Venus in Scorpio

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Astrology is present in modern day, but it has taken forms of expression very different from those of the ancient era. This intriguing and enchanting ‘science of stars’ comes from far past. Astrology we know today, meaning Western astrology, is heritage of the ancients.

However, modern world imposes some forms and schemes that change the essential criteria of values, important for proper understanding and knowing of astrological norms and the discipline’s core meanings.

In modern day, we consume astrology through many channels; not all of them are of the same importance and value. In fact, some could be wrong. Astrology is present in all kinds of media and, kind of, ultimately available to everyone.

However, it takes a lot of time and dedication to learn about astrology and to apply it in practice. To begin with, you have to make distinctions between some basic astrological terms.

Astrological information anyone can read daily are general horoscopes. They come in form of few passages you can read in a daily newspaper, for example, virtual or physical. General horoscope encircles basic info about zodiac (solar) sign for that day. Obviously, it cannot tell much about your personal experience or predict your actual day.

Very basic information and predictions about each one of zodiac signs are usually delivered on a yearly, monthly and/or daily level. Such prognoses could be intriguing, but they are too general, if you are really interested in what stars have to offer to you individually.

Therefore, we come to personal horoscopes or birth charts, which fall under the category of natal astrology.

Birth charts are abundant in meanings and these can be useful guidelines for life. Horoscopes represent frozen images of sky, at the time an individual was born. Symbolically speaking, it is an identification card, written upon a starry map. According to astrology, stars, constellations, planets and else affect people’s destinies.

There must be some truth in that, since we very well know that cosmos definitely affects our home planet.

Natal or life horoscope is a concrete astrological image of one person; it potentially represents the complete lifeline of an individual. Do not let us confuse you – personal horoscope does not tell about what will happen, but what could happen. Birth charts tell about your capacities and potentials. They explain your personality traits, your whole astrological profile and tell you about your opportunities.

Many people think horoscope gives firm, concrete, ‘written in stone’ answers, but they do not. However, the position of planets and all aspects in one’s birth chart create a specific, unique complex of traits and characteristic of a person and intertwine it with courses of events on a much bigger plan.

It is greatly up to you how you will use opportunities life offers and potentials you bear within.

Venus and Horoscope

Astrologers say planets affect our lives and that is for sure. Some official disciplines would definitely agree on the idea of planets and stars affecting overall life on Earth. Astrology, however, claims the position of planets define a person’s character and temperament.

It also claims planets affect the course of your destiny, to certain degree. Since old times, planets have been believed to affect people’s lives.

In time of the birth of astrology, there were fewer planets known; only visible planets were accepted, to say so. Western astrology is about known planets of our system, including the Sun and the Moon.

They are not planets, in physical terms; however, astrology enlists them too. Therefore, we have five personal planets and they are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

These planets move faster than the rest and they define someone’s personality profile. Their position in a birth chart answer questions about the way you are going to deal with certain areas of life, the essential ones.

Venus is particularly an important factor in a person’s birth chart. It answers the questions of love, beauty and material wealth.

These are extremely important matters, you agree. Venus is a bright planet, second to Sun, after Mercury. In astrological terms, it rules the signs of Libra and Taurus. Venus in a birth chart defines your understanding of love and beauty.

Depending on its position in a birth chart, a person would feel and express love in a particular way.

The sense of beauty is also defined by Venus. Venus is also the planet of abundance, prosperity and wealth, so it is important to know where it stands in your horoscope and what are your potentials regarding this very important area of life.

Venus inspires romance, art and kindness. It promotes harmony, balance and peace. Venus is also the planet of sensual pleasures and fertility.

Venus defines your comprehension of what is beauty, what is beautiful. Beauty is one of essential inspirational forces in humans. Ancient Greeks claimed we have an ‘instinct’ to be attracted to beautiful things; there are many modern day and official disciplines proving Greeks were right.

Venus in your horoscope would determine what you are going to see as beautiful, amongst other things.

Venus in Scorpio – General Info

Mystical, exotic, dark, deeply emotional and dramatic Scorpio combined with beautiful, romantic, pleasure seeking and warm Venus, make a powerful combination that emits incredibly strong romantic energy one cannot easily find words to describe.

Venus in Scorpio is ready to do everything for love. People with this aspect breathe love, they live for love and they see to find it in the darkest of corners.

Venus in Scorpio is dramatic, turbulent and unsteady, with lots of ups and downs. People with this aspect find it hard to keep an emotional golden balance; they are either euphoric or depressed and it always has to do with their extremely strong emotions of love.

This aspect embodies the saying about the thin line between love and hate and that between true happiness and utmost despair.

Venus in Scorpio is kind of in exile; this is not a familiar ground for this planet. Strangely, because both have to do with passion and love. However, the energy of bright Venus is different from that of dark Scorpio.

The problem is, when in Scorpio, Venus cannot adequately express the gentle, delicate and light threads of romantic feeling.

It describes a person who has no need for soft, calm and tender love, but passionate, dramatic and explosive one. People with Venus in Scorpio want to be consumed by the emotion of love, even if it brings pain and suffering.

