Venus in Taurus

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The planet Venus is the second planet closest to the Sun, with Mercury being the closest.

Venus orbits the Sun in around 225 days. It is very bright and is visible in the sky with the naked eye.

After the Moon which is the brightest night object, Venus is the second brightest one.

The name Venus comes from the Roman goddess of beauty, the female principle, and love.

In astrology, among other things Venus rules love, romance, actors and actresses, beauty, sense of aesthetics, art, music, musicians, attraction, attractiveness, banks, bankers, jewelry, beauty objects, comfort, love for comfort, courtships, decorations, decorative objects, desires, diplomacy, diplomatic sense, flexibility, fashion, equality, elegance, females in general, friends, friendship, girlfriends, glamor, luxury, harmony, judges, judicial system, leisure time, laziness, literature, love, lovers, love affairs, marriage, marriage affairs, money and places where money is kept, museums, musical instruments, pleasant scents, painters, paintings, pleasure, parties, peace, photography and photographers, plays, poetry and poets, romance, sociability, social affairs, social gatherings, wealth, weddings, etc.

Transiting through the different signs of the Zodiac, Venus receives their traits, which merge with basic traits of this planet.

This planet is the ruler of the signs of Taurus and Libra and has its best traits in these two signs.

In this text, we are talking about Venus in Taurus and the influence on people born with this Venus placement.

Venus in Taurus Man

Men with Venus in Taurus are usually possessive and jealous partners. That is one of their main characteristics when it comes to love relationships. They want their woman close by and want to be informed about all her activities.

Not every woman is ready to accept such conditions in a relationship and the more independent and freedom looking ones quickly get out of a relationship with this demanding man.

He is usually very traditional when it comes to relationships. These men love comfort and women who know how to please them. They prefer feminine women who act and look like real women.

Feminist women and ones who advocate equality between a man and a woman in a relationship turn them off because they firmly believe that the man is the one to be the leader in a relationship.

These men are rigid and they usually don’t like changes. They often have a problem adapting to new circumstances.

They love beauty, especially beautiful women. Their women should have curves and it doesn’t matter if she has a few pounds more.

They are also often overweight because of their love for good food and drinks. They are very sensual and their woman needs to be the same. They love physical touch.

Men with Venus in Taurus are often talented artists and art is often their profession. Many of these men are very musical or are good painters, and often make a hobby out of their talents.

These men know to handle their money, and prefer saving and investing them than spending them. They love things of quality and are prepared to give an extra buck to acquire something that will last.

These men love the security money and material possessions bring them, and usually know how to provide that security for themselves and their family. 

Venus in Taurus Woman

Women with Venus in Taurus are usually beautiful and attractive to men. They often have few pounds more, but that doesn’t take away from their beauty and attractiveness. In fact, it often adds to their appearance.

These women often have issues with their weight and are often on some dietary regimes trying to lose it.

They are very tender and tactile beings. These women are very emotional and they desire a man who will be able to express openly his affection and love for them. They need open and frequent expressions of love because they get insecure and become jealous when that lacks.

Their possessiveness and jealousy is sometimes extreme and jeopardizes their relationships.

These women need to learn, as well as men with this Venus placement to trust their partner’s feelings. Many people experience the behavior of these people as pressure which makes them want to leave them, and many of them really leave.

These women are usually very talented and creative. They enjoy creating things of beauty and that is obvious both in their appearance and their surroundings. Their homes are beautifully decorated and people admire and envy them because of that.

They have a monogamous nature and are usually not types for casual dating.

They want a man who is ready for commitment and wants to devote to their relationship. They want to have time to get to know someone before committing because they want to make sure they made the right choice.

These women are good wives and usually enjoy married life. They enjoy pleasing their man and doing things that will make him happy and content. They also expect the same in return and can get grumpy or sad if that doesn’t happen.

Besides being possessive and jealous, these women can be incredibly stubborn, which can pose an issue in their relationships or their marriage life. 

Good Traits

Venus in Taurus is in its place when it is in the sign of Taurus, and has full power.

This Venus has some excellent traits, such as: love for arts, talent for different kinds of arts, physical beauty, creativity, talent for decoration, taste for clothes and things, sense and appreciation of quality, love for luxury and material possessions, tenderness, sensuality, need to please people they care about, frugality, romantic, realistic, dependable, practical, etc.

Bad Traits

Although in its domicile in the sign of Taurus, in this sign, Venus does have some negative traits, such as: overindulgence in food, or some other exaggerations in life’s pleasures, such as physical intimacy or alcohol, jealousy, possessiveness, stubbornness, reluctance to change, clinginess, insecurity, need for approval, etc. 

