Pluto in 7th House

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Stars could tell much about our personality and life, if we only look close enough. It has been like that since the dawn of civilization, even before. Certain discoveries suggest that our prehistoric ancestors knew about the phases of the Moon and the connection between the universe and the earthly seasons.

In time, people have started connecting the influence of the cosmic forces with our human lives. As above, so below, the astrology suggests.

Now, natal astrology deals with the life of the individual; it analyzes the effect of the planetary energies over individual lives. If you were interested into astrology, you certainly know about natal charts.

A natal chart is like a fingerprint, a uniquely individualistic diagram that represents the sky at the moment of your birth. You may wonder about the people born at the exactly same time and place with you, a possibility we cannot deny.

However, even your twin would have a different destiny. The fine, subtle differences of natal chart would offer you different potentials and unique lives, of course.

When analyzing a chart, the most important elements to look into, are houses, planets and signs, as well as their interconnection.

Today we shall look into the combination of Pluto and the Seventh House.

Seventh House in Astrology

The Seventh House is the House of Libra, the field of the outer environment and circles, social activities and partnerships of all sorts.

Planets inside the Seventh House teach us how to behave in the social environment and how to be included in social life. It also tells much about establishing relations with individual people.

We could say it was the house of exchange, for we exchange our energy with the people around us, be it our coworkers or our loving partner. Many would refer to this field as to the house of partnership.

Well, the Seventh House is the opposite of the first field. The difference between them and the concepts they encompass is clear.

While the First House is the house of Ego, the self, of everything that was purely personal and personally constitutive, to say so, the seventh field is about others, about the native’s relations with the world outside his or her own being.

Therefore, we see it as the house of social activity and partnerships. When speaking of partnerships, the romantic type of connection comes forth.

Seventh House is greatly about that and everything related to the concept of a romantic relationship. It indicates romantic contacts, breakups, getting married, getting divorced, arguing or separating from the partner, getting back together.

In short, everything we could associate with romantic relationships falls under the Seventh House.

However, this was not the only type of partnership the seventh field would point out.

This is the house of all partnerships and one-on-one contacts of the sort, such as the connection between a student and a teacher, a patient and a doctor or so, but it also includes all forms of collaborations and deals, business deals in the first place. Well, it is the house of Libra, the diplomat of the Zodiac.

The House of Partnership

This house indicates collaboration, cooperation, business deals and contracts, matters of court and law and else of the sort.

It could tell about successful ones, but also about lacking ones, lacking proper cooperation, a deal or whatsoever. It all, of course, depends on the planets involved and aspects those planets form. It also depends on whether the native has many planets inside the house or not.

Interestingly, but the seventh field is also associated with rivalry, opponents, enmity, public enemies and public enmity, so it is something you should take special attention on.

If you remember, the traditionally unpleasant Sixth House was the actual house of enmity, to call it so. Anyway, the Seventh House is an angular house, meaning it was associated with cardinal qualities and Air house.

Air houses are related to concepts of the intellectual and social. As such, the Seventh House falls under the houses associated with the concept of relationships, in the first place.

This house tells much about the selection of the native’s partners and generally, the people the native chooses to collaborate with, one way or another.

It is also interesting to notice that people who have an emphasis on the Seventh House attract others into a relationship, often involuntarily. What could the Seventh House answer?

It could tell if the romantic relationship is going to last, if it would end up with marriage or the partners were more likely to break up and go each their own, separate way.

The Seventh House tells about the native’s expectations regarding partnerships and relationships of all sorts. It could possibly tell about the future of the deals you make. It tells about their potential fruitfulness.

The Seventh House is associated with the public activity, public relations and public influence.

In this regard, it tells about the native’s public reputation and position. The seventh field is generally very important, as it tells exactly about relations of different sorts and we all know that relations are one of the bases of our lives.

It is very important to see what kind of relations and ‘partnerships’ this house forms with other houses in the natal chart.

Pluto in Mythology

The god of the dead and the afterlife, Pluto was not exactly a favorite god of the ancient people of Rome, as expected.

However, he was not believed to be an evil deity, regardless of his somber appearance in mythology and his dark realm. He was the fair judge and the god who would always show mercy towards people of virtue. A dark lord, one might say, though fair, strict and just.

Pluto became the ruler of the underworld realm, after his brother Jupiter defeated their father Saturn and shared the rule with the brothers; the other brother was Neptune.

Jupiter took over the rule over the sky; Neptune got the seas and Pluto, the underground.

Apart from being the god of death, Pluto was also associated with richness and wealth, as he ruled over the depths of the earth, where many precious materials lie hidden.

Pluto in Astrology – Planets in Houses

Pluto is one of the transcendental planets, also collective planets. It is considered a generational planet, since it affects whole generations of people; Pluto is very distant and slow, as seen from our earthly perspective.

Since the day it was discovered, Pluto has never finished its journey around the Sun. It stays in the same sign for years, so it affects many people the same way.