They are inclined towards extremes and find it hard to stay in the middle. Venus in Scorpio is forced to act by the orders of this powerful sign.

This is a combination of contrasts. Venus is the brightest star observed from Earth, while Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio along with Mars, is the furthermost and the darkest planet. Venus is light and warmth, Scorpio is darkness.

With their obsession with passion in love, people with Venus in Scorpio try to complement the tenderness and lightness of Venus, which is restricted by Scorpio energy.

People with Venus in Scorpio are incredibly charismatic, magnetic and physical. In terms of physical side of love, Venus in Scorpio is an incredibly positive match. These people are known to be amazing lovers.

It also has to do with their deep emotional side, which also comes from Scorpio.

Emotional deepness combined with peculiar sense of love make them devoted, dedicated partners who see no one else but their partner.

Good Traits

People with Venus in Scorpio are some of the most intriguing individuals, in astrological terms. Regardless of their other aspects, Venus in Scorpio is a powerful combination that has to show up in their personality. They are passionate, courageous and vigilant people.

Love is what they live for and this love is fiery, passionate, it gives wings to their desires.

They are loyal and dedicated people, in love, just as in other areas of life. They are self-confident and they believe they do the right thing. They are not malevolent and playing games of deceit and trickery is not their style; Scorpio is known to be dark, but the darkness is never meant to hurt anyone else.

Venus in Scorpio brings some light in their personal darkness.

Venus Scorpio people always do what they like. You cannot persuade them work for you, if it is not something of their taste, regardless of how much money you would offer. They are intuitive lovers; love is in every pore of their being, so they do things they love, exclusively.

Venus Scorpio are commonly interested in unconventional hobbies.

They are original and passionate about everything they do. In love, you could hardly find more devoted and loyal lover. Needles to say, they are experts in the art of physical love.

Venus Scorpio people are honorable, confident and reliable people.

Although sometimes controversial and strange, you should never doubt their candor and loyalty.

Bad Traits

Bad traits of having Venus in Scorpio are all of the extremes typical for this aspect. People with Venus in Scorpio tend to overreact to anything regarding love life, but also in other areas of life. It is because they struggle to find the balance we have previously mentioned.

Calm, warm Venus fights restless, impatient and dramatic Scorpio.

When these cannot find any common tongue, people with this aspect are in a burning inner conflict. Their bad side is being too subjective, as well.

They are often deprived of any sense of objective thinking and tend to see everything too personally. They let minor problems distress them to a great degree.

They are emotionally extremely vulnerable, while, at the same time, they have a lot of energy and courage to fight on. The problem is they always fight and they see no way of making peace within themselves. They tend to be overly self-focused.

They could also become extremely possessive of people they hold dear, not only their partner, but also friends or someone else. In these terms, they could be called selfish. They do not want to share someone with anyone else, which could be quite exhausting for the other part.

Venus in Scorpio often fail even to think about how the other one actually feels, presuming they know for certain how they stand.

Venus in Scorpio Man

Venus Scorpio man is not afraid of expressing his emotions to someone he finds reliable. He appears strong and very self-confident, which he is. Venus Scorpio man knows to whom he can open up his heart. He is tactful and organized in life. His passions are his driving force.

Just as all people with Venus in Scorpio, he is all made of desires and he sees to fulfill them.

Venus in Scorpio man could be dramatic and make him do amazing, yet foolish things, in order to impress the woman he is in love with. He is daring, exotic and in need for adventure.

He is a passionate romantic. Venus Scorpio man, however, finds many channels for his enormous loving potential.

He is not solely focused on a fiery and breathtaking relationship, although he never stops dreaming about that. Sometimes, he is satisfied with only physical aspects of love. He is capable of finding other channels to let his passion express itself and it is usually through some exotic hobby or the job he loves.

Venus in Scorpio Woman

Venus Scorpio woman is passionate, enormously charismatic and daring persona. She is sensual and extravagant, versatile and incredibly creative person. Venus Scorpio woman also is capable of finding numerous channels to express her passion, her deep emotions and, above all, her sense of love and beauty.

She is flexible and self-confident person who values her freedoms. She needs her space and she is, perhaps, more capable of finding balance between her desires and her reason than her male counterpart.

However, she also dreams about passionate, consuming, everlasting love, which is not easy to find.

Venus Scorpio woman is dedicated and fully devoted in love.

She would make sure the one she is interested in knew that she is. She is very bold when it comes to matters of love, so do not be surprised if she approaches you first. She is appears mystique, while she is direct; she is an elegant, magnetically beautiful lady.


Venus in Scorpio makes a fountain of emotions. This combination is difficult as it is inspiring. Venus in Scorpio does not feel comfortable, so it is always alert. This makes Venus Scorpio people restless and tense, but that is how they function.

Others cannot understand all the drama surrounding these individuals who despise mediocrity, even when it comes to emotional well-being.

They feel in extremes and there is not much help to it.

They are passionate about everything they do, which make them achieve great things in life. They respect themselves and would never do things they do not like; in fact, they are very exclusive.

People with Venus in Scorpio would only do things they are in love with and that they are passionate about.