Taurus Sun Pisces Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Birth charts hide and reveal many things. If you interpret details from your chart correctly, you get to know yourself much better.

Such knowledge is precious, because it allows you to use all of your potentials the best you can.

Each birth chart and horoscope actually tells about potentials and possibilities.

Positions of planets at the time of your birth shape up one’s destiny.

At least, astrologers claim so. Astrology is an old practice, definitely to be taken seriously, although it is not an officially acknowledged modern day science.

People are skeptical about it, because, of course, it deals with more abstract things than any other science.

Thus, modern astrology is considered a pseudo science. It is old and has a long history of use.

Western astrology, as we know it, originates from ancient times and its roots lie in old Persia.

Astrologers were once advisors to great rulers and generals; one would decide the course of a war campaign action depending on odds an astrologer interprets observing the skies and stars. Astrologers’ counsel was very important back in the day.

Sun Sign

Let us now talk about important elements to consider. In astrological charts, all elements matter.

However, each of them has special purpose and meaning. The Sun is the core of one’s horoscope, as seen in western astrology, which is based on the Solar system. The Sun is the center of it and, thus, the center of one’s natal chart.

It is the first of so-called personal planets, meaning it directly affects one’s personal traits, temperament and character.

The Sun literally determines who you are. It is your essence. The Sun is a masculine principle and it represents the element of Fire. It symbolizes life, health and vitality, in astrology, as well is in any other system.

The Sun represents one’s personal strength, the drive and motivation, ambitions and will to live, to progress and move forward.

This bright astrological planet also represents a fatherly figure in one’s horoscope. It rules over the sign of Leo.

The Sun is associated with leadership, rule, nobility, royalty, but also with generosity, open heart, strength and power in general. The Sun is your Ego and it determines your basic personal traits.

The sign the Sun matches in your natal chart is your native sign.

This is the reason why you carry characteristics that are typical for one particular sign of the Zodiac. If you have the Sun in Taurus, then you are a Taurus.

However, your native sign does not solely determine your personal traits.

There are other elements to consider. No person is an ideal native sign, but it is what manifests before everything else.

Sun in Taurus

People who have the Sun in Taurus are native Taurus individuals. The sign of Taurus is regarded as slow, calm, stable and materialistic.

Taurus is an earth element signs, which makes it steady and well grounded.

In addition, native Taurus people often develop strong connection with everything the Mother Nature has to offer. They enjoy nature and care for the environment.

They are tactile and have strong senses; they perceive the world through all of their sense.

Touch, smell, sound, everything matters to a Taurus. They seek pleasures that could satisfy appetites of their senses.

However, Taurus never seeks only pleasure, before he or she makes sure they have material stability. These people are materialistic and practical. Financial stability is very important to them.

Taurus people are known to be the greatest providers in the entire Zodiac. They want to have a comfortable and calm life. Taurus people are focused on their work and very unlikely to make any kind of dramatic changes in any area of life.

They are pleasant to have around, but mostly they keep to themselves. They do not talk much. They think long and carefully, before making any decision.

People born under the sign of Taurus are warm, kind, gentle and tactile. They love comfort and coziness.

They are tolerant, strong-willed, concentrated. Taurus people are responsible and have good sense for business.

In addition, they could be artistic and they appreciate all the gifts of nature. They seek for pleasure in food and else that stimulates their senses.

Moon Sign

The Moon sign is as important as the Sun sign is. The Moon represents everything that is hidden. It is about your inner and emotional self. The Moon is your inner voice and your guiding intuition.

The Sun represents awareness and reason, while the Moon represents sub conscious mind and emotions.

One cannot exist without the other. If these two parts of a personality are not in balance, one faces troubles.

You should never try to shut down your inner voice, no matter what reason tells you. You should listen to it and use reason to take the best from it. The Moon is about impressions and reactions.

It is about how you feel situations and people in your life. The Moon is a dreamy wandered that inspires imaginations and fantasy.