However, if generational planets were in a prominent position and with strong aspects, they would affect the native more.

Let us see in what way Pluto could affect the individual natal chart and what it means for the native.

Pluto’s power is transformative, in the first place. On a deep level, this planet brings in the transformative process.

This process, however, is never easy; we people actually do not like changes, we prefer stability. However, some of us are more changeable, to say so. The change, however, is not meant to bring you peace each time.

Pluto awakens that inner need for transformation. It represents our darkest and deepest and the scariest impulses and desires.

Pluto definitely stands in the name of our dark side, but it also wants us to overcome it. Pluto forces the native to face the inner demons, inner negativities, in order to overcome them, to change and grow; in order to be reborn and regenerated. We could say this was the planet of karmic influence.

However, we often resist, because our own inner demons makes us feel inconvenient or even scare us.

The Planet of Transformation

We do not want to accept them, so Pluto insists and we struggle. The process could be painful, but not necessarily; it depends on the person.

In any case, once the native stops resisting, bringing all into conscience, ready for the change, Pluto releases the pressure and actually leads to awakening, to enlightenment, to growth and rebirth.

Although we could think of it as of a malefic and  dark planet, Pluto would not let you lose it all. Pluto would help you heal and regenerate. This planet has immeasurable power and energy, both for destruction and healing.

Pluto is the planet of hidden power; it reveals hidden weaknesses and hidden strength, and affects the way you are dealing with.

Pluto is associated with powerful resources, including actual materials that were deemed precious and that could serve as a currency of power, such as natural riches that lie beneath the ground.

Remember, Pluto was also the god with the horn of plenty. Powerful influence over other people, powerful position and reputation are all associated with the influence of Pluto.

This planet could make terrorists, mafia bosses, mages and other sorts of dangerous people.

However, this is also the planet of leaders, detectives, healers and surgeons. Pluto is linked to dark concepts and dark, gloomy places, be it real places or those in our heads, but the use of its energy could tremendously differ in various Pluto dominated natives.

This greatly depends on the exact position of Pluto and the aspects this powerful planet forms with other ones.

Pluto in the Seventh House – Pluto in 7th House

Pluto in the Seventh House creates a power struggle atmosphere, since the seventh field was the house of partnerships and Pluto is the power-planet, so call it. This would most strikingly affect romantic partnerships and it would manifest in various ways.

One of the characteristic scenarios is that in which the native is simultaneously afraid of commitment or willing ultimately to surrender to the partner, to the fullest.

The native is often torn between two options; he or she feels the attraction and the repulsion related to the very concept of partnership literally all the time.

The native constantly balances between these options, unwilling to choose one and stand for it. The reason is clear and it often comes with Pluto involved; it is the intense fear of losing control.

While the native is passionate and has a need to connect, he or she is afraid of that very same connection.

This leads to an impressive row of unhealthy and negative behaviors. The native is often attracted by people who were intense, possessive, obsessive, jealous, those who have power or act as they do or feel as they should have it.

The native desires to be possessed, to means a world to another person, while, at the same time, he or she refuses to be subdued in such a manner. This, of course, leads to conflict.

The partner often reflects the native’s own struggles and fears. With your awkward behaviors of willing-unwilling to commit, you awake the worst traits in the partner, since he or she actually becomes suspicious, jealous, in fear of losing you, distrustful, because your behavior does not reflect loyalty, even if you were, in fact, deeply loyal. This is quite a troublesome position.

What is worse, native with Pluto in the Seventh House often turns him or herself into a victim. It is a trap you have created yourself. You should really think about your attitude and the way you behave towards your partner.

The choice of the partner is likely to be taken into consideration, once you realize what you are doing any why.

Pluto in 7th House – Power Struggling

Why the native with Pluto in the Seventh House acts this way? Well, the native discovers and shows off own power through the partnership, which is not a particularly pleasant process and someone is very likely to get hurt.

The relationship or a partnership of some other sort, but with a strong bond, is like your polygon of learning about your own power.

Your ability to handle the course would determine the outcome, both the damage and the prize.

Having Pluto in the Seventh House is not an easy position, since it clearly affects not only you, but also the people around you, those you have a relationship with.

It also affects your public influence, since you tend to build it up through the partnership.

The path of evolution and transformation for natives with Pluto in the Seventh House is a turbulent one, but it, of course, would eventually lead to growth and self-confidence.

The ‘degree’ of stability regarding fears and confidence, and the sense of power and control, one could achieve on that road greatly depends on the whole chart.

There were some tips the native should bear in mind, in order to go through this transformative process more smoothly.

The partnership is the transformative ground, of one kind or another, though most likely of a romantic kind. Do not project your own need and instinct to control onto your partner.

Think through your choice of partners, anyway. Think in the direction of balancing your deep, disabling, paralyzing fears of losing someone or of betrayal.

Otherwise, the same pattern would repeat in your future relationships or partnerships other than romantic ones. You are a victim of your own fears, not of what others impose on you, because you make them do so, for a great part.