Sun Square Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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The man with the Sun on the AC is a trainer who is ready to cope with any predators. The woman with the Sun in the first house is bright, spectacular, by which they do not pass indifferently.

Such people are not indifferent, they are either loved or hated.

It is very important for them to maintain a balance with the seventh house and be able to listen to others, because they understand and accept themselves well.

They usually have no problems with self-esteem, unless it is overestimated.

Such individuals are able to remain in a state of constant optimism, with a harmonious Sun they do not want to think about bad things. They quickly console themselves, forget sorrows and forgive offenses.

Sun – Meaning and Info

It is very promising to work on the development of your personality and talents.

Best of all, such people are manifested in the professions of actors, teachers or psychologists.

If the Sun is in harmonious aspects, it will show talents and abilities in those areas of the horoscope with which it interacts.

Particular attention should be paid to the house in the natal chart, which is ruled by the Sun. The affairs of this house will be extremely important to the cardholder.

This position of the Sun is observed in those who were born exactly at sunrise. Only the first rays of the Sun lit up the horizon, and you appeared in the world! Just as the Sun illuminated nature in the first minutes of its appearance, so the native wastes warmth and energy around him. In this case, the ascending sign will correspond to the sun.

Those before us will appear the pure Leo, or “double” Leo. Because he will appear as a solar Leo and an ascendant too. If the Sun is in Capricorn, then we have a typical specimen of pure Capricorn, etc.

The sun represents the essence of man, is responsible for the process of mastering his place in life. It testifies to how individuality will develop, and what path you have to go. Sun events are events that concern you personally.

Therefore, the Sun in conjunction with the Ascendant speaks, first of all, about how to live in harmony with oneself. Because, if you do not learn this, then, in the end, you will have to admit your defeat in life. And this, for people with the Sun on the Ascendant, is extremely destructive.

Such a person actively demonstrates his talents, and is not ashamed to admit them. He sincerely believes that he deserves to be in the spotlight. It is easy for him to be himself. Others interest him much less than his own person. He just doesn’t have time to deal with external factors.

The astral chart is divided into 12 Houses, which constitute the “where” of Astrology, that is, the different spheres of life where the planetary energies act. The Houses are influenced by the sign at the top (the line that separates the signs and the Houses from each other), and by the planets located inside.

The Aspects are drawn on the birth chart as lines, connecting the planets “in aspect”, that is, the planets that “observe” each other from their positions on the chart. Aspects are divided into groups: positive, negative, and weak or less (as opposed to powerful / strong or greater).

The Angles, closely related to the Aspects, function as “frames” that guide the way. They correspond to the four points that form a cross within the birth chart: Ascendant, Descending, Midheaven and Background of Heaven.

These four points correspond to the line that goes from House 1 to House 7, and from House 4 to House 10, respectively. The planets positioned in these Houses are the ones with the most force in their birth chart. They form the basis of your astral personality.

The subsequent division of these quadrants into three parts creates the cusps of the inner Houses and the twelve Houses.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

Why, when there is “I”! Others may consider such a person to be an obsessive egoist, but there is, indeed, a strong personality. Once the native wants something, and nothing can stop him. By the way, due to the fact that a person realizes the importance of his person, his plans are creative! He does not pay attention to the opinions of others, therefore, most often he is successful.

It is necessary to look at which houses the Sun rules in the natal chart, because these spheres will be very important for the native. These people do not betray their beliefs, they are always what they really are. They will not pretend and change to please someone, but they will stand their ground.

The sun in the first house of natal shows that the main task of life is to develop your own talents and abilities, to which you will put efforts. Moreover, often the solution to this problem is the work of the native himself. Because the stars may not provide him with teachers or mentors, whom he recognizes.

Most of the people around you immediately understand that there is a king in front of them. Proud, self-righteous, ready to give and execute. This is a hero who can only be confused by some unusual situation or an even more non-standard person. The holy faith that you are the best will remain in you until old age.

The disadvantages of such a standing of the Sun can carry selfishness, bragging, snobbery. Sometimes there is laziness, self-deception and a passive attitude to what is happening. But you must always remember that with such a standing of the Sun you can achieve everything, no matter what you do!

At our trainings, special classes are held to determine the value of the Sun on the AC and it is in your horoscope.

The square is a 90-degree aspect that was traditionally considered “malefic”, later it was interpreted as inharmonious and, a little more here, as dynamic.

