Taurus in 6th House – Meaning and Info

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Taurus belongs to the fixed signs and is simultaneously an earth sign. The projection of the Sun at its birth usually influences them to be firm, determined and constant people in several ways. They also love to feel security, that’s why they look for it so much, it is like a constant need in their lives.

A Taurus is determined, pragmatic, and has enormous willpower. He tends to conservative ideas, and since he likes stability so much, his ideas are fixed … there is no way to convince a Taurus of something that goes against his principles or what he thinks and feels, so stubbornness is another of its most obvious features.

They have a great capacity to avoid conflicts and dislikes, without a doubt they prefer to solve their problems with pragmatism; they also have a good mood.

However, when they lose their temper, they are able to fly into a rage and display terrible temper.

Taurus are sensual people who idolize beauty, fidelity and care; however, the negative point is that they tend to possess. His romantic character makes him enjoy feeling the love of his partner … s*x for Taurus is ultimately the manifestation of the dedication he feels for the person he loves.

Taurus – Meaning

Taurus is not prone to momentary impulses.

On the contrary: everything in his life should be clearly planned out. Any force majeure can drive such a person crazy, although outwardly he will not show a shadow of embarrassment and will continue to move forward, no matter what.

One of the negative characteristics of the Taurus character is his indecision and slowness of action. Yes, of course, this person is used to doing everything with an arrangement, thoroughly, but there are times when you cannot hesitate, and a quick decision is the key to success.

The consistency of Taurus is amazing. He is very loyal to his family and friends, any changes in his life, including a change of scenery, will depress him. A man born under the sign of Taurus is reliable, calm and reasonable, to a certain extent a conservative.

However, this side of his personality does not exclude the inspired romanticism and sentimentality that Venus endowed him with. The characteristic of a Taurus man says that such a partner can be gentle and attentive. Having chosen the object of affection for himself, the Taurus Man will do everything possible to achieve the hand and heart of the chosen one.

Taurus can look after like no other. Restaurants, flowers, excellent gifts for any occasion – this is not a complete list of his arsenal. In love, Taurus does not always remain true to his love for stability.

Sometimes he gets carried away too much, and the end turns out to be sad. Taurus’s stubbornness is also manifested in the choice of a life partner.

Despite the obvious incompatibility of characters, he will go to the end in this relationship. No matter what his friends say, he resists criticism more and more. Family for him is a constant concept, so it is rather difficult to get him to divorce, and his feelings about this will be very strong.

Taurus is a wonderful father and an excellent husband. He treats children with great tenderness, and loves to pamper his wife with gifts, although in financial matters he remains sober and always remembers about tomorrow.

As a rule, a Taurus man knows how to make money. He is ready to work tirelessly, compensating for the lack of imagination or talent with remarkable diligence. A man born under the sign of Taurus is physically strong and confident in his sexuality. His masculinity presupposes an appropriate attitude on the part of his wife.

Such a husband needs to be well fed and surrounded with care and attention. The characterization of the Taurus man shows that he does not tolerate scandalous women, as well as those who can, in front of everyone, release sarcastic statements about him.

At the same time, he is the real owner and master of his house.

If the wife possesses sufficient wisdom, then she will not find a more tolerant, gentle and caring man. Taurus woman – characteristic Taurus woman is the embodiment of femininity. She has a subtle intuition, she is subject to the ability to seduce.

She is always elegant, looks good and does not make much effort to seduce a man, it is very easy for her. For all her external weakness, such a woman carries in herself the greatest strength of mind. She is very smart, but does not like to demonstrate this, so others often underestimate her intellectual abilities.

This earthly lady is always calm and reasonable, her common sense is surprisingly combined with emotionality. She is an introvert, so no matter what cats scratch their souls, the Taurus woman will never show it.

6th House – Info

The sixth House of the horoscope refers to the falling houses. The key concepts for this home are daily (routine) work, job duties, health care.

At first glance, it might seem that the function of this house is negligible. But still, if you think about it, you can find important relationships of the Sixth field with the previous, the Fifth house of the horoscope, and the next, the Seventh field.

The 6th field seems to continue and complement the meaning of the 5th house, because without the application of labor and regular efforts, creative projects and the representative function of the 5th field does not make sense.

In addition, the 6th house prepares the ground for the first contact with the outside world. Let this painstaking internal work not be noticeable, but only after its completion is it possible to go “into the people”, that is, the transition to the themes of the 7th house, the house of partnership.

6th house and its characteristics An analysis of the 6th field of the horoscope will show how we feel about our work and how diligent we are in carrying out our daily duties. Not everyone is able to be effective at all times in the workplace. Laziness and ill health can create glory for the native as a bad worker and a parasite.

