Sun Opposite Jupiter Synastry

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Astrology is a very interesting path that could lead us to answer no official science could give.

Although many dispute its status and argue about its reliability and accuracy of the information it offers, one has to admit that astrology definitely has that special something. It has been around since times forgotten.

Traces of astrological or proto astrological activity could be traced into prehistoric times.

In time before the first human civilization, our very far ancestors would look up at the sky and search for guidelines. When our human world was young and unorganized, in terms of civilization process, humans would search for answers to the questions of their lives, in the world around them.

Perhaps they did not contemplate reasons of human existence, but they had to live the best they could.

Nomadic tribes and hunters were using the sky as a navigation map. Constellations have always been the essential navigation tool for humans; we still use it. It seems that those prehistoric humans were in touch with the universe. Ancient people, as well. Perhaps our technology did not make us closer to it, but more distant.

We discover amazing and wonderful things about the universe, the cosmos, and nature.

However, we still search for the same answers. Why are we here? Why do we live? Is there anybody else out there? Is there God? Are there gods and spirits, angels and demons? Are there aliens? No one could answer these questions.

Some people choose religion; others focus on this material life and believe only in this earthly existence. Some people are open to various interpretations and paths, some are spiritual and on an individual search for answers.

Well, each one of us searches for some answers, at least. Astrology is one of the paths to answers.

Perhaps astrology was unreliable, in contrast to exact sciences. However, astrology is not some divination process or trickery. It is a language of symbols, a skill, an art, even.

Astrology is based upon ages of knowledge; it is not something made up for fun, although astrology could be funny and interesting in that sense, as well.

Astrology should be taken with an open mind, and an open heart. It could give you precious answers, if only you learn how to read them and how to interpret and apply them in your life.

Astrology is about your life. As above, so below, that is the postulate astrology relies on. Cosmic forces reflect in individual people’s lives.

The Importance of Natal Charts

Although we are about to tell you more about synastry and analyze an aspect related to comparative astrology, it is very important to talk a little bit about natal astrology and natal charts.

Synastry, which is basically a comparison of individual natal charts, as well as any other compatibility reading, depend on understanding individual natal charts.

What is a natal chart? How does it help us understand astrological compatibility? First, a natal chart or a birth chart is what is also called a horoscope.

Natal chart is a diagram. It is a graphic scheme that represents the sky, that is, the Solar system, at the time one individual came to life. In order to create a natal chart, the astrologer requires your exact date, hour and place of birth.

Today, you could find a simple calculator online, enter your data and it would deliver your birth chart in a matter of seconds, sometimes with a detailed description of what certain elements of your chart means.

However, it is always the best that you get a deeply personalized astrological reading. The chart represents planetary distribution, related to zodiac signs, astrological houses and else.

Since astrology is based upon the principle mentioned, your natal chart represents microcosm reflection in your own, personal, intimate microcosm.

Each chart is unique and specific, even if two people were born at the same place, the same day and hour.

The chart tells about what kind of a person you were and about what you are yet to become.

It reveals major events in your life, but it mostly should serve as a guideline. Natal chart is about your personal potentials and about you using them. It is not a roll of fate that would simply unfold while you sit and wait for things to happen.

Not at all, it includes the personal factor, as well. Having an insight into what you might become and what you would like to avoid gives you great power over your life.

Synastry and Natal Charts

Understanding natal charts is of the vital importance for understanding synastry or other compatibility readings.

Well, each person has his or her own starry identity card. If you were about to see how astrologically compatible people were, you have to consider their natal charts.

Synastry puts two charts in comparison and analyzes their relations point by point.

We talk about the romantic synastry, since romantic compatibility is what most of the people ask for. Before the astrologer could compare natal charts, he or she would see into each one.

It very important, since no compatibility reading would give full insight into a (potential) relationship, unless you learn about the individuals involved.

Synastry would show how the tow persons would get along, what were their shared goals, ambitions, desires. It would point out areas of life that could potentially be troublesome for a couple, as well.

