Sun in Scorpio

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In Western astrology, which we are about to hold on, the Sun represents the center of everything. It is the most important element in an astrological analysis, but other planets play an important role along with it.

Although the Sun is a star, in astrology it is considered a planet, but not ‘just a planet’.

The Sun is central, the most important and the most special of planets. It is one of the Luminaries, the bright ones, but also a member of a wider group of ‘personal planets’.

The Sun is often seen as divine in relation to other planets, although all of them carry archetypical meanings inherited from ancient deities.

Astrology is complex and has many pathways and aspects; we are not going to analyze all of them, but we will focus on one element here.

The Sun represents the core of one’s astrological personality, while other planets could symbolically be represented as rays of the Sun.

Sun and Horoscope

This brightest of the stars shines upon our personality and reveals who we are to the world, but also to ourselves. The Sun affects one’s character, temperament and points towards our own, personal source of life-giving light. The place the Sun occupies in a natal chart represents the place one should search the source of energy within.

The sign and the house the Sun sits in is of a great importance in analyzing one’s birth chart.

Some people find their strength, energy and motivation in their family, some in their ideals, some in their profession, in social life, in romantic relationship…There are also people who cannot find the strength, who always feel lost and in search for stability, for a fixed source of energy. It all depends on the Sun’s position, but also of other factors.

The Sun is important because it represents our Ego, our conscious mind, our actual strength, the source of it, the possible source of it.

It greatly depends of not only what sign and the house it occupies, but also how it stands there. With favorable position of the Sun, one expresses his unique qualities freely, without restrictions, smoothly. They have not many difficulties in channeling their energy and in achieving their full potentials.

The Sun in signs rules our creative desires, so if it is in good aspects, it offers courage, ambition, good health, mental and physical strength and everything needed to make our desires come true.

The Sun symbolizes generosity, openness, bravery, nobility, one’s sense of success, drive, motivation, warmth, kindness, energy in general. The Sun’s energy is vital; it has always been associated with the life as it is. Without its warmth and light, there would be no life on Earth.

This makes the Sun essential in everyone’s astrological destiny, just as it is essential in life on a bigger plan.

This golden, glorious star could manifest its energy badly, if aspects are bad. If the Sun is not in particularly good aspects, it could make one egocentric, vain, greedy, too authoritative, arrogant and unpopular.

In that case, one’s vital energy is blocked and the person experiences hard time in trying either to channel the energy he or she feels or in search of source of energy.

Sun in Scorpio – General Info

The Sun in Scorpio creates a unique and very specific astrological path. When in Scorpio, all planets are in some kind of fear of the unknown; Scorpio is one of the most mysterious signs of the Zodiac. Some would call Scorpio the darkest one, as well.

Scorpio has an incredible need to control things, especially to control its own emotional part. This makes the position of the Sun in Scorpio difficult, because Scorpio transforms the energy of the Sun.

Scorpio is associated with qualities of cold and wet. It sneaks up to you secretly, mysteriously and transforms into something fatal and magical. Scorpios are magicians of the zodiac; they could appear so calm, reserved and quiet, while, in fact, they are in control of everything.

Scorpio’s ruler is Mars, which makes a sharp, aggressive and courageous character. Scorpio always keeps its sword hidden, until the right moment.

The Sun in Scorpio accentuates Scorpio’s inborn strong protective character. Scorpios need to find a fixed point in their life; they need secure and safe base to retreat to. Scorpio is a fixed sign and because of the strong Mars’ influence, they are protective of everything they hold dear and important.

Scorpios are territorial, possessive and fanatic about what they deem important.

All Water element signs are associated with strong emotions and the sun in Scorpio is passionate, especially because of Mars. The Sun in Scorpio is characteristic for extremes.

Mars makes them exclusive, especially in emotional sense. The Sun in Scorpio makes one go from one and to another; Scorpios rarely find balance in life. They are either deeply indignant and depressed or overly excited and euphoric.

They are either fully into something, to the point of fatal obsession, or totally indifferent and uninterested. Danger, darkness, the unknown, regardless of the ever-present anxiety about what could be discovered, attract the Sun in Scorpio. Actually, this fear strangely attracts Scorpios.

Water signs accept risks and dive deep into their worst fears, in order to fathom the greatest mysteries of life.

These people are highly intuitive and independent. They would never let anyone command, control or manipulate them. They are cold, dark and unreachable on the outside, while inside is a sleeping volcano.

Scorpios are passionate about everything; it is their driving force. They are not passionate only in a romantic way, towards a man or a woman, but in every other possible way.

A Scorpio invests all of their being in what he or she is obsessed with; it could be a sport, a job, a book, an art piece they are working on, a project, a fantasy or whatever else. Either they are in it or they do not care at all.

Scorpios are full of dignity, very proud people. They do not flatter and are very scanty on compliments. If a Scorpio gives you a compliment, be sure they really mean it.

Scorpios are fully committed when in a relationship. They are known as amazing lovers, magnetic, magical, with incredible energy. They are sensitive and sensual, extremely passionate. They tend to be possessive and jealous.