And only harmony between soul and body, mind and feelings can form the preconditions for successful work, when honest performance of one’s duties brings true pleasure and good practical results to the owner. Having felt the need to maintain order and a healthy atmosphere around him, a person will feel satisfaction from the tasks that he does.

The 6th house combines two themes: work and health. He points out that a comfortable work environment is the key to both physical and mental health. On the other hand, if you do not follow the regime of work and rest, work a lot or, on the contrary, indulge in laziness all the time, this weakens your health.

In the case of overwork and excessive stress, the native sooner or later feels a loss of energy and a weakening of the body’s defenses. Lack of any activity leads to mental stagnation and mental discomfort.

In order to maintain health and find good health, you need to follow the correct daily routine, be punctual, collected, attentive to the mental and physical processes taking place inside.

It is necessary to ensure that the thoughts in the head are constructive, and the feelings are bright and clear.

Since most diseases are of psychological origin, you need to take care not only of the body and its safety, but also of your everyday emotional background.

The 6th field will also tell you about the subordinates of the owner of the horoscope, as well as whether he is good at following the instructions of his superiors. If the elements of this house have harmonious ties with other houses, then the native fits well into the team.

As an employee, he feels comfortable among colleagues and knows how to create comfortable conditions for himself.

The value of the house in the analysis of compatibility When analyzing compatibility (both business and marital), it is important to take into account information about the location of the planets of one partner in the houses of another.

For example, if a person’s Sun activates the 6-field of his colleague’s horoscope, then certain relations of subordination arise. The owner of the Sun will help the native in the performance of his duties, often taking on part of his work.

If the wife’s Moon falls into the 6th field of the husband’s natal chart, then this will tune her to create convenient and comfortable living and living conditions. This interaction can also mean caring for the spouse’s health.

Taurus in 6th House – Meaning and Info

endowed with an intuitive instinct, she is well versed in people, immediately recognizing deception, although she always tries to find positive traits in any person. If they treat her sincerely, she will definitely reciprocate.

The characteristic of a Taurus woman has a very characteristic feature, she is able to find a common language with completely different people, as if adjusting to their aura.

Those people who are unpleasant to Taurus, she will not offend or enter into open confrontation with them, but will simply try to avoid communication.

The Taurus woman acutely feels the need to be around a real man, strong and self-confident. Despite the high level of self-control, this lady is capricious and tearful, at such moments she needs the support of a partner.

Outwardly fragile and sophisticated, the Taurus woman always stubbornly goes to her goal, without fear of any difficulties.

The family also shows her tenacity. With all her might, she will try to keep the peace in the house, showing an unusual strength of affection and devotion to her husband.

At times being too persistent and stubborn, this representative of the earthly element will always support her partner in difficult times. Living together with her is stable and reliable.

She becomes a good mother. It is important that when the children grow up, she skillfully maintains friendly relations with them.

Home for Taurus is a sacred place. Possessing a refined Venusian taste, the Taurus woman makes her nest very cozy and beautiful. A love of luxury and money is no stranger to her. Such a woman is rarely poor.

If the family does not have enough money, she will not complain about her fate, but will start work, no matter how difficult it turns out to be. A man who appreciates the qualities of this representative of the Taurus sign will indeed be very lucky.

Sexual compatibility of the sign Taurus Representatives of the signs Capricorn and Virgo are well suited to Taurus. All of them relate to the earthly element, so mutual understanding is ensured here.

However, Virgo may seem too cold to Taurus, and Capricorn, despite its reliability and determination, is not sexually compatible with Taurus.

The most refined and mature Taurus can make a good pair with Gemini, Aries.

The former will give the earthly partner an opportunity for intellectual development, and the latter will make up for the lack of energy.

A deep, idealistic relationship and excellent sexual compatibility for Taurus is guaranteed with Scorpio.


Taurus needs a sufficient amount of time to weigh the pros and cons and, on the basis of careful logical reasoning, make the only correct choice. The ability to reflect alone on certain topics is very important for this sign.

Thus, he puts his thoughts in order and restores the supply of energy. The Taurus characterization shows that he is full of kindness. He is gentle, but at the same time he can persistently try to impose his opinion on others or influence people by his example.

At the same time, it is almost impossible to influence Taurus, but if he internally agrees with the position of his companion, then later he may well pass off his thoughts as his own.

Lying for Taurus is an unnatural phenomenon, but in exceptional cases he can resort to this weapon.

Interestingly, his speeches are capable of inspiring boundless confidence. For an earthly person, the opinion of others is very important, therefore Taurus tries to look good and generally tries to show that his standard of living is higher than it really is.