Venus in 11th House

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Astrology is often underestimated and neglected in our modern society, and mostly considered a fun topic for conversation about Zodiac signs and their meanings.

Almost every person nowadays knows their Sun sign and a bit of its traits, as well as something about other Zodiac signs.

It is in human nature to want to know about their future and know the traits of people they are interested in. This is where astrology can be very useful, and most people are unaware of that.

Astrology is an ancient study formed as a result of observing the planets and their influence on human lives and the world in general. It can give information about personal traits, possible life events in the future, outcomes of situations and relationships and give answers to many other questions. There are different techniques of analysis used in astrology.

The analysis begins with a natal chart, created for a chosen moment in time; this moment is usually the moment someone was born. The natal chart has 12 houses with planetary positions in that moment placed inside these houses.

The houses and their rulers as well as the planets inside (if there are planets) give answers to different questions about various areas in the person’s life. Every house has an area of rulership.

The natal chart is calculated using a special date, time, and place for the analyzed subject. In earlier times, astrological calculations required a bit of time and knowledge, and weren’t always as accurate.

Today, with the aid of computer programs, the natal chart and other astrological calculations are done in seconds after entering the required data.

The houses in the natal chart give insight about someone’s appearance, behavior, beliefs, interests, talents, education, social circle, friends, neighbors, surroundings, home, family, family members, parents, ancestors, siblings, children, enemies, coworkers, work, profession, career, personal traits, health, physical condition, partnerships, relationships, partners, travels, finances, hobbies, etc.

The houses are divided in different categories, such as: angular, succedent, cadent; cardinal, fixed, mutable; personal and interpersonal, etc.

There are different house systems that can be used for calculating the natal chart, and it is up to the astrologer’s preferences to choose the system that suits them most based on their skills, knowledge, and experience in astrology.

Planets in houses – individual charts and synastry meaning

The houses with planets inside are the most insightful. They influence the house where they are placed with their energy and meaning.

The planets in houses show which areas of life will be the center of focus and action during the person’s life, which is why astrologers pay special attention to these houses.

Analyzing the planets in houses is very important in synastry analysis as well. Synastry is a technique in astrology used when analyzing relationships and their potential.

The astrologer compares the natal chart of two people to determine whether their characters are compatible and the possibility of their relationship being a lasting one.

The planets from one chart are placed inside the other chart to determine the influence of the relationship on the partners.

Venus – Basic Qualities

The Roman goddess Venus ruled romance and beauty. It was a well-respected deity in antiquity and people (especially women) turned to it to ensure help and protection in their love life.

The planet Venus, like the goddess whose name it carries, rules love and romance.

It is also the ruler of beauty, creativity, art, artists, poets, poetry, painting, painters, music, musicians, photography, photographers, wealth, abundance, money, luxury, pleasures, comfort, procrastination, kindness, service, decoration, gentleness, laziness, procrastination, self-centeredness, harmony, stability, style, fashion, friends, females, female principle, diplomacy, justice, law, legal profession, museums, indulgence, compromise, cooperation, relationships, marriage, etc.

The planet Venus is a bright night object and is visible with a naked eye when there aren’t clouds on the sky.

This was the reason why this planet was referred to as the morning or evening star by the ancient people.

It moves fast and it spends about 18.5 days in one Zodiac sign when it’s in direct movement.

It rules Taurus and Libra and is exalted in Pisces.

Eleventh House Meaning

The 11th house is a house of friendships, social interactions, groups, etc.; it is also the house of the earnings from one’s profession.

This house reveals our circle of friends, acquaintances and colleagues. The natural ruler of the 11th house is Uranus, and it corresponds to the sign Aquarius.

The ruler of the 11th house and the planets inside reveal the person’s role in society and show how the person is accepted by the social circle they belong to. It also reveals the types of people the person usually chooses to be their friends.

The eleventh house also shows whether the person is prone to being a member of networks and groups.

This house reveals our interests and activities we desire to perform in group, as well as the groups of people that share the same interests.

It is the ruler of clubs, professional associations, networking groups, social networks, social groups, etc. It also shows our preferred activities within these organizations.

The 11th house is the house of our hopes and desires, and it can show whether the person is likely to fulfill them. It can describe our friends.

Venus in Eleventh House Meaning in Individual Charts

Because Venus is the planet of love, but also friendship, and the 11th house is the house of friends, Venus in 11th house often indicates that the person finds their friendships as one of the most important, if not the most important thing in their life.

This is often an indication that the person might find their true love through friendship.

The person could have been friends with their loved one first before they started dating and entered a committed relationship.

These people need to be friends to their partners first, and that is the most important aspect of their relationship. They need to form a firm bond with their partners, based on mutual support and trust.

These people look for partners who have unique personalities and are honest and reliable. They want someone with an adventurous mindset and always ready for action because that is how they are.

They also need their partner to be sociable and enjoy being around people. They often meet their partners through some social network or group and that is usually someone they share similar interests in group activities.

Venus in eleventh house has some qualities of Venus in Aquarius because Aquarius is the natural sign of the 11th house. This makes the person unconventional and unique. They are relaxed and open-minded and seek partners with same qualities.

