Sun Opposite Pluto Synastry

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The interest into astrology was as old as humankind is. It would, perhaps, be better to say that constellations and the starry sky have always been an object of our endless fascination and admiration.

We still have not solved the mystery of universe, even with all of our latest inventions, discoveries and insights that are more detailed than those our ancestors once had.

Many notable figures of the past, famous mathematicians, physicists, philosophers, healers, inventors, artists, poets and explorers were amazed by the sky above our heads.

Some of them have studies planets and their movement, coming to wonderful realizations and conclusions. Other would see it as a mean of navigation.

Those artistic souls have always been endlessly inspired by both the beauty and mystery of cosmic lights and immeasurable distances. Today, we could measure cosmic distances in more detail then our famous astronomers of ages passed.

However, the question is, what have we learned? Sure, modern science and technology could provide us with some rather impressive information.

The thing is that most of these scientific information means nothing to common people, even those highly intelligent and educated ones, if astronomy, physics and related sciences were not their thing.

Astrology, being the alternative, remains popular. Astrology, in fact, once stood alongside astronomy; they were treated as the same thing.

Emperors and kings, military commanders and other figures in high places and of authority would gladly consult their astrologers/astronomers upon making some major and important decisions. Astrologers were trusted and praised for their science.

However, during the age of the Enlightenment, astrology was cast off as unreliable and astronomy sat on the throne of a reliable and trusted science.

Astrology, however, has survived all the ages until our time. Although being a pseudo science, astrology is very popular; more than ever, it seems. Today, oo0ne could get an astrological reading online.

Just open a new tab while reading this, ‘google’ for a natal chart report (or any other) and there you go! It is all here, in a matter of few clicks.

Of course, reliability of online calculators or even complete reports is questionable, for more than one reason. On one hand, many are afraid of fraud and trickery meant only to take your money, if you opt for a paid and detailed report.

Free reports are usually not tricky in this regard, but they lack personalization and are generic, even if providing many details.

Could astrology be trusted? No one would tell you it could, but it is also difficult to claim the opposite, if you were open-minded enough.

Those who are against taking astrology as a science, argue it lacks consistency and methods, although astrology sure does have its methodology and an abundant knowledge. We would take up a neutral position.

Astrology could be seen as another way of looking at life. Surely, it has some ground, since it is probably the oldest science there have ever been.

Astrology makes you think about the world and your place in it differently. It allows for transcendental and hardly tangible. Let us see what it could reveal about romantic relationships.

Astrological Compatibility and Natal Astrology

Natal astrology is the first thing to look into, if you were interested into romantic compatibility readings and you would love to know how they work.

Natal astrology is based upon interpretation of natal charts. Natal charts are diagrams that represent distribution of the Solar system planets at the time you were born.

This chart serves an astrologer as a treasury of information about you.

Applying astrological principles, the astrologer could read one’s personality, temperament, character, major life events and such from a natal chart. If the astrologer is about to create a synastry report, he or she would have to look into each natal chart involved. Synastry is, in fact, a comparative study of natal charts.

Natal charts would affect synastry in more than one way. First, each chart has its individual way, individual destiny, individual traits and energies involved. Its own nature would affect the nature of the connection with the other chart.

Second, when compared, charts present with a set of specific astrological contacts formed between them.

Astrological Aspects and Synastry Reading

These contacts are astrological aspects. Astrological aspects or angles between planets are specific contacts that manifest with a specific type of energy.

The energy aspects produce depends on their incorporated energy, their own nature, and that of the planets that form one aspect. Aspects could be flowing or challenging.

People make a common mistake describing aspects as negative or positive. Although it is true that certain aspects may manifest in a negative way and that there is nothing you can do in order to soften its influence, they should rather be considered challenging.

Each contact is still a contact. Without contacts, there could be no relationship. It is as simple as that.

However, it does not mean that the aspect would necessarily present as something good. It could be a destructive and a tense aspect, if it was heavy and if there was no other element to make it tolerable or milder.

The aspect could also be extremely good, flowing and easy. Such aspects are, of course, desirable.

Opposition Aspect in Synastry

Oppositions fall under the category of notorious one. Many people freak out seeing too many oppositions in synastry, because they think their relationship is doomed.

Well, the opposition is not something to look forward, but it does not mean it is going to destroy a relationship. It depends on other aspects, as well.

Opposition is associated with troubles, with contradictions, lack of compromises, lack of tolerance, lack of understanding. Oppositions are not desirable, because they really could lead to lot of arguing and fighting.

Still, oppositions could act as a stimulant and could move you towards taking action and actually resolving problems.

Depending on the area of life affected by the opposition, partners may experience troubles of all sorts.

