Virgo Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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The most basic explanation on horoscope is that it is a graphic display of positions of planets at the time of a person’s birth. Such a graphic representation is what we call a birth chart, a natal chart.

An astrologer has to create one, in order to analyze what it has to offer and, thus, tell something more about your destiny. Astrology claims these horoscopes can predict many things in life of an individual. Moreover, it could tell about your personality.

There are astrologers who claim horoscopes could be applied not only to people’s lives, but also on destinies of whole countries, even plants, animals and various objects.

An expert astrologer has to have a lot of knowledge, skill, practice and talent to tell such things. However, when we talk about personalized peoples’ birth charts and predictions of horoscope, it only matters whether you believe it or not.

While graphic display of planetary movement at the time of someone’s birth is undeniably accurate, it greatly depends on both your astrologer and yourself, how will you see it. There are lot of deciding factors on how a natal chart would be interpreted.

Daily horoscopes you stumble upon reading newspapers, basically tell about positions of planets for each zodiac sign that day.

It is interesting to note that each aspect analyzed in a birth chart has its specific nature, energy, even character. Each planet and star vibrates with special energy, which is changeable; it changes depending on specific position and relations with other stars and planets at the time of your birth, if we talk about individual horoscope.

By observing such aspects, an astrologer could even tell when something is about to happen to you.

Many people are eager to know when will they find their true love and get married. They are mostly interested in love compatibility, which is surely an interesting and inspiring part of astrology.

An expert would compare birth charts of two people and see what sort of connection they make, are aspects in their birth charts fitting and so on.

While we do not offer so deeply personalized comparison of individual birth charts, we do offer the first step to learn something more about the future of your relationship. We are about to see how men and women of each zodiac sign fit.

Compatibility of typical representatives of zodiac signs could be a powerful tool and a useful guideline for further, more personalized analyzes and interpretation.

Virgo Man

In this article, we talk about compatibility between a Virgo man and a Leo woman. Here, we present typical Virgos and typical Leos; in personalized birth chart, there would be numerous variations.

However, basic outlines of each character remain. Let us begin with a closer look into our Virgo man’s soul. What is he like and does he fits well with astounding lioness?

Virgo man is definitely one of the neatest representatives of zodiac. He thinks high of himself and he takes care about himself with almost annoying dedication. He invests into his looks, his physical condition and his health. Appearance is very important to any Virgo man; his style if classy, never overdone, could be either old-fashioned good looking or eccentric and flashy.

No matter of an individual Virgo man’s taste, rest assured everything on him has just been washed; it is properly ironed and polished in every single sense.

He is obsessed with looking youthful and maintaining his body in perfect shape, Virgo man could spend hours in bathroom and he probably follows some special diet and training regime. He enjoys it all. Virgo man loves to be in trend or he is totally classy; no matter of personal choice, he is not a spendthrift. Virgo man loves well-chosen pleasures and has an acquired taste for luxurious things. However, he also enjoys small wanders of everyday life.

He is a natural hedonist. Virgo man will passionately enjoy either an expensive sundae at a prestigious gelateria or an ice cream cone, bought just around the corner, on street. He is motivated by the idea of pleasing himself and making his life comfortable. He likes to have things well planned and organized; he will allow himself occasional non-planned pleasures, but he has control over everything. He is responsible, intelligent and creative.

Virgo man has an eye for aesthetics. He is fit and in perfect shape, but sports are generally not what he is interested in. he loves art and all sorts of creative jobs. He does care about money and would never accept a position at which his effort and talent are wasted and not valued enough.

That said, we have to mention he is demanding and his standards are high, especially when it comes to this. He expects to be respected.

Virgo man might appear cold, but he does care about well being of others. In fact, he commonly sees it as a some sort of mission. He believes he has a higher purpose in life; he would like to achieve something for the humanity. For example, he could become a praised and respected doctor, a scientist, humanitarian. He is courageous, brave and very calm and patient in his goals.

He is systematic, efficient and thorough in everything he does. When it comes to social relations, Virgo man is always the voice of reason in a larger group. He would easily impose his opinion and reassure everyone that he is the one perfectly capable of putting things in order. He could be arrogant, but not as easily offensive as a Virgo woman could.

In love, he is demanding. He could be obsessive and possessive, not to mention the jealousy. He is definitely a tough shell to break. You need all sorts of talents to win his heart, but you should never try to be better than him. He is attracted to women who are intelligent, sharp minded, bold and feminine.

He does not enter a relationship easily or in rush, because his standards are quite high and not as easy to fulfill.

Leo Woman

Leo woman is a lioness; her zodiac sign perfectly matches the ‘personality’ of this courageous feline. Leo woman is strong, self-confident, brave and passionate. She does not mind being the centre of attention; in fact, she very much enjoys it. She is less relaxed and calm, compared to Leo man and could be considered fierier.

