Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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You have definitely heard about horoscope, astrology and zodiac for hundreds of times. Do you actually know what these terms are about and what is their meaning?

Astrology is, simply put, the science of stars. More recently, it is claimed as a pseudoscience, but once upon a time it was a part of astronomy. In older days, these two were seen as one discipline. Zodiac is something else and it is very important to astrologers.

Zodiac, literally translated as the ‘animal circle’, from a Greek word, represents an imaginary belt or a ring area of the sky. It consists of thirteen constellations, which we know as signs of zodiac.

Traditionally, only twelve of these are in use in astrology. The constellation of Ophiuchus is excluded from traditional Western astrology. Zodiac was known far back into past.

In ancient times, zodiac and zodiac signs have served primarily for determining of a calendar, while later on, they were used for making horoscopes, fortunetelling and all sorts of divination.

Horoscope or birth chart is a sort of diagram that is used in astrology as the most important tool. It is basically a graphic scheme of planets’ position at the time of a person’s birth or an important event.

By analyzing your horoscope, an astrologer could tell what awaits you in future, in any area of your life. Some experts claim horoscopes could be determined for animals, plants, even objects.

There are several types of horoscopes. What you would probably like to know, since you are here, is what about the compatibility of horoscopes? Is the person you like the right one or not? Astrology could help with that and give you some guidelines.

Birth charts hide all information about your life, at least, astrologers would claim so.

However, it takes a lot of expertise to interpret it correctly and, of course, your opinion and what you feel matters a lot. If you want to know something about a relationship with another person, your birth charts could be compared and they could show if you two are a dream couple.

Let us stick with the basics, before you go into further ‘investigation’. We do not have your birth chart and that of your potential love, but we know about zodiac signs.

They are all compatible to certain degree; do not be fooled by those who say, for example, Virgo and Aquarius do not fit. Let us see how much truth is in such an exclamation! We will try to find out if Virgo man and Aquarius woman have potential for a happy relationship.

Virgo Man

Virgo is an interesting man, by all means, although he could appear reserved and distant from people, even in a larger group. Virgo is not particularly shy, but he does not like to be bothered with what he sees as nonsense.

To Virgo, everything should make sense and have a purpuse. Virgo man has a strong sense of duty and he would do much to help others, his closest ones in the first place, yes, but he also has a vision of imroving the whole world.

He has a sense of purpose, as well. If he loses it, he could fall into a very depressive mood. However, Virgos are creative and possess a both inventive and practical mind; they are likel yto come up with an idea that would make their disappointments less. Virgo knows he has weaknessess, but god forbid others to see them.

He is obssesed with making a good impression, that of a decent, tidy and well-educated man. He could be very offensive and easily irritaed.

What annoys Virgo man the most, is any sort of mess, lack of organizaton, chaos and uncleanliness. He simply cannot stand it and fails to understand anyone whose life is not at least as 80% organized as his own is. He always tries to put everything in order, which could be very annoying for other people, because he believes he knows what is the best for them.

Virgo man is intelligent, diligent and dedicated to work. He sees great motivation in it; his workd serves to provide the best for himself and his loved ones. He also sees as as an obligation, but it is not frustrating or burdening for a Virgo. They think in terms of duty, honesty, morality and organozation.

Virgo man could be a righteous and just boss or leader and obedient and cooperative worker. If he is not the one in charge, Virgo is, you can bet on it, the employee of the year.

This man is interested in everything that has to do with phyical fitness, health and good appearance. He cares about himself a lot, maybe even more than a stereotypical woman. He could spend hours in his bathroom, making sure his beard is perfectly shaved or so. He has a good taste in fashion, no matter of his personal style. Others are usually fascinated by his appearance. Virgo always looks fresh and youthful.

Social life a a Virgo is not particularly rich. He is a type of person whose presence brings tension. Virgo is judging and criticizing person, which is hard to deal with.

He does not mind it that much, because he prefers talking to people of same interests and goals in life. He is not adventurous, although he possesses a strong need to learn new things that could help him become better. Perfection is his primary obssession and he seeks it everywhere.

When it comes to love, Virgo is not very romantic, but he is neither rough or raw, exactlly the opposite. He treats the fairier sex with respect and acts like a true gentlemen. He would bring you roses and take you to see a theatre performance or something like that. He is stylished and good manner.

Virgo man belives in conventionality and traditional values, such as marriage and family.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman is truly an inspiring and amazing personality. She is goodhearted and peaceful; her soul is delicate, gracious and full of love for the world. Aquarius woman lives for love, peace and fortunes that have nothing to do with materiality. She is, perhaps, the least materialistic of all representatives of zodiac.

Aquarius woman believes in global peace, there are no barriers for her in any sense. She does not understand the need for hatred and war.