Venus in Taurus – General Info

Venus in Taurus is in its domicile, which means that it is has rulership over that sign.

The concept of rulership means that the planet has a stronger impact when it is placed in certain signs it rules. Besides Taurus, Venus also rules the sign of Libra, but these rulerships have similarities and differences due to the different traits of both the sign of Taurus and Libra.

When Venus is in Taurus it makes the people born with this placement in love with beauty as well as pleasure seekers. They love beauty in all forms and shapes, and enjoy being surrounded by it.

These people usually have a highly developed sense of beauty and know how to recognize it as well as to create it. These people are often very creative and artistic types.

They are usually talented for different types of art, such as music, painting, photography, etc. They also have a gift of decorating spaces and their houses are usually comfort heavens where these people relax and enjoy the beauty of their own space.

These people, both women and men usually possess great physical beauty, but they often have issues with their weight because they love indulging in food which they consider one of the pleasures of life.

Speaking about the pleasures of life and enjoying in them, Venus in Taurus people know how to please themselves and often cause people’s jealousy for not being able to enjoy and relax as much as these people can.

One of the issues they often struggle with is their weight. They love food and often overindulge in food, which causes weight gain and often obesity. They should learn to control their urges and adopt healthy eating habits.

People with Venus in Taurus are often very romantic and they long for a fairy tale romantic story to happen in their lives. They are very emotional and need a partner to be the same. These people are down to earth and realistic and they need a partner they can rely on.

This planetary placement often causes people born with it to be jealous and possessive towards their things and people in their lives, especially their partners. These traits are often the cause of a lot of damage to their love lives because they often suffocate their partners with questions and their doubts.

Not a lot of people has the need to merge their life with their partner’s and become one, and that is something these people need to learn and accept if they want to have a satisfying love life.

People with Venus in Taurus are very tactile and sensual.

They enjoy physical intimacy and are usually very good at pleasing their partners. They also require their partners to return the same way. They need a lot of emotional confirmation and expressions of love from their partners.

When they don’t receive that they begin feeling insecure and unloved and that is when often their questions and accusations begin. They appreciate small tokens of love and proofs of your attention. They need tenderness and physical touch to feel loved.

These people usually have a traditional outlook on relationships and prefer partners with similar views.

They like to take their time to get to know their partner before becoming seriously involved. They don’t like changes and usually have a monogamous nature. They are not types of people ready for casual dating and prefer long term commitments and marriage.

Their marriages are usually balanced and lasting, providing they manage to suppress their jealous nature and possessiveness; their stubbornness and inability to back off often gets in the way too.

These people don’t make compromises easily, and one thing they need to learn, especially in relationships: to be more flexible.

Venus in Taurus people know how to please themselves, but they are excellent in pleasing the people they care about. They are nurturing and caring types. These people have a gift to make you feel comfortable and they do it with such ease.

They know how to recognize quality, whether it is people or things. They love luxury money can buy and often manage to obtain it. They love material possessions and enjoy acquiring them.

These people prefer to have food, clothes, furniture, cars, etc. of the best quality, and they need to be beautiful as well. They are also very practical.

Usually, people with Venus in Taurus dress nice and have an admirable personal style. They have good taste in clothing, but also a gift to make the most of their physical charms. These people are very charming and make a pleasant company.

People born with Venus in Taurus don’t like to spend money on worthless things. They also don’t spend it lavishly. They are not generous either, and pay attention to their spending.

They rather save than spend money and make good investments for their future. They love buying beautiful art objects and decorative pieces for their home. They need to feel the security their possessions provide for them. they also don’t like people who are spendthrifts.

They are not cheapskates either and allow themselves sometimes to enjoy in spending on their hedonistic pleasures.


People born with Venus in Taurus are romantic and desire a fairy tale romance in their lives.

They are often very possessive and jealous and that causes problems in their love life; these are the main traits they should work on getting rid of.

These people usually have a beautiful appearance, but often have issues with their weight.

They love to indulge in life pleasures.

They also love quality stuff, and the luxury money can provide.

These people are usually artistically gifted and creative. They are beauty lovers and know how to create it in their lives. Their homes are beautifully decorated and are places of comfort and relaxation for these people and the people they feel comfortable having in their home.

They are usually well-dressed and stylish and people often copy their style.

They are reluctant to change and often have problems because of their stubbornness and inability to make compromises.

They are sensual and enjoy physical intimacy, but they require a lot of tenderness and love expressions from their partners.

They usually have a monogamous nature, and prefer committed relationships which last. They usually aren’t the hook-up types.