The best description of her is the queen mother. This woman would do everything for her closest ones.

She does not lack taste in fashion and is attracted by luxurious lifestyle. She would work hard to make her life more than comfortable, but she would spend it without thinking much. She is openhearted and generous. She does not accept any lower position than the one on top of others.

However, she is neither arrogant when in command nor she tries to make others feel less important. That is not her way and she finds it worth of despise.

Leo women believe one is to build up their own destiny. She is a fighter and a guardian. What she has, she shares with those she loves. Leo woman is very passionate and friendly. She is sociable, communicative and talkative, although she mostly talks about herself or those she deems worthy of mentioning, but those are mostly her closest ones.

Leo woman speaks about what she is proud of. Things she does not remain in shadow, but she does not neglect them.

When light go out and the stage emptied, Leo woman deals with things that are difficult, mostly on her own. She would offer help without a second thought, but she would rarely ask others for help. While men adore her, a lioness rarely has many female friends, because they are commonly jealous of her.

She could find it hard to deal it, because she is emotional and she knows she has not done anything bad. People tend to be envious of Leos in general, seeing only their bright side.

Speaking of which, Leo women is an incredibly positive and charismatic personality. She is flashy, recognized from miles around. She emits loads of positive energy and is naturally optimistic. Leo woman goes through hardest of times with smile on her face and she does not act it.

She knows life is full of challenges for her to get over. She has hope for the future and never gives up.

Leo woman wants her man to be strong as she is, but not in greatly better position, for example, regarding career. Here it is interesting to note that a Leo woman would rarely mix profession with love, because she is very competitive and it would be to tense and exhausting.

In that case, a relationship turns to battlefield and competition, not a love game. She is passionate, loyal and completely devoted to her partner. She dreams of a warm, conventional marriage and family.

Love Compatibility

Virgo man and Leo woman have certain things in common and yet, they are so different in temperament. Leo woman is openhearted, warm and passionate; her approach is more person-to-person, she is more compassionate on a close level. Virgo man has grandiose ideas and he is very generous, but on a bigger plan; it could make him reserved and insensitive on an intimate level. It is a very strange combination.

Both Virgo man and Leo woman are hardworking, thorough and meticulous when it comes to work. Both are conventional and traditional type of people. However, Virgo is less likely to organize a house party and provide everything needed, without asking others to invest something, while Leo woman is all about such things.

She spends without calculation, Virgo counts every cent. He is not particularly stingy, but is calculated and Leo’s spending could annoy him.

On the other hand, it seems Leo woman is more flexible when it comes to comfort than Virgo man. He would be the one constantly to grumble over untidiness of their vacation resort or so.

While Leo woman would just grab her fancy bikini and go to a beach bar and have some juicy lemonade, just laying there and looking good. Leo woman is more relaxed when it comes to her appearance, than Virgo man.

It could make them serious problems, because Virgo could start losing his self-esteem, fall into his Leo’s eyes, while Leo would feel helpless and at lose with what to do. They handle such differences badly. Moreover, they are not particularly compatible in bad. However, they do trust one another and are traditional.

Sex is more of a routine for these two and they would extremely rarely cheat on their partner. It is not in their nature.

They could harmonize their differences, because some of those are very useful and compatible. For example, Leo’s natural leadership combines well with Virgo’s impeccable intellect and marvelous ideas.

They could be an extremely good team, if they get over their temperamental differences and learn to accept them the way they are.

Marriage Compatibility

Virgo and Leo could have a harmonious marriage, but only after hard times learning to accept one another and work together, instead of each one keeping to his or hers side.

Fortunately, both Virgo man and Leo woman would like to have a conventional family life.

Neither Virgo nor Leo is too adventurous or experimenting, but they are not boring and dull at all. They would like to have things well settled and determined.


Virgo man and Leo woman would rarely become close friends, but it is not impossible.

They do not understand one another very well, because their different temperaments make them distant.

If they enter a relationship, they would have much time together to really get to know one another. If they are only acquaintances, it is unlikely they would be interested in taking it to a higher level.

Cool Facts

This combination could appear awkward, because this couple would often seem as if partners have swapped stereotypical roles. Virgo would nag about this or that, he would grumble over Leo’s relaxed behavior in situations he sees serious or so.

Leo woman would get dressed in matter of minutes, because she perfectly knows what fits her, while her Virgo would spend hours choosing the best outfit. He deems everything looks good on him, but what looks best?


This relationship could be exciting and interesting, if these two harmonize it at least to a level they do not argue all the time over small things.

If they manage to accept their differences, their relationship will be lively and amusing.

Both could learn much from it, which is very important. Although this does not look like a type of relationship for a lifetime, who knows?