Cancer Sun Pisces Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The first two elements to consider in a natal chart are the bright planets, the Sun and the Moon.

They are the first two of personal planets, revealing much about one’s personality traits, temperament and character.

Combinations of Sun and Moon signs make one a colorful personality.

Today we talk about Cancer Sun Pisces Moon individuals.

Sun Sign

The Sun tells about the strength of a character. It shapes up one’s perception and attitude towards life.

That said, it is important to note that the Sun represents the life as it is. Since the oldest days of civilization, it has been considered a powerful symbol of life.

The Sun was often considered an entity of divine power. Many of deities of ancient mythologies are known as Sun gods.

This planet represents the whole life; it gives all living things on Earth warmth and light needed for growth and development.

In more spiritual and abstract sense, the Sun is an entity of positive energy, something moving, inspiring and beautiful.

It is associated with concepts of glory, success and progress. The Sun also represents generosity, passion, motivation and, above all, creativity.

It supports one’s creative potential. It boosts one’s desire to reach their goals and helps one envision and determine noble goals.

The Sun symbolizes nobility and knighthood, amongst else. In a natal chart, it symbolically represents everything mentioned on a personal level.

The Sun is who you are, the best of you. However, it could manifest badly, if your Sun sign is in wrong aspects.

In that case, all these qualities take their dark form. Bad aspects of Sun signs make one develop ill ambitions, become unscrupulous, vain, jealous and envious of others.

It makes for a narcissistic personality that works only to their own benefit, even if it means hurting others. These are only possibilities. let us turn to one specific Sun sign, the Sun in Cancer.

Sun in Cancer

The Sun in Cancer indicates a personality of great emotional depth. Many would agree on the idea of Cancers as the most emotional and sensitive individuals, which is correct, for the greatest part.

It depends on other elements in one’s birth chart if his or hers delicate Cancer energy would prevail or not.

Cancer people are highly imaginative; many would call them dreamy and romantic.

They are intuitive and (hyper) sensitive. Cancer is the sign governed by the Moon and the Moon is a Water element planet, associated with one’s emotional self. Cancer feels the world, rather than thinking about it.

These people are naturally protective and caring. They live according to principles of love and support, comfort and nurture.

Cancers are of servile nature and they could be very hospitable. They enjoy making others feel good and pleasing them.

This, of course applies the most to people close to them. Cancers, regardless of their rich emotional side, often find difficult to express their true feelings or they are extremely cautious about it.

Cancers are well aware of their emotional vulnerability, so they rather avoid stressful situations than engage with it. They are gentle and reactive. In bad aspects, they are irritable, nervous, anxious and moody.

Remember, the Moon is a changeable planet. It affects Cancers’ emotions to great degree, being this sign’s ruling planet.

Moon Sign

The Moon, the planet that rules the sign of Cancer, represents our emotional and intuitive self. While the Sun is our Ego, the Moon is what lies hidden behind it.

It is also a moving force, but working in a completely different way.

The Moon is associated with the realm of dreams and imagination, with past and memories, fantasies and deeply hidden desires of our soul.

It helps us discover who we are on a different level. It reveals to us our greatest weaknesses, meaning it points out the area in life that makes us particularly sensitive to.

It could also be seen from another angle; it is also the sphere of life that brings us the greatest joy and fulfillment.

The Moon, the planet of change, transformation and adaptability makes us flexible and capable of making changes.

The Moon travels fast throughout the Zodiac, so no wonder it affects our mood. In bad aspects, the Moon makes one irritable, moody, indecisive, anxious, nervous, fearful and so on.

In good aspects, seen as a constitutive element of a birth chart, the Moon helps our emotional energy flows free. It makes us compassionate, sentimental, gentle and caring.

Moon in Pisces

The Moon greatly affects Water element signs. The Moon in Pisces feels natural. Moon Pisces are distinctively sensitive, receptive, intuitive and empathic people.

They are dreamy, imaginative and spiritual individuals.

