Venus in Capricorn

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Although astrology is not anymore a regular approach to interpreting movement and activity of heavenly bodies, it is still much appreciated in some circles. Many people do not take it seriously, which is partially a justified skepticism.

Astrology and all other alternative approaches are heavily misused solely for material purposes. Nevertheless, there are still ones treating astrology with respect and those that are true experts in this mysterious pseudo science.

Long ago, astrology was more valued, even on royal courts. Many notable figures of the past, those today well known for many scientific achievements and inventions of the essential purpose for general progress of the humankind, were astrologers.

Famous astronomers, mathematicians, all kinds of scholars and wise men relied on astrology. Astrology was once seen as equal with astronomy.

In fact, the two were inseparable. In modern times, astrology has been put to corner, along with many other not officially recognized disciplines, labeled as alternative, meaning that the Western world does not accept them.

However, Western astrology still intrigues us and it can give us some rather interesting and valuable data, nonetheless. Western astrology has a very long history of use and it relies on knowledge of the ancients.

Planets play an important role in this science of the stars. Astrology recognizes planets of our solar system, including the Sun and the Moon. Technically, as you surely know, these two are not planets, but they are given the same label in terms of astrology. The newest members of astrological planetary company are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, planets unknown in ancient times.

Ancient astrology acknowledged only visible planets and contemporary astrology does the same; for only more than a century we, however, see the three latter planets, as well.

Astrology has very rich and abundant history that relies on many sources. If you are interested in it, you should learn more about Asian astrological paths, such as Chinese and Vedic astrology, for example.

We focus on what interests common people the most – natal astrology, which is ultimately personalized astrology. It deals with horoscope and horoscope is represented in a form of a birth chart. Birth chart is a graphic representation of an image of the sky in one particular moment in time, that of your birth.

An astrologer would create your birth chart based on essential information: date, time and place of birth.

In modern times, you can easily get your birth chart online and even consult an astrologer to interpret it for you. The description given along with such a chart will, perhaps, appear detailed, but we recommend getting an analysis in person. He or she could tell you what they see in your birth chart and help you understand what potentials you have.

Venus and Horoscope

Horoscope is all about potential. Many people believe it should tell you this or that will happen in your life, but it does not work that way. An expert astrologer could analyze your chart, tell about the aspects you have there and explain what each one of these mean. These aspects are facts, but their exact meaning is not written in stone.

For example, your chart might say you have Venus in Cancer, but it depends how it will manifest in your life.

Here we come to Venus in horoscope. Planets are one of the most important elements of each individual birth chart. According to astrology, planets and their movement and positions greatly affect our lives.

While official sciences prove heavenly bodies and everything that is happening in Solar system plays an important role in overall life on Earth, they tell nothing about their influence over people’s individual lives.

In ancient times, planets were associated with deities. Modern day astrology relies on these associations, seen as archetypes. Venus, the planet in question for today, is associated with goddesses Babylonian Ishtar and Greek Aphrodite, Roman goddess Venus.

This planet is the second one closest to Sun and it is the third brightest star we see from Earth, after Sun and Moon.

Planet Venus is associated with love, romance, beauty, harmony, fertility, abundance, art, sensibility, femininity and sensuality. It is associated with everything good, benevolent, peaceful and rich. Beautiful goddesses mentioned above are embodiments of these ideas. In horoscope, Venus rules signs of Taurus and Libra.

In personal horoscope, the position of planet Venus defines our sense of love and beauty. It determines the way we are going to think about concepts of beauty and love. Depending on its position, we could have great potentials for abundance in life or not.

Of course, other planets and astrological aspects will affect this one.

Venus is one of so-called personal planets, along with the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Mars.

These planets are the most closely related to our personality traits. They define who we are, in astrological terms. Planet Venus is associated with grace, pleasure and values. It has to do with both concepts of material well being and that of love. Balance between the two is of a great importance.

Venus in Capricorn – General Info

Today we talk about an interesting astrological combination and it is about Venus in the sign of Capricorn. What does it mean to have such an aspect in your birth chart? Let us remind you of basic traits of the sign Capricorn, since we explained that of the planet Venus.

Capricorn qualities are, as it seems, opposite of those of Venus. Capricorn is serious, analytical, stubborn and restrictive.

Capricorn is characterized by responsibility, seriousness, rational thinking and inflexibility.

This sign is judging, full of criticism and ambitious. Capricorns are serious in everything they do, they do not rush into relationships, they want stability and security and they are not particularly romantic. Capricorns value loyalty, honesty and justice. They tend to be pessimistic, know-it-all and vengeful.

Planet Venus seems soft and warm, in contrast with Capricorn sign. Venus in Capricorn makes an extraordinary combo. People with Venus in Capricorn are ambitious and they have many desires, but they see to control their emotions.

They appear cold on the outside, but they are loyal and extremely reliable people. They love justice above everything else.