The Moon helps you to realize what your deepest desires and needs are. It supports one’s emotional development, which is essential part of one’s personality. The way you are going emotionally to grow also depends on the sign the Moon matches in your natal chart.

Other elements affect the nature of your Moon sign and support or block its energy.

Moon in Pisces

The Moon in Pisces usually indicates a receptive, distinctively sensitive, empathic, intuitive and imaginative personality. The Moon is closely associated with all Water element signs; it Rules the Cancer, but also greatly affects Pisces and Scorpio.

It is even believed that the Moon could have a stronger impact on these signs than the Sun.

Moon Pisces people are prone to daydreaming and idealizing the world, even the most mundane things in it.

They are romantic and melancholic, very insightful people. They are interested in mysticism and spirituality.

Moon Pisces are commonly emotionally fragile and hypersensitive. It is an advantage just as it could be seen a flaw.

These people are deeply empathic and often trust their heart before their reason, even if they know that sometimes it would not be the best decision to make.

They see to channel their emotions through artistic channels. They are overwhelmed by their emotions and cannot express them through simple talk nor do they like to do so. They are comforting, gentle and understanding ones.

Taurus Sun Pisces Moon Personality

Taurus Sun Pisces Moon people are generally down to earth and compassionate ones. They have strong effect of the stable and fixed Taurus quality, but possess all the emotional capacity of Pisces.

This makes them fair and empathic people, who maintain their integrity, but at the same time are understanding and kind towards people. They are tolerant and calm.

These natives are still oriented by material stability, dictated by Taurus, but they would never decide on a thing until they consult their emotional self.

They combine emotions with practical actions, which is amazing. They are benevolent, not overly ambitious and they value things they have in life. They need love and closeness with people.

The Pisces element actually makes these natives extremely creative Taurus ones. It is an amazing combination!

They possess developed imagination that helps them create wonderful things. They are usually talented for crafts and arts and could make their own business out of it.

This is the best way to have profit from your own work, without fierce rivalry and going over other people.

Good Traits

Taurus Sun Pisces Moon would never hurt anyone. They are peaceful, compassionate and tolerant. Their strong Taurus does not let others manipulate them.

Their gentle Pisces, however, makes them more empathic and sensitive to other’s troubles.

They would always help one, by offering comfort and some practical advice. They are reliable, loving and caring people overall.

These natives have good intuition and good judgment of people. They are respectful and trustworthy.

You can always rely on them to keep their words.

These people carefully consider both their reason and emotions, before they make any decision. They are patient, calm and honest ones.

Bad Traits

Like all Taurus natives, they could be very stubborn and inflexible.

Pisces Moon could bring turbulence and make them confused, lost between their down-to-earth approach and too strong imagination.

If their aspects are bad, these people go to excesses, either emotional or material.

They could get lost within the world of imagination and scared about it, because there is still that materialistic part of them.

Taurus Sun Pisces Moon in Love and Marriage

In love life and in marriage, these people are usually simple. They are warm, loving, compassionate and mostly natural. They are reasonable and emotional, capable of knowing the difference between the two and using the best of both.

They care not about what anyone think about their love choices. They prefer to keep their love life private.

They are kind and gentle towards their lover and they need both physical and emotional closeness. They would see to provide the best for their family.

On the other hand, they will always be there to offer their partner emotional support. In marriage and family life, they are protective and caring.

Best Match for Taurus Sun Pisces Moon

The perfect match for these natives is someone who cares about emotional closeness and who needs physical closeness, as well.

People who do not play any games and act naturally attract Taurus Sun Pisces Moon.

They are never deceived by beautiful façade, even if Taurus people generally care much for aesthetics. They need a kind, gentle and loving partner, not a trophy.


Taurus Sun Pisces Moon people are gentle, loving and understanding ones.

With good aspects, they use the best of their practical creative side and their emotional intuitive one.

They are benevolent and positive, overall. Taurus Sun Pisces Moon people are patient and calm. Their attitude is friendly and no aggressive at all.

They could be stubborn, but rarely do they see to impose their opinions. They prefer privacy, comfort and simple pleasures.