Chiron in Virgo

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Chiron is not an asteroid, and it is not a comet; it is both. When it was first discovered in 1977, Chiron was thought to be an asteroid, but it was later discovered that it also exhibited some Comet traits, which makes it a hybrid.

After Chiron, a lot more of these astronomical bodies were discovered, and were all called centaurs after the mythical beings from ancient Greek mythology. These creatures were half human beings half horses.

Their body had a head and a torso of a man, and the lower part of the body was a horse.

In ancient Greek mythology there were a lot of centaurs, but Chiron was special because he was different from the rest of them. Chiron was an orphan, abandoned by his mother, the nymph Phylira because of his awkward looks. His father, the Titan god Cronus, seduced his mother disguised as a horse.

Chiron was adopted by the Greek god Apollo, who took care of him and thought him the skills and knowledge he possessed. Apollo was the god of music, arts, poetry, prophesies, archery, protector of the young, healing and disease, the sun and light.

Chiron had many abilities and knowledge he gained from his stepfather Apollo. He was a great astrologer and a healer. He was also a teacher and had many famous mythical heroes as his students.

Chiron was also physically different from the rest of the centaurs. His front legs were human, unlike the other centaurs, and he often wore human clothes, while all other centaurs were depicted naked.

Chiron was a special being, but he unfortunately wasn’t able to save his life using his healing powers. That is why the astrological body Chiron is often called “the wounded healer”.

Chiron in astrology indicates the areas in our lives we don’t feel comfortable, or we are not successful as we want to be, or we always experience failure and disappointments, or we feel hurt, insecure, inadequate, or ashamed, etc.

We are usually not consciously aware of the reasons for these emotional states, but their origins are usually from some wound which we experienced in our past, sometimes dating back to our childhood years, and sometimes even as far as from some previous life we had.

The memories of the wound which causes us to feel this way follow us even from our past lives, and they remain with us, manifesting through different kind of behavior or emotional states, until we become aware of their existence and understand the need to confront them and deal with them, so we can be healed and freely move on with our lives.

The areas where we experience issues are usually the ones ruled by the sign Chiron is placed in or the house it is placed in. It is very important to detect these areas. They are usually the ones where we feel insecure, we lack confidence, self-love, self-esteem, we feel worthless, or we experience ego issues, and similar issues we should overcome.

IN these areas we usually put more efforts into achieving our goals, and we don’t get equal results as in other areas or we don’t get any results at all. In these areas we usually experience failures, disappointments, and we cannot seem to succeed no matter how hard we try.

To change our situation and heal completely, the main thing we need to do is to is accept we have an issue. That is usually the hardest part because our ego will most likely be in the way.

It is not easy for any person to admit that they are not capable enough, or they feel unworthy, that they don’t appreciate themselves, or they don’t love themselves, they are not confident, or have issues with their self-esteem, they feel inadequate, etc.

Once they overcome the shame and disbelief and acknowledge their issues, the wound begins to heal. We need to discover the roots to our wounds, and release these bad experiences from the past so we can move on freely with our lives.

Determining the areas we need to heal should not be that difficult. We need to especially pay attention to the areas ruled by Chiron’s sign and the house where it is placed. It is easy to discover them by the feelings we have related to these areas.

If we feel unappreciated, unrecognized, disappointed, unsuccessful, or we constantly encounter obstacles in these areas, that is a sure sign that those areas need our attention and healing.

These are usually very important parts of our lives and we care much about being successful in these areas. Regardless of that desire, these are usually the areas where we experience the most disappointments and where we feel as if we cannot move forward no matter how hard we try.

We usually put in more effort than in other parts of our life, but it doesn’t seem to give any result. We keep experiencing disappointments, and yet we keep forcing ourselves harder.

At one point, we are usually fed with the having no results and we begin wondering about the reasons for these events.

We usually then realize that we have a weakness in our personality we need to work on. We should first work on getting rid of the weakness and issue which is preventing us from moving forward and that will enable the healing process.

The strangest thing with Chiron wounds is that these wounds are of such nature that we tend to ignore their existence. Although we keep getting hurt and disappointed, experience obstacles and failures, we keep trying to prove our abilities to ourselves and to others, usually with partial or no results.

We keep exaggerating in our efforts to achieve success, and it usually takes a lot of time and disappointments before we realize that we need to change something. We then admit we are insecure, or we lack confidence, or we lack self-love, or we consider ourselves worthless, etc.; and we feel much much better after that.