They are also open about their relationships and not very conventional. This doesn’t mean that all of them opt for open-type relationship; quite the opposite.

Most of them are very devoted to their partners; their only requirement is keeping some level of freedom and independence in the relationship to devote this time to themselves and they give the same to their partners.

Because Venus is ruler of art and creativity, these people often join groups where they can fulfill their needs in these areas. They can join an art class, music lessons, dance lessons, creative workshops, etc.

These are often the places where they meet their friends, and often their significant others.

These people want a partner who somehow stands out from the majority of people, at least according to their standards. They want someone who is creative in a unique way.

People with Venus in eleventh house are usually not possessive and jealous and want their partners to be the same. They usually don’t give any cause for doubt and jealousy and consider such emotions a sign of disrespect of their loyalty.

People with their Venus in 11th house desire partners with whom they can experience new adventures and learn new things. They are often members of the same networks and groups because they share same interests.

Because their friends and group activities are such an important part of their lives they want someone who can accept them as well.

They couldn’t stand their partner standing between them and their friends or preventing them from doing the activities they enjoy most.

People with Venus in 11th house usually have a great network of friends, and usually have no problems meeting new people. They have friends and acquaintances from different walks of life.

These people are warm and loving friends and their friends adore them. Everyone loves being in their company. A person with Venus in eleventh house is a devoted and loyal friend who is always ready to help others; friends can rely on them without hesitation.

This placement of Venus often makes the person have more female friends than male friends (if there aren’t any other planets in the 11th house) and their female friends, and friends in general are good looking people.

These people are usually surrounded by beautiful friends both physically and mentally.

If Venus is afflicted in the natal chart, this can cause some issues in the areas related to 11th house. They can sometimes experience misfortune and problems through their friends and acquaintances, as well as their group activities.

They could have problems with friends or acquaintances that are jealous at them, and trying to harm them behind their back. They could experience betrayal and deceptions from their friends, and become disappointed.

Afflicted Venus in 11th house could make the person difficult to be around because they always have to be different than others and point that out which can annoy their friends and acquaintances.

Because the 11th house is the house of our salary, when Venus is in this house, this is usually a sign of good earnings and steady income that provides the person luxurious lifestyle.

When Venus is afflicted, this could indicate that the person earns substantial amounts but isn’t able to keep them for a long time, and doesn’t manage their money well.

People with Venus in eleventh house are usually adored by their friends and this is a well-deserved role. Their friends appreciate their kindness and efforts they put in maintaining their friendships.

Sometimes, the position of Venus in 11th house might indicate a person who is prone to change their romantic interests frequently. This is usually true when Venus is afflicted in the natal chart.

These people can have several love interests at the same time. They can often be considered shallow and unreliable by many potential partners because of their overly friendly and relaxed approach.

This trait of theirs is often responsible for them missing some good opportunities for stable relationships with reliable and devoted partners.

These people have a natural inclination towards gathering people together. They can be the initiator and creators of groups which gather people with similar interests.

Venus in Eleventh House Meaning in Synastry

When someone’s Venus is in another person’s eleventh house this is usually a sign of a harmonious and friendly relationship between them.

These placements are often found in relationships where one person (usually Venus) is romantically interested in the 11th house person, while the 11th house person sees Venus only in a friendly light.

With this placement of Venus it often happens that the first encounter of these two happens in some group or association. These two share the same interests and this creates a strong bond between them.

Because the 11th house is the house of our desires, the 11th house person could sometimes perceive Venus as the ideal partner (or friend) they’ve dreamed of having.

The Venus person could broaden their horizons and introduce them to new people and friends, as well as groups and networks where they can pursue some of their interests.

This is often a placement when the relationship begins as a friendship, and in time turns into a romantic commitment.

Even when there’s nothing more than friendship between them, there are special emotions that they differentiate their relationship from the relationships with their other friends.

Sometimes the first encounter between these two happened through mutual friends or at some group gathering.

These two can be involved in some group activities with humanitarian character. They share many similar goals and interests, and that helps their friendship grow and remain stable.


Venus in 11th house in individual charts indicates a person who is relaxed and easy to get along with.

These people consider their friendships as one of the most valuable things they have in life. They often enter into romantic relationships with people they were first friends with.

Sometimes their romantic partners remain their friends after the relationship has ended.

They often have more female friends than male. They incline towards membership in groups where they can satisfy their artistic interests or other Venus related interests they have.

Venus in eleventh house is usually a sign of meeting a romantic partner through friends or group gatherings. They and their partners often share similar interests and belong to the same groups and networks.

They are charming and their friends adore them. People love being in their presence because of their kind and warm personality. They have many friends and acquaintances and it is easy for them to make friends.

Venus in 11th house can also be a sign of a person who earns well doing their job. If Venus is afflicted the person doesn’t know how to keep their money.

When Venus is in 11th house in synastry, this is usually a sign of a friendship turning into a relationship and vice versa. These two often meet through mutual friends or some group activity. They usually share the same interests.