Virgo in 4th House – Meaning and Info

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Virgo belongs to the earth signs of the horoscope. It is the most careful sign of the horoscope that always pays attention to the smallest details and carefully analyzes all the details before making any decision.

Withdrawn and restrained, they never have the main say in society.

Members of this sign are intelligent, critical and adaptable, and what they lack is intuition, imagination and self-confidence.

Virgo – Meaning and Info

They leave nothing to chance. They are very gentle, but often much closed to the outside world, so they act distant and cold. Virgos are very intelligent people who have excellent memory and analytical mind.

Diligent and responsible are excellent at problem solving, organization, as well as working with the mind and hands.

At the beginning of any relationship Virgos are very careful and restrained, it takes some time to relax and show feelings. They are reluctant to talk about love, yet it is an area where their rationality hardly prevails.

Virgo’s compatibility with other zodiac signs depends solely on the partner’s ability to give them love and a sense of security so that they can open up and show their soft and vulnerable heart. They will rarely have direct declarations of love, but intimacy will bring them all the beauties of emotional self-expression.

They always choose stable relationships as well as partners who can follow the instructions and conditions they set themselves.

They will rarely have sexual experiences with different people because they have to feel important to someone in order to find complete physical pleasure.

Their changing nature overcomes self-imposed moral limitations and sexual boundaries.

A man born under the sign of Virgo is usually conservative and conventional and restrained in showing feelings, but he likes to flirt. He is looking for honest and calm women who will meet his high criteria.

Imaginative, strong and dynamic women suit him. Though masculine, he will still run away if you scare him with your aggression. He is not an overly passionate or dominant lover nor a big supporter of lasting relationships. He is addicted to his work so this can make him a difficult partner to live with.

His mind also governs his love life, to seduce him it takes a combination of sensual sexuality, intelligence and a positive view of the world.

Once you win his heart, you win him forever, however they prefer to stay single.

Women born under the sign of Virgo are very demanding and picky in choosing a partner. They are looking for partners who will appreciate and respect them. It is because of this aspiration to perfectionism that they often remain unmarried and incapable of strong relationships.

They have a great ability to recognize a lie and in that case it is able to erase a person completely from their life.

Virgos possess a certain sensuality that can only be awakened by a man to whom he has sincere feelings.

Because of his somewhat cold demeanor, he always complicates relationships.

4th House – Meaning and Info

The symbolic image of each Zodiac Sign contains the Secret Information. The symbolic image of the Virgin is one of the most confused.

An attempt to explain the meaning of this phase of life – the zodiacal cycle with the image of a goddess (whether Ceres, Proserpina) or by linking to the peculiarities of the Earth’s natural cycle in the Northern Hemisphere (beginning of autumn) works only on a complete semantic lack of fish.

because it does not give any idea of ​​the Cosmic purpose of all living beings of the Virgo Zodiac Sign on our planet, regardless of the Binding to the cycle of a particular celestial body – in this case, the Sun (the Ninth phase of other celestial bodies of the Solar system will no longer coincide with the onset of autumn and the harvest).

Virgo is a young woman who wears a classic wavy white cloak. The girl is holding several ears of corn in her hands, which symbolize a well-deserved reward for those who work hard and selflessly.

The emblem of the sign of Virgo is a young virgin holding ears of corn in her hands, which symbolize wisdom gained through experience.

Here the Virgo is depicted as a selfless workaholic, empirically gaining wisdom, which in the mass consciousness is “the ability to competently apply knowledge. Big, deep mind based on life experience.

Thus, Virgo is made not just a thinker, but endowed with the most outstanding mental abilities in comparison with all other signs of the Zodiac. Is it so?

Other authors portray Virgo as an expert in choosing between GOOD and EVIL, which implies a clear, definite and unambiguous understanding of these main moral concepts:

The symbol here is Virgo, on one side of which there is an angel (on the left hand), and on the other – the devil (on the right hand). This image is associated with the human soul, which must make a choice between good and evil.

Of course, in the Judeo-Christian era of Pisces the biblical consciousness of astrologers could not do without the corresponding associations from the so-called books of books – the spiritual constitution of the past era of totalitarian lies and general.

Virgo is a sign of the zodiac, which plays an important role in many religions dating back several millennia. So, in Christianity, the Virgin was the personification of the Virgin Mary and the Virgin.

It is this comparison that is credited with the modern symbolism of this zodiac sign, which is an abbreviation for the Latin Maria Virgo.

The designation Virgo is also attributed to the Greek word “virgin”, the first three letters of which resemble the symbol of this sign.

The constellation Virgo is also associated with Eve, the first woman on Earth. That is why this constellation is associated with life in paradise and the first sin of mankind. Eve had to take the penalty for her sin, it was she who became the progenitor of all mankind. ”

Well, modern astrologers have brought this theme of the interweaving of chaste, holy virginity (Mary) and fallen sinfulness (Eve) to a logically absurd final conclusion:

“The sign of Virgo represents virginity and innocence. Although it is worth taking into account the fact that every medal has two sides, and therefore the representatives of the Virgo zodiac sign are mostly not virgins. ”

It is also important for understanding the archeological image of the Virgin what EXACTLY the ears she holds in her hands, and this sacred meaning is revealed only in one single – the great and powerful, free and truthful Russian language (from the disclosure of this question, a little-known fact can become clear.

The main properties of the EARTH as such are fixity, clarity, and uniqueness. The earth fixes, gives shape (to thoughts, feelings and bodies).

The specificity of the substance of the Astral suggests that the astral person should not be engaged in global attitudes

Virgo in 4th House – Meaning and Info

It also represents relationships at the family level and tells us about childhood, roots, origins and family traditions. It is an area of ​​life where we feel “safe” and intimate, an environment to which we belong and to which we feel connected.

It is the house of Cancer, where what was learned in childhood resides unconsciously. House IV has a symbolic relationship with the zodiac sign of Cancer.

In the scenario of worldly events, it is a kind of alpha omega of life, since this area of ​​the personal sky represents the place where one was born, the origin, the cradle and at the same time it tells us about the individual’s old age, the last period of life and the grave.

This House is a water-cardinal area where the first affections are expressed, the first feelings of pleasure and abandonment, the affective charges received in childhood.

This is a receptive-sentimental place, which marks the emotional structure of the person and leaves a deep mark on the different ways of manifesting the biological instincts, the unconscious, and the type of impersonal behavior situated above the individual.

In this area of ​​the personal sky you can see the type of parents or caregivers, those who were by our side, in the first four years of life, those who emotionally carried us and fed us, sometimes it is the mother and other times it may be the parent or other people. Here is the person who marked us a pattern of conduct that we will later try to impose.

In this place you can see the way we were treated during childhood and the environment that surrounded us; the family archetype, the image of the ancestors, previously configured to all experience; what the child has in himself, which evokes the presence of the generating couple.

Women born under the sign of Virgo are very demanding and picky in choosing a partner. They are looking for partners who will appreciate and respect them.

It is because of this aspiration to perfectionism that they often remain unmarried and incapable of strong relationships.


This House is related to the place where you are born and where you usually reside, relationships with the home environment, our position as a member of the family and the attitude towards parents.

House IV has to do with real estate, real estate, heritage, and housing and by reflex with the family business. This place of the natal theme creates a pattern or a model of home that the subject will try to imitate, so here you can see the type of house or dwelling towards which it will tend and especially the kitchen.

The planets located here or the rulers of the signs will tell us about the preferences when choosing a place to live.