She lives for a higher purpose and would like to help the whole humanity. Aquarius woman cares much about those who lack support and help in life; she also cares about the planet Earth, all the living things here. Aquarius woman does not dream about luxurious mansions, expensive clothes and perfumes that cost a fortune.

Aquarius woman is modest in her material demands, but everything the opposite when it comes to world peace and love.

Aquarius woman is often a person others fail to understand. They realize what she is up to, but see her too idealistic and dragon-chasing. She does not mind and she actually does everything in her power to make her dreams come true.

What is more important, she values every step; Aquarius woman does not take for granted the tiniest piece of light, seen through shadows of heavy rain. She has an incredible sensing and sensitive soul.

There is no person who could put so much love into shy and weak first rays of spring sun or crystal sparkle of gentle and so transient snowflakes. Aquarius woman values, honors and respects everything that the nature has created and tries to live in harmony with it, even an urban, modern, city-born Aquarius.

She is like a summer breeze, light, benevolent, full of understanding and with a big, open heart for everyone.

However, Aquarius woman is not fragile and weak, regardless of how soft and delicate she might appear. She is brave in defending her cause of peace. She deals with everything that comes to her part with courage and an incredible persistence, but injustice on a greater plan is what really hurts her feelings.

She is a great philanthropist and humanitarian and she would always stand for those who cannot defend themselves from injustices of the world.

When it comes to social relations and love, Aquarius woman is open hearted, friendly, charismatic and intriguingly inspiring to others. She dreams of a fairytale love and it takes time for her to commit her love to someone. Aquarius woman is imaginative, although she is very down to earth, at the same time.

She is capable of rationalizing her every emotion, because she lives by them.

If you want to impress an Aquarius woman, you have to share at least some of her ideas about the world and personal goals in life. Communication is very important to her, so, if you two have not much to talk about and exchange opinions, she will not be that interested.

Independence is what she values very much, so she needs a man who can stand for himself and, at the same time, be there for her.

Love Compatibility

Well, to be honest, those who have said Virgo and Aquarius are not particularly a promising match, they were right. However, there is a potential for these two to somehow find a common tongue and have a pleasant time together, although this connection usually does not lead to a marriage. Let us not be too hasty.

Virgo man and Aquarius woman are a strange combination of people with different temperaments. However, there are values and interests they could share, which is very important. They are Earth and Air, which is never a harmonious match.

There are great differences between these two, but there are similarities that could make their connection interesting, at least in the beginning.

Both are intellectual and have a vision of a higher purpose in life. Both would like to change the world, only Aquarius woman dreams about the world of peace and liberty and Vi8rgo man of a perfectly organized, disciplined realm. One intrigue, challenge and inspire the other.

They have many themes to talk on, such as science, philosophy, art, social reform and so on. Virgo man is analytical and talented for details, Aquarius woman is imaginative and inventive, so they really see something in one another. Their relationship could turn from admiration to hatred, if their attitudes about big questions are diametrically opposite. This is a dangerous ground.

Their sex life is usually quite pleasant and satisfying for both. Neither of them invests many emotions into this particular erotic connection, so it does not last long and it is not enough to keep them together, if there are other problems. It happens that they get tired of one another, that they drain the energy of one another, instead of driving it. All of that leads to a breakup.

Differences in temperament could also make problems. Wandering Aquarius and her liberal attitude could be in great contrast with conservative Virgo’s stances. It all depends on particular people.

If these tendencies are moderate, they could very well find a compromise and learn one from another. If not, there will be drama. We could say they have about fifty-fifty chances to have a decent relationship or turn into enemies.

Marriage Compatibility

Just as with the relationship, this is not a stable combination. While they could be initially attracted to one another’s intellect in the first place and they enjoy being together, they soon discover how exhausting it could be.

There are Virgo man and Aquarius woman couples capable of finding compromises and accepting that their relationship is not going to be perfect. However, unfortunately, it usually does not last long.

Married couples of a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman are rare, but possible, of course. If they are married, it means these two have really overcame their differences to the point they are ready to live together and share much more than a double love seat at the cinema.

This means they have found mutual goals in life, stronger than all their differences. In that case, they could be considered a lucky couple.


Virgo man and Aquarius woman are not known to be good friends, because their initially inspiring conversation would soon turn to fiery debates, in which each one stubbornly defends his or hers attitudes and opinions.

They would not give up their causes; both are intelligent and can offer proper arguments.

Cool Facts

There are several examples of Virgo man/Aquarius woman celebrity couples and here we mention some very popular ones: Richard Gere and Carey Lowell, Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow, Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, Scott and Sarah Palin.


Virgo man and Aquarius woman are about only 30% compatible. Nevertheless, it does not mean they cannot build up a fine and enjoyable relationship.

Do not be discouraged, there are many aspects in your personal horoscopes that could put a different light here and raise percentage.

This stands for an ideal typical Virgo man and an ideal typical Aquarius woman.