Synastry offers a rich insight into the nature of a connection, into potentials for that connection to develop in one or another direction.

Synastry and Astrological Aspects

Aspects are what we are going to focus here. Astrological aspects are contacts between planets; energetic contacts based on distances between planets.

Now, you have aspects in your natal chart and they make you the person you are. Aspects create specific energetic bonds, so to say, and make one a unique individual.

The same way they affect the relationship. In synastry, the astrologer looks into aspects between planets from both charts.

Aspects could be heavy or easy, but each has a specific energy and nature.

The manifestation of an aspect depends on the planets, but also on individual charts, if we talk about a compatibility reading.

Opposition Aspect in Synastry

Opposition is a notorious one, along with the square, but worse. Oppositions are the heaviest type of a planetary connection.

As their name says, in an opposition planets confront. Their energies oppose one another and bring in trouble, conflict, argument, fight.

However, not all oppositions have to be ‘bad’. They move you; they inspire you and make you dynamic.

On an individual level, the opposition may feel as if you were torn from within, but it also forces you to take up some activity and find a solution. The same is if the opposition occurs between charts. However, both of you have to take up an action.

Some opposition could hardly be resolved; others could. Easy aspects in synastry would soften some and make them bearable.

Sun in Mythology and Astrology – Luminaries in Synastry

In astrological literature, the Sun stands for the most important celestial object. Well, it is the same in life, isn’t it?

The Sun is the light of our lives; without it, there would be no life. That is the reason why the Sun has always been adored amongst many ancient civilizations.

Even before it, we could trace evidence of Sun worship. All mythologies feature at least one sun god.

In Greek mythology, Helios was the sun god, a primal sun god. He was much adored amongst the Greeks. It was believed that Helios lives in a golden palace.

Each morning, he would ride out in his majestic golden chariot, pulled by four horses and he would lighten up the world and give it warmth and life. The Sun is the ultimate symbol of life, vitality, light and power.

In astrology, the Sun is the first personal planet. The Sun is who you are. It represents your personal strength, ambition, authority, integrity, self-confidence, reputation, reason and will.

The Sun is everything that you represent and manifest. The Sun sign is what people in common talk would take as your horoscope sign.

The Sun is a masculine principle, associated with positions of strength, strong will and authority. Fatherly figure is represented by the Sun in natal charts. The sun is your manifesting self, as well. The Sun rules the proud and the glorious sign of Leo.

When in good aspects, the Sun makes one generous, openhearted, brave, self-confident, and successful. In heavy aspects, these qualities could corrupt.

Jupiter in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Jupiter is associated with the god of wisdom and justice, the one who gives laws to both gods and men, Jupiter or Zeus. Jupiter was much adored god in Greco Roman pantheon, the supreme god.

In astrology, the planet Jupiter is considered the greatest of all, in a positive sense.

This is the planet of fortune and good luck, a protective planet, unrestrained in its positive energetic output.

Jupiter represents growth and expansion, the need for those two. It has to do with knowledge, higher education, faith, religion, philosophy, high concepts in general.

Jupiter knows no limits and is associated with expansion in every sense; its dreams are big. Jupiter could be amazingly diving and inspiring if in good aspects in synastry.

Sun Opposite Jupiter Synastry – Independents

Sun opposite Jupiter is likely to feel as if you two were meant to be together, for one reason or another.

That sense of fate is strong in here. This is not a dramatic and particularly burdensome opposition, but it could lead to distancing from one another.

Here we have two very strong personalities, very much focused on personal goals, more than couple goals.

There is a difference between the two of you, but both are strong willed. This opposition does not manifest with stubbornness, but it is highly unlikely that the one would give up anything for the sake of the relationship.

You are the most important to yourself; unfortunately, it does not make your bind to the partner any stronger.

If there were other bonding aspects, this could work. It is not impossible for two independent, strong willed individuals with different personal interests they invest into to have a lovely and stable relationship.

However, if your personal growth leads you somewhere else, it is unlikely you would give up that path.

This is not bad, of course, but it would never contribute to the relationship.