Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The sun sign in our natal charts represents our rationality and our personality traits that can be perceived by the people from our surroundings. The moon sign, on the other hand, reveals our inner being and our emotional side.

The latter is only known to us and we only share some parts of it with the people we know well.

People with sun in Capricorn and moon in Taurus are very grounded and stable. It is no wonder; both of their main personal planets are in earth signs.

These people are hesitant to take action before taking all the details into consideration.

They can be perceived as slow by air and fire signs, but it is their way to prevent mistakes and ensure the success of their actions, which is often not the case with air and fire signs.

These people can be strict and appear a bit boring because of their rigidity and controlled behavior. They usually don’t allow any surprises and often bother other people with reminders of things to be done in time.

Although other people might consider their behavior a bit smothering, they should actually be grateful for their efforts to make everything running smoothly for everyone.

They are very responsible and organized. These people know their duties and make sure they are performed on time.

They are also hard workers and always put in a maximum of their efforts to get the job done.

They are the ones that other coworkers go to for help and managers delegate the most demanding jobs because no one else is capable of performing them.

They often believe that only through hard work and a lot of efforts a person could strive, advance, and earn more than enough for a satisfying lifestyle, unlike some other signs that always look for an easier if not indirect way to reach their goals.

These people are very dignified and have a high opinion of themselves and their value. They work hard, but demand to be adequately paid for their efforts.

They are usually very honest and straightforward and don’t have a problem saying their opinion to people, as well as asking what they think belongs to them.

In many cases, their talk might appear overly honest and direct, but it is just how they are.

They don’t beat around the bush, and go straight into the middle of things. They also don’t want to waste their time and time of other people, and they usually say in advance what they mean.

They often have a hard time with making compromises because they have rigid beliefs and are reluctant to make any kind of changes. They can be as rigid as refusing to listen to other people’s points of view, which can be far better than theirs.

It takes a lot for these people to adopt a more flexible attitude.

They usually have a hard time to relax and can have a suspicious approach to new things and people.

These people are traditional and respect their family tradition. They often end up continuing the family business, which once their ancestors started.

These people have an eye and taste for quality items. They can spot a fake product from a distance and enjoy having items of good quality. These people know how to enjoy in the pleasures of life and luxury that money can provide.

They also enjoy spending time and money to please their needs and relax.

These people often enjoy going to cosmetic saloons, spas, and other similar places where they can use their hard earned money to do something good for themselves.

These people can be perceived as selfish and self-centered by others, and to some extent that is true for every one of them. The fact is that these people respect themselves and their needs, and they put it before the needs of other people, which, in a way is a proper way for everyone to behave.

If we don’t respect ourselves and our needs, others won’t respect them either.

Only when they attend to their needs, these people turn to the needs of others, and they do a great job in helping them. They need to be satisfied first so they can be useful in helping others feel satisfied.

They love money and financial security. These people don’t like the feeling of not having money somewhere stashed.

One of their main preoccupations in life is to create a solid financial and material base for their future.

They are usually very ambitious and climb slowly up the ladder of success. They often end up in managerial positions or as company directors.

They often opt for a business of their own, where they put in all their efforts to build their own empires. The final reward they have in mind is a lifestyle of comfort and stability.

These people are usually gourmands and love good food. They know how to prepare it as well as enjoying in it.

They might be prone to gaining weight, but Capricorn usually gives them the needed self-control to prevent them from exaggerating in anything they do, and food is one of the things they could be prone to exaggerating.

They are usually health-conscious and watch after their wellbeing, paying attention to the food they consume and doing physical exercises.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Taurus:

– organized, responsible, good looking, passionate, enduring, determined, successful, traditional, self-controlled, health-conscious, monogamous, commitment types, protective, good providers, love comfort, good cooks, good with money, love for quality and comfort, beauty lovers, etc.

Bad Traits

The good traits of Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Taurus:

– rigid, stiff, boring, slow, cold, closed-off, not very sociable, inflexible, reluctant to make changes, stubborn, etc. 

‘Capricorn’ Sun ‘Taurus’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with sun in Capricorn and moon in Taurus have a traditional outlook on relationships and marriage.

These people are very passionate and have strong physical urges, but they usually tend to satisfy them in a monogamous relationship with their partner or spouse.

Although they might be prone to multiple dating and even cheating because of their desire for physical intimacy, when they find the right partner who matches their criteria, they usually change, and become devoted and faithful partner or spouse.

These people are very protective of their loved ones and make sure nothing bad happens to them. They are also good providers who desire to provide the best for their children and family in general.

They enjoy making their loved ones comfortable and they make sure everything is well organized. They usually enjoy cooking, especially for their family members and children.

These people love children, but are often strict when it comes to their upbringing because they desire them to be well-mannered and have a good education.

These people don’t show their emotions easily. They can appear shy and reserved, or even cold. It takes a lot for them to relax and begin showing their true face.

They usually don’t find it easy to approach potential partners because of their natural stiffness; there are, of course, some of them who can be real players, having a lot of potential suitors to choose from, but they usually aren’t like that.

When they find a person they like and consider them a good match, they usually don’t waste much time before committing to them.

These people are not much of adventurers and prefer spending time with their partners doing things which are pleasant for the both, often in their comfort of their home.

They usually aren’t very sociable and prefer being alone with their partners rather than going out with their mutual friends.

They usually have a calming nature and love to live in harmonious surroundings.

It takes a lot for them to get angry, but when provoked strongly enough, these people might be prone to angry outbursts, which is why it isn’t advisable doing it. Their partners should be serious and stable.

They should also have a responsible approach to life’s duties and money. They want a partner they could build their future stability with and not someone they need to babysit and watch out for.

They want someone who is ambitious and grounded, and aims to be successful in life. People who don’t have a goal in life usually don’t grab their attention.

These people want someone they can respect and they want to be respected in return.

These people love beauty and that refers to people in their lives. They prefer partners who are good looking and watch after their wellbeing.

Best Match For ‘Capricorn’ Sun ‘Taurus’ Moon

The best match for a Capricorn with moon in Taurus is another earth sign, or a water sign.

Air and fire signs could be a good match for them if they have some water or earth element in their natal charts; otherwise, it is not easy for them to find understanding and establish a satisfying relationship between each other because of their different personalities.


People with sun in Capricorn and moon in Taurus are stable, confident, reliable, and determined. They aim for success and are not afraid of hard work.

These people strive for financial stability and material security and usually manage to establish it for themselves and their loved ones.

They feel best when they have some money stashed aside. They love the comfort money pays and that is why they do their best to provide it.

They are emotional, but don’t easily show their emotions. They need to relax and get to know someone before being able to relax and open up. They can have rigid and strict beliefs and attitude and many people can consider them boring because of that.

These people are very organized and don’t like wasting their time. They are direct and say openly what they mean.

They are passionate and seek passionate partners, but they usually prefer monogamous relationships and are devoted to their partners.

These people enjoy providing for their loved ones and are not very sociable. They prefer being alone with their partners and enjoying each other’s company.