Venus in Cancer

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The planet Venus is known to being to brightest object on the sky following the Moon.

Many people call it “the morning star” or “the evening star”, due to its brightness and visibility with a naked eye.

This planet is the second closest to the Sun following the planet Mercury, and never distances much from the Sun. It takes around 225 days to orbit it.

The name Venus came from the name of the Roman goddess of love, romance, and beauty.

Accordingly, this planet in astrology rules the same things. It also rules lovers, relationships, love affairs, marriages, weddings, social gatherings and sociability in general, friends, especially girlfriends, women and the female principle in general, girls, glamor, luxury, wealth, fashion, creativity, talents, good taste, quality, style, paintings and painters, aesthetics, decorative objects, decoration, attractiveness, art and artists, photography, photographers, music and musicians, diplomacy, diplomats, procrastination, pleasures and overindulgence, leisure, museums, literature, judges, peace, equality, flexibility, comfort, joy, courtships and dating, etc.

The planet Venus is the ruler of the signs of Taurus and Libra, and it has the strongest power when placed in these signs.

When transiting through various signs, Venus receives the traits of these signs.

In the article below, we are talking about the traits of people with Venus in Cancer.

Venus in Cancer Man

Men born with Venus in Cancer are very emotional and can easily be hurt, although they hide that. These men deeply crave love and affection, but they are reluctant to relax and commit before getting to know the person well.

They prefer a woman with Cancer traits. These men are usually very attached to their mothers, and their ideal woman is often similar to their mother. They compare every woman they are with, with their mother.

That is something they cannot avoid. Their woman needs to be nurturing and caring. She should be instinctively aware of their needs and be able to fulfill them. It is not easy to achieve that, and they are aware of that fact.

That is why, when they find such a woman, these men do everything to keep her by their side.

A man with Venus in Cancer is usually a home type, and enjoys spending time with his family. He is often in a position to take care of his family members, financially or in some other way.

These men are prone to mood changes, during which they can behave opposite of how they usually behave. They could often be grumpy, distant, or even refuse to talk. They often don’t explain their behavior and it is something that should be accepted as such. Fortunately, these mood changes don’t last long and they are back to their old self before you know it.

They are often very creative and tend to express their creativity in the areas they love. They love cooking, and they usually have a talent for preparing delicious food and even making their own recipes.

They are delicate beings, and need to be treated with care. They are usually afraid of being rejected and that fear is something which makes them afraid to approach the girl they like. If that is the case, the advice is to make the first move and give him the encouragement to begin pursuing you.

These men love money and usually have a gift of making and investing it wisely.

They often manage to provide more than enough for their needs and the needs of their loved ones. They rather save than spend money, but they are usually not cheap, and enjoy spending it on the people they care about.

Venus in Cancer Woman

Women with Venus in Cancer are tender and caring beings. These women desire to be romantically involved with someone from a young age.

They desire a strong man by their side, who is able to take care of them and protect them. They are gentle and very emotional, and their emotions are easily hurt.

These women usually have a problem relaxing with men because they fear being rejected or abandoned, and hurt as a result. They need to get to know a man very well before being able to relax and express their feelings.

These women are very feminine and they are good wives and mothers. Motherhood is one of their greatest desires because they are family types. These women are very attached to their families and desire to have a family of their own.

They love to receive physical expressions of love from their man, and they are very expressive as well. They prefer snuggling and kissing with their man, and are not very passionate.

These women are often prone to mood swings, but they don’t last long.

If they feel emotionally insecure, they could also try to emotionally manipulate their man to check where they stand, but when they are reassured in their man’s emotions, they usually don’t have the need for such behavior.

They are very creative and often love arts. They are also good with money, and know how to save it so they can invest in something with lasting value. 

Good Traits

The good traits of a Venus in Cancer are: caring, nurturing, tender, gentle, devoted, loyal, creative, artistic, family type, emotional, prone to saving and investing money, sensitive, desire commitment, home and family types, etc. 

Bad Traits

The bad traits of a Venus in Cancer are: clingy, emotionally manipulative, prone to mood swings, moody, emotional insecurity, possessiveness, reserved, easily hurt, full of fears of rejection and abandonment, problems relaxing, sensitive, etc. 

Venus in Cancer – General Info

Venus in the sign of Cancer undertakes a lot of qualities and traits of the sign of Cancer.

These people usually desire commitment and they are strongly attached to their families.