Scorpios are prone to wasting their energy foolishly, but also have incredible power of regeneration. They are warriors.

Good Traits

Scorpios are amongst the most intuitive and self-disciplined people there. An ideal Scorpio thinks good of him or herself, but aware of their qualities and flaws. When with good aspects the Sun in Scorpio gives a person who is persistent, unshakeable, authoritative and bold, but oriented towards noble causes.

This is a person ready to accept their weaknesses and work on improving them.

Scorpios are adventurous by spirit, intellectual and very creative. They are highly imaginative and usually versatile in their interests. Scorpios always fight their dark nature and the highest spirit Scorpio is the one capable of controlling their animalistic, lower nature.

Good traits of Scorpios are their dedication, determination, great insightfulness.

These natives have almost magical power of regeneration. A Scorpio would not care being hurt, if he or she believes it is worth the pain. They will suffer and sacrifice for some greater cause of theirs, but than they would rise again, stronger than ever. They are genuinely ambitious.

Scorpios travel from the deepest caves to the highest and brightest mountaintops in their lifetime. They are strong enough to endure all of it.

One of the greatest traits of Sun Scorpios is their faithfulness. These people would stay true to their principles and would never break a word. They do not give promises easily and lighthearted, but once they do, they would never give it up. They do not turn their back to people.

A Scorpio makes for a loyal, devoted, supportive and a life-long, faithful friend.

Bad Traits

With negative aspects, the Sun in Scorpio shines with the dark light. It makes these natives too strict, full of hatred, even vengeful. These people tend to be insensitive, cruel and manipulative.

One of distinctive Scorpios bad traits is their jealousy. These people could be unbearably possessive and make scenes and drama over completely innocent situations, especially in love life.

It could reflect on any other aspect of their life and spoil all the relations they have with people.

Scorpios tend to be very secretive and distrustful. Literally, they trust nobody. Most of the time, it is not because they are fearful, but because they doubt anyone could know something better than they do. They keep to themselves most of the time, and do not let people in easily. This makes then hard to understand and difficult to deal with.

With particularly sensitive aspects, those with the Sun in Scorpio become offensive. They take everything personally and cannot stand any critic. They have a need to return the insult, so they could be even with the one who possibly offended them and hurt their pride.

Negative side of badly positioned Sun in Scorpio often reflects as a manipulative personality.

These people are not mean in terms they want to hurt others just for fun, but, if they were up to something, they would use others in order to reach their goals.

They could be very narcissistic and indifferent of others needs, desires, dreams. They are ruthless, if they have a strong cause or an important decision to make.

Sun in Scorpio Man

A man with the Sun in Scorpio is a warrior. He is a strong, courageous character, with well-set goals in life. He is of fatalistic nature, like all Scorpios and he invest himself to the fullest.

This man is known to be one of the best lovers in the entire Zodiac. He is born a seducer, exotic, mysterious. Scorpio man has a magnetic aura and you will definitely feel his presence, even if he did not say a word.

Scorpio man is determined, self-confident gentleman, proud of his achievements. He is usually well-balanced personality. He is highly independent, fearless and ambitious, but he would never go over others to reach his goals. He is curious and adventurous.

A Scorpio man always leaves an impression and he is a type of person you would either love or hate.

He is ready to work hard to make his dreams come true. Scorpio man is resourceful and has good control over everything in his life. He is a type of person whom you could meet at an exquisite art exhibition or under a tent, camping somewhere in wilderness. He dares doing things a few others would dare to.

The Sun in Scorpio man is enigmatic. This man could appear outgoing or completely introverted, but the truth is, you have no idea of what he actually feels or thinks.

He does not let people in easily and carefully chooses people to share his deepest emotions and thoughts. In love, he is faithful, just as in any other area of life. He is passionate, protective and certainly someone to inspire and intrigue you.

Sun in Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women are intuitive and mysterious, with a magnetically attractive aura. These women think high of themselves and work hard to make the best out of their potentials. This woman does not open her cards; you never know what lies behind their seductive, enigmatic look.

Scorpio ladies could be very self-disciplined and reserved, but also real drama queens.

Many think Scorpio women are career oriented and the truth is it matters a great deal to them. She truly believes she deserves all the best, but she is never reckless with money. She loves luxury, but has an exquisite, elegant taste. She does not hoard things or else. This is an attitude she generally has in life.

Scorpio woman carefully chooses her company, her partner and her road. She is the creator of her own destiny.

In women horoscopes, the Sun in Scorpio represents a man in their life; it could be their father or their husband. It usually represents a strong, protective, controlling, but inspiring and versatile fatherly figure, to the point a woman gets married.

The Sun in Scorpio represents her partner in life, a brave, warrior-like type of a man.

She dreams of someone exotic and unique; one of a kind in the eyes of many.


The Sun in Scorpio is like an everlasting fight between what the heart tells and what the mind suggests.

They would usually end up trusting their intuition that prevails over both logic and emotions.

These people have strong magnetic aura that consumes everyone around. The Sun in Scorpio shines with mysterious, dark light, but its flame never vanishes.

These are people of incredible inner force, sometimes foolishly wasted, but with incredible power to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.