It is very common that Pisces Moon people are interested in spiritualism, esoteric lore, anything metaphysical and so on. They are even considered clairvoyant and psychic.

With the Moon in Pisces, one’s emotions often prevail over reason.

Actually, we could say these people are guided by their heart and intuition and not by analytical, conscious and rational thinking.

Their intuition is impeccable, for the most part. However, Moon Pisces have great tendency towards idealization and they can easily get lost in their dreamy illusions.

Moon Pisces often appear as being somewhere in between the real world and the realm of dreams and fantasies.

They indeed run from reality, seduced by their own fantastic ideas and rich imagination, but also out of fear of some real things. It happens very subtle and they are often unaware of these transitions.

However, Moon Pisces are very present when something or someone touches their sensitive emotional self. They are deeply empathic people.

Everything that stimulates their emotions strikes them hard, regardless of being positive or negative.

They often have to find an alternative channels for so much emotions. They commonly channel it through spiritual practices or artistic expressions.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Personality

Two of the most emotional and sensitive zodiac signs we have here.

The Sun in Cancer, with the Moon in Pisces, makes for a deeply, overly emotional personality.

These people have delicate senses and are easily touched emotionally.

They are benevolent, very empathic, compassionate, caring and protective people. They possess incredible imagination! They are kind and hospitable people, usually subtle and calm.

With good aspects, all their positive sides come to light. They are emotionally more approachable, having these two signs combined, even if separately Pisces and Cancer tend not to express emotions directly, being more of introverted nature.

These people enjoy exploring mystical themes and everything related to spirituality. They are introspective and mysterious.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon see to isolate themselves from the world, at times. It is so, because their nature is very reactive; they take things to their heart and it could be very exhausting.

Their empathy is that strong that they literally feel others’ pains, so they have to be alone in order to recover and heal, so that they could regain their strength and use it to help and comfort others.

These people are supportive of others, especially on an emotional level. They could be moody, lost in their dreams and visions. They are romantic and idealistic.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon are people of sentimental and melancholic nature.

Perhaps the best description of them is ‘poetic’. They are deeply attached to their family and home.

Good Traits

These deeply compassionate people have qualities of great humanists and protectors.

They feel at their best if they can make the other one feel happy, content and pleased. They have great intuition that tells them what to do.

They are incredibly imaginative and creative. People with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Pisces are probably the most empathic people in the world.

No one could ever offer emotional comfort as they could.

Bad Traits

Hypersensitivity has its bad sides, too. Their attentiveness and need to please everyone could become extremely exhausting.

They want to please and help everyone, even if not asked to or if there is actually no need for that.

It makes people feel as if something is wrong with them or if they look like that, which is definitely unpleasant.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon could be hard to persuade that their help is not always needed.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon in Love and Marriage

These gentle, romantic souls are very passionate and dreamy when it comes to love. They often fantasize about a fairytale love story. They would try to make it happen.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon treats his or hers partner in a very special way; he or she wants their loved one to feel safe, pampered and loved.

They need emotional fulfillment above everything else.

They truly care about their family. Cancer Sun Pisces Moon possess inborn parental instinct. They nurture, care and protect their closest one.

Family and home are a great source of motivation for these caring individuals. They feel their dear ones sorrows and joys and share everything with them.

Best Match for Cancer Sun Pisces Moon

The best match for a Cancer Sun Pisces Moon is someone who is a bit tougher than they are.

They need someone who is guided by reason more than they are, but also a person of rich imagination.

They need someone they could rely on, someone to cuddle up with and fantasize about future.

The best match is someone who understands his or her emotionality, but does not fall for it all the time.


Cancer Sun Pisces Moon people are some of the most emotional in the entire Zodiac. They are romantic, gentle people.

For example, Sun Scorpio Moon Pisces are also emotional, but more dramatic and dark; these people are delicate, hypersensitive, benevolent and servile.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon have strong intuition and rich imagination.

They would never try to do anyone any harm; on the contrary, they are at their best if they can please others and make them feel content and safe.