Venus Capricorn people commonly suffer from inner emotional conflicts, because they are prone to give priority to duty and obligations over their emotional needs.

They see everything too seriously, even the very emotion of love. They tend to over analyze love and their feelings towards a person. In love, they are cautious and calculated. They need time to surrender to the emotion of love and they are definitely not the most passionate ones.

Their emotions are, however, stable. Once they realize they feel something for someone, it is very unlikely their emotions would change. Venus Capricorn loves forever, when he or she loves at all.

They would stay in a relationship or a marriage, even if things do not work the best way. They feel responsible in a relationship, as well as the feel in other areas of life. They find gestures more important than words.

They do not experiment in love and intimate life. They need time emotionally and intimately to open up about their desires. Venus Capricorn tend to relax with age and it seems they are much more satisfied with their love life later in life.

They are jealous and possessive partners. This could reflect on other areas of life, as well.

Their sense of beauty is traditional, conventional and precise.

Good Traits

The most positive of Venus Capricorn aspect is stability in emotions.

They are people you can always rely on, whether they be your friends, a relative, a lover or a partner. They would never turn back on someone they care for, regardless of how reserved or strict they might appear. They care a lot about their closest ones and their feelings of love are greatly oriented towards the closest family.

One of the great qualities of this astrological combo is perseverance. Venus in Capricorn will always defend what they hold dear and they will not step back if something or someone they care for is in any sort of danger.

They are extremely loyal and they are caring, although their style is not very compassionate and emotional, rather attentive and practical.

Their sense of duty, honor, honesty, justice and principles is impeccable. Be sure a Venus Capricorn would never see to hurt you for no reason and he or she will always be there for you, no matter the circumstances.

Their stability and determination are to be admired, although they could definitely turn bad and make them more harm than help.

Bad Traits

Bad traits of Venus Capricorn are their good traits brought to extremes. They could be too stubborn and to have fixations. Once they construct a problem in their mind, it will take tons of energy and time to recover more relaxed and spontaneous thinking.

They could become very suspicious, even paranoid, jealous and vengeful. They will over analyze everything and construct problems that are not there.

Many times Venus Capricorn would keep their emotions for themselves, thinking they can endure everything. They believe it is more important to be consistent and dutiful than to follow their emotions; if they break the line, they feel desperate.

They find it extremely difficult to deal with criticism and they could become obsessed with what others think of their actions.

Venus Capricorn are not very compassionate in expression, although there are tons of emotions of deep care for others. They complicate things and think too much. They are in persistent struggle between their logic and their heart.

Venus Capricorn have conflicted nature, because Venus tells them simply to surrender to the emotion of love and Capricorn over analyzes if it is worthwhile or not.

Venus in Capricorn Man

Venus in Capricorn in men signs shows as a very rational personality, with both feet on ground. This man wants to surround himself with people of similar interests and taste. He is ambitious, dutiful and honest person, but he also has a clear sense of his emotional side. It is interested to notice how Venus displays in this scenario in very small details.

He is determined to find a partner for life. Venus helps him show his intentions through gestures and actions, not by words. He is not the most talkative one, but he has style. Venus Capricorn is conventional and traditional man.

Venus Capricorn man is reasonable and honest; he does not like playing games. His major goals are success, stability, marriage.

Venus Capricorn man is dedicated to his job and persistent in his work. He does not give up easily and truly believes hard work brings success. He wants well-situated and comfortable life to start a family.

Venus Capricorn man would not start a relationship only for fun or romance; he needs a woman who shares his ideals and goals.

Venus in Capricorn Woman

Venus Capricorn woman is determined to achieve success in the field of her interests. She could handle stress and would endure hard times and hard work, in order to reach heights she is interested in.

She wants to be achieved professionally and to be her own boss. Venus Capricorn woman also seeks for stability and a conventional pattern of life.

She could be stubborn at times and she is not easily intimidated before challenges. She could adapt to various situations, although she does not find it very pleasant or interesting.

Venus Capricorn woman loves to the fullest, when she loves.

She would never open up easily about her true emotions and she wants to be sure if the situation is safe enough to do so.

She also searches for a partner she could fully rely on, while remaining independent. Sounds paradoxical, but that is how it is. Venus Capricorn woman would do everything for her man and for her family.

Venus in Capricorn makes a lady more aware of her true feelings and does not let them to turn into any form of submissiveness.


Venus Capricorn people embody the combination of reason and love, which could have its extremes, of course. They have to learn to balance these too very important elements of life.

Both men and women with Venus in Capricorn could appear cold and emotionally reserved, while the thing is they cannot decide if their heart or reason is to be trusted more.

They should not be afraid of surrendering to the emotion of love; this is, perhaps, the greatest challenge for all Venus Capricorns. It depends on their overall horoscope whether they will be more or less open emotionally.

However, they good thing is they are stable, fixed and very persistent people who are not easily intimidated. They could be afraid only of their own feelings, which is something they should work on.