his principles.

Although he may lack tact in behavior, he would never intentionally hurt people. Sagittarius men think good of others and never take thing personally. This makes them appear shallow, because of their playful and almost childish curiosity that is inconsistent.

These men could have many love affairs and change many lovers throughout their lifetime. He learns through his own experience and by his own mistakes and achievements.

Sagittarius man needs mental stimulation. People that offer something in intellectual terms intrigue him. Smart, self-confident women who have a lot of tolerance for their adventurousness attract him.

A Sagittarius man would easily move to another country, travel over the world, change job or whatever else, in the name of love for his woman.

He is daring, active and incredibly charismatic and positive person.

Sun in Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius women are enthusiastic and optimistic ladies who value their personal freedom over anything else. Sagittarius lady is the most active and engaging woman of the Zodiac.

She is not afraid of trying new things, if it could bring her success. Self-development and progress are very important to her. This woman is positive and charming and she would readily use her charms to astound people, even in professional circles.

However, she would never pretend to by someone else. The truth and honesty are very important to her. This woman is very self-confident and independent. Leading positions suits her well and many would call her an ‘iron lady’.

However, she is not cold and reserved, only firm in her attitude and her own ideals. She is curious, of a philosophical mind.

Good looks would trick her; she needs a man on her intellectual level. Like Sagittarius men, Sun Sagittarius women are deep into philosophy, they enjoy learning, upgrading their knowledge and skills.

She needs a man to challenge her mentally. In addition, one has to be intriguing, adventurous enough for her taste. Her pace is fast, her mind is harp and her energy and enthusiasm for life and success are immeasurable.


The Sun in Sagittarius creates an optimistic curious and adventurous personality. Sun Sagittarius always have a smile on his or hers face. These people are enthusiastic about life.

They are naturally fortunate, as ruled by Jupiter. These people could be extremely versatile and everything they do interests them. They are at risk of lacking tact and focus, simply because they are interested in so many things.

These natives are open, friendly, benevolent and charismatic. They make others laugh, intrigue, and inspire with their theories, experiences and stories. They value freedom and truth above everything else.

Sometimes the hurt others unintentionally, because they do not measure what they are about to say; they are very straightforward, which sometimes gets unpleasant.

For all Sun Sagittarius, life is a journey, not a destination. This is an amazing way of experiencing life.

They are travelers through material and abstract realms. Sagittarius are flexible and they recover easily. They take everything as an experience and a good life lesson. Their motto is, “I realize”.