It could be a clash of egos, lack of communication or very bad communication, a contrast between gentle and fierce nature, a clash of interests, different views on life and so on. Other ones would affect the actual manifestation of this aspect.

We will be talking about one particularly strong opposition, since it involves planets that are both associated with power, the Sun and Pluto. Sun opposite Pluto is one of the heavier oppositions in synastry, so to say.

Let us first see into these planets, in order better to understand how they correspond with one another when opposite.

Sun in Mythology and Astrology – Luminaries in Synastry

Sun is the light of our life, both on a minor and on a major plan. This huge burning star has inspired civilizations since ever; our prehistoric relatives were fascinated by its might and beauty, as well.

Numerous archeological discoveries suggest humans have always been aware of the Sun’s power and its effect upon earthly life. Sun is the ultimate light-giver and life-giver.

For this reason, Sun was praised, adored and awed. Many important ancient deities were associated with the Sun. Countless pagan and tribal cults celebrate the Sun and its beautiful rays of warmth and life. The Sun, it is said, is the source of all life.

One of the mythological examples of a sun god was the Greek god Helios, much loved and praised by the people.

Helios was the son of Hyperion the titan; his sisters were Selene, the goddess of the Moon and Eos, the goddess of dawn.

Helios lived in a golden palace and each morning he would assemble his golden chariots, pulled by his four horses and he would ride out, to give the earth warmth, light and life. No wonder people loved Helios, the beautiful sun god.

In astrology, the Sun has a prominent place. It is the first of personal planets, the one that determines our ruling sign otherwise known as the Sun sign. People usually equate it with their entire horoscope, in common talk.

The Sun determines our basic personality traits; it represents our self-consciousness, personal strength, our goals and ambitions, self-confidence, gallantness, bravery.

The Sun is associated with authority and power; it represents all important figures in general, those who have a position of power, such as kings, emperors, leaders of any sort.

In a person’s life, the Sun represents all significant personalities and the person itself. It also represents the figure of a father, being a masculine principle.

The Sun is extremely important in synastry, as luminaries are generally desirable to be seen in here. Some astrologers claim that it was better to see them even in bad aspects, than not to see them at all.

Luminaries give light and help partners see one another, figuratively speaking. Moreover, the Sun represents personality in a relationship.

Pluto in Mythology and Astrology – Luminaries in Synastry

Pluto represents a higher octave of the planet Mars, so it also has to do with power and incredible energy. The energy of Pluto is somewhat obscure, in comparison to mars, which presents with very direct and straightforward energy.

Pluto represents our darkest side, our deepest desires and emotions. Pluto makes us want to dig deep and discover who we are and what lies beneath.

This distant astrological planet is associated with energy with an amazing potential to achieve great power, but also great destruction.

Pluto makes you incredibly resistant to all kinds of misfortune, but in its peculiar way. We could illustrate it with an image of a warrior shot by many arrows. He would silently pull them all out, retreat, using the last atom of his strength and recover, in solitude and silence.

Pluto does not let you give up; you may rise again, like Phoenix from the ashes. The effect of Pluto is regenerative, consuming, overpowering and definitely magnetic. In synastry, this planet could play a very important role.

It has to do with deep emotional connections, with physical connection, also with possessiveness and possessiveness.

Sun Opposite Pluto Synastry – Ego Clash

Sun opposite Pluto is an aspect in which domination struggles are inevitable. Both partners strive for power and the other one somehow threatens it.

This aspect is like a competition of egos, in which each partner tries to dominate, demanding, at the same time, of the other one to be perfect in your eyes. This is a very difficult aspect to deal with.

One of the most problematic elements of this connection is the lack of mutual tolerance.

You are attracted to the other one, otherwise you would not be in a relationship, but you also want them to be more perfect, more according to your demands and standards, which are high.

This connection is not easygoing and it is always tense, as you try to prove you are something your partner sees in you and vice versa, very likely. It could feel artificial and forced.

Both have strong egos, unwilling to change in order to suit the other one’s expectations, while demanding the same from the partner. You want to control everything and this ego competition would make a central place in your relationship.

Over time, this could be devastating, exhausting and it could even make one loses self-confidence and self-integrity, depending on individual charts.

Sun Opposite Pluto Synastry – Calm Down Your Egos

Was there any hope for this strong and tense opposition to work out fine? Of course there is, but it requires full dedication of both parties. You have to be ready for making certain effort that is contrary to your own convictions.

The key thing is that you stop projecting your egoistical aspirations onto your partner and the other way around. Try to see them the way they are inside and accept what you see.

At the same time, stop pretending you were something they want you to be, but act yourself.