They form a strong bond with their partner and they often have a desire to merge with them. They are very sensitive and easily hurt. They don’t open up easily, and they need time to know the person well before relaxing and opening up to them.

These people don’t like flirting games. They are honest and straightforward about their feelings once they decide to open up.

People who have a cheating mentality and avoid commitment at any cost can do damage to these people if they fail to notice these traits and allow themselves to be fooled by them into believing that they want a serious relationship.

When a person with Venus in Cancer is hurt, that state can last a long time. They don’t heal easily and tend to stick to the past without letting it behind. These people are serious and home types.

They prefer the security of a stable relationship and marriage and they don’t find anything interesting in dating different people and gaining experience. These people don’t desire much love experience.

Ever since a young age, they crave for a person they could bond with emotionally and establish a home and stable family.

Regardless of that strong desire to make an emotional bond with someone special, these people usually don’t rush into relationships and marriages and they take their time to decide whether the person is the right one for them.

People with Venus in Cancer are very nurturing and caring types and would do anything for their partner.

They demonstrate their affection and love by nurturing and caring for the people they love. They are tender and very emotional, and their emotions are easily hurt, although they often hide behind a mask of aloofness and distance.

These people love the comfort of their home and enjoy spending their time there besides their loved ones. They are family types and usually desire to have a big family of their own.

The crucial and most important things for these people in a relationship are safety and trust.

They need to feel protected by their partner and trust in their feelings for them. Cancer is a sign that can be moody and prone to mood swings from time to time, but these don’t last long.

When you get to know this person you will realize that it is a genuine jewel, although sometimes appears grumpy, reprimanding, and difficult to get along with. When they are in one of such moods, they could also be prone to periods of silence without explaining the reason. Often there is no reason; it is how they feel at that moment.

These people can sometimes be prone to emotional manipulation to get attention. That is not a good trait, and it comes from their emotional insecurity. They need a partner who is emotionally strong and able to put up with their insecurities, without experiencing them as suffocating and burdensome.

One of the main issues these people need to deal with is their fear of being rejected or abandoned, and hurt as a result. They often expect that to happen, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That is why they often end up being hurt and left by their partners. Their task is to overcome these fears and begin trusting that it is possible to have a partner who will remain by their side and love them the way they want to be loved.

Once they come to that realization, their love life begins to change and they begin experiencing in reality the things they have been dreaming about.

They are very romantic and love to be pampered and showered with expressions of love and affection. They need constant reassurance of love. They should be able to trust the person they’re with, or they might begin the process of self-doubt and doubting their partner’s feelings.

When these people don’t feel emotionally threatened, they become loving and devoted partners you enjoy being with. They enjoy snuggling with their partner and for them it is the ultimate expression of their devotion and love.

These people are often possessive and can be prone to clinginess. The important thing is to find a way to prevent them from demonstrating these. Make sure they trust your feelings for them and explain you need your own space.

When they realize that there is no need for them to fear losing you or being hurt, they will relax and won’t have the need to exhibit these traits.

They are cautious and have a guard towards people they don’t know. They are lovely beings and fun to be around, but they need time to relax and get to know people before being able to fully express their personality.

These people are also cautious about their spending.

They generally want to feel secure, and that transfers to their finances as well. They rather save then spend money, and often have substantial savings in the stash. They often invest in real-estate which they consider another way of saving their money and investing in their future.

These people can sometimes be cheapskates, but they usually aren’t. They are cautious with their money, but they enjoy spending them on people they care about.

These people are loyal, caring and devoted friends, and their friendships usually last for life. They are usually creative and often artistically express themselves. 


People with Venus in Cancer are usually very emotional and often emotionally insecure.

These people want to be reassured of the partner’s feelings towards them, or they begin developing doubts and suspicions which lead to emotional manipulation and other bad consequences.

They are often afraid of being rejected or abandoned by their partners, which is one of the reasons they fear approaching the people they like. They often put a mask of aloofness and distance to keep them from being hurt.

It is difficult for them to relax in the company of people they don’t know.

When they are sure about someone’s true intentions and feelings they are finally able to relax and become the lovely beings they genuinely are.

These people are prone to frequent mood swings, and irrational behavior, but they fortunately don’t last long.

They are very creative and often find a way to creatively express themselves. They are good with money, and often manage to establish a solid financial base for their future. They are family types and desire to have a big family of their own.