All this is not very important, since it is normal that with the passage of time and the evolution of societies, we find more current terms to address old concepts. Already Crowley in the early twentieth century warned that the “maleficent” classification was outdated and therefore unreliable.

But that “malefic” origin is also seen on Mars, the planet that best represents its nature by analogy. We say that the square is martial because it confronts, tenses, fights, dislocates, energizes. Therefore, it must always be borne in mind that where there are squares, there is energy.

Sun Square Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The squares are usually drawn in the natal chart with red, like the oppositions, denoting aggressiveness, strength, hardness. Remember that red is the color of Mars. The square is the geometric figure of the square in the circle of the celestial vault, hence its lack of harmony. In many ancient astrology writings we find expressions such as “having one star square to another.”

Beyond the planets involved, the orbs, the signs and the houses (elements that when combined in each natal chart give a different result), we can define three types of squares that are well differentiated in their essence.

They take this number from the 3 quadruplicates (or modalities): cardinal, fixed and mutable. However, within the same group, there are squares in which the signs represent more related energies, for example in the case of a planet that governs both by domicile and exaltation.

The cardinal square operates between Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. People born with these squares have a lot of potential to start things, since the signs involved are pioneers and provide leadership, strength, action.

They incline to ambition, passions and competition. Because they are signs related to the angles of the natal chart, they have a great flow of energy that, well channeled, facilitates the achievement of objectives.

This type of square contrasts two energies that are governed by different planets (which are also not related to each other, Mars and the Moon). Therefore, it is not so easy to find “a key” to solve it. Aries is independent, energetic, courageous, reckless, and wild. Cancer almost the exact opposite: dependent, emotional, far-sighted, cautious, domestic.

The challenge and tension also extend to more specific areas: for example, Aries tends to love conquest, Cancer to family life. This square has an analogy with the Moon / Mars contact, so that it favors impulsivity and emotional, family, or home conflicts often appear.

It is also seen in many natal charts of famous athletes, since Mars represents competition and the Moon, fame (especially Mars in Cancer, as for example in the birth chart of Lionel Messi, squaring Jupiter in Aries).

Here the planet that acts in common is Mars, by domicile and exaltation. Therefore, the analysis will depend a lot on the state of Mars in the natal chart.

The person with these signs is ambitious, will transmit strong leadership, will possess martial attitude, traits and character. He will influence others, he will try to dominate, always compete.

If there is more earth than fire, and especially Mars in this element, he will pursue material, economic, social status achievements. In the case of predominant fire, energy, resistance and initiative will prevail, but constancy may be lacking in the long term.

Therefore, a good combination between these two signs signals a powerful martial square. This is the case of Lady Gaga, Marlon Brando and David Tennant, born with the Sun in Aries and Mars in Capricorn.

Between these two signs we do not find a common planet. However, Venus and the Moon, two of its rulers, are not antagonistic. This inclines to a rather peaceful, receptive nature, since it is about two planets associated with female figures (the mother, the wife, the lover, etc.).

People who meet these two signs are not very direct or very determined, rather it is difficult for them to impose themselves in many aspects, since their main interests lie in the emotional world, be it their domestic life (Moon) or love (Venus).

The tension can be seen between these two poles (family vs. conjugal) or it can also manifest itself as an inclination towards certain laziness, inaction, or lack of will.

At its most creative level, this combination is held by various artists, since Venus corresponds to art and the Moon, as we said, to fame and the public.

This is the case of Proust, who had Mars in Libra square to a stellium in Cancer.

Also Bryan Ferry, with Mars in Cancer squaring a stellium in Libra.

Saturnine, since Saturn is domiciled in one sign and is exalted in the other.

Therefore, it largely depends on the state of the planet in the natal chart. Saturnine characteristics correspond to law, authority, politics, ambition, government, planning.

People with a lot of energy put into these signs have a very rigid and structured nature.

If other factors accompany, they have a high concept of rules, equality and justice.

Therefore, they are usually harsh in judging others, but also themselves.


The energy of the square opposes the most abstract and ideal plane of Libra with the pragmatic and often crude realism of Capricorn. There may be conflicts between authority (Capricorn) and law (Libra).

A display of great energy linked to negotiations, agreements, treaties and diplomacy that is why we see it in many politicians and leaders with rigor of character.

Such is the case of the so-called iron lady, Margaret Thatcher, with Sun in Libra square Jupiter in Capricorn. Also the cases of Hitler and Stalin. In all three, in addition, Saturn dominates in the natal chart.