For Chiron to finish its travel through all the signs of the Zodiac, it takes around 49 years. It goes through one sign for years and during that time influences the generations born during this period. When we want to determine its influence on a specific person, we need to consult the sign where Chiron is placed, as well as the natal chart house where it is placed.

We also should take into consideration the aspects Chiron is making with the planets in that natal chart.

The lessons Chiron is bringing us are usually about our confidence, our ego, the love we have for ourselves, our doubts and insecurities, the feeling of self-esteem and self-worth, issues regarding our self-respect and self-appreciation, etc.

Because it is hard for our ego to admit having these issues, it usually takes a lot of time and disappointments before we finally decide to do that, and some of us never do, but remain locked in an endless circle of trying and failing.

The most important thing we need to understand that no one should be blamed for the circumstances we are experiencing because we are the only ones responsible.

Although we have difficulty learning our lessons in these areas, at the same time we have the gift to help other people overcome the same issues we are struggling with and trying to overcome. We need to learn our lessons on our own, without anyone’s help.

Chiron is pushing us to put in the effort so we can go through the experiences of repeated disappointment and failure, all with the purpose of learning the lesson, admitting the weaknesses and healing ourselves. 

Chiron in Virgo Man

Men with Chiron in Virgo are usually very practical and organized.

They make their goal to organize everything around them, and they often exaggerate in doing so.

These people often have controlling nature and they often try to push people into doing things they desire them to. They need to control every situation and get angry and upset when people don’t want to follow their rules.

Even though they experience these situations often and with different individuals, they keep repeating the same behavioral patterns until they finally realize that their attitude is the reason people are behaving towards them in such a manner.

Chiron in Virgo Woman

Women with Chiron in Virgo are usually very diligent and responsible. These women often have an obsessive need to make order and organize things (and people) all around them.

Their behavior can be quite irritating especially to people they try to organize and make them do or say what they tell them to.

These women often believe that they know everything and that is why they have the right to do that.

They often experience great disappointment when the people they try to influence in doing something they want, turn them down. They keep getting disappointed in the same situations until they finally realize that they need to stop trying to organize others and focus on their lives for a change.

Good Traits

People with Chiron in Virgo usually have a talent to spot a person who has issues with their need for perfection, order, organizing, control, and similar issues.

They seem to know exactly what to say to this person so they could change their behavior.

Bad Traits

Unfortunately, although people with Chiron in Virgo have the gift to give advice to people with issues similar to theirs on how to solve their issues, they seem to be clueless and unaware of their issues.

Their path is to go through many similar experiences and disappointments until they finally realize the path to their healing.

Chiron in Virgo – General Info

The sign of Virgo symbolizes organization and order, responsibility, pragmatism, service, control freaks, etc. It also symbolizes perfection and perfectionists, administration, clerical work, critics and criticism, anxiousness, stress, nervousness, etc.

Chiron in Virgo might cause people who are born with this placement issues with organization and order they desire strongly to establish.

They often have the need to have all things in perfect order and they obsessively try to establish it everywhere. They have excellent organizing skills and put in a lot of effort into establishing order, but they often experience some situations where some circumstances beyond their control arise and create chaos which they cannot control.

These people might constantly experience such situations and feel stressed and upset for not being perfect at what they know best. No matter how hard they try, they are always under constant stress that things won’t work out as planned, and they usually go wrong.

These people often have issues with their need to control things and people.

Because they are so obsessed with this desire they are not aware of how they treat other people and how they behave. They often experience people refusing to obey them and following their rules.

This often makes them angry and stressed because they cannot succeed in their plan to organize something perfectly according to their standards.

For these people to be healed they need to first understand the roots of their need for organization, order, perfectionism and need to control every situation they are in. It usually dates back to some bad experience they had regarding these issues, and now they subconsciously try to amend this situation by being overly rigid and demanding towards themselves and others.

They need to release this need to control everything and become more relaxed when it comes to putting things in order and organizing. Their need for perfection also needs to be diminished.

When succeed in doing that, they will immediately begin feeling better and relaxed in all life’s situations.

In some rare cases, these people can experience issues with lack of organizing skills and disorder, due to which they have problems and issues in their life. In this case, the process is reversed. They need to work on developing their organizing skills and habits to keep things in order.

These people often experience issues with serving others and being helpful. Although they have a desire to help everyone and are kind and gentle in nature, they often experience situations where their service is not welcomed by the ones they are offering it to and all because of their irritating and often critical attitude towards these people.

People with Chiron in Virgo could be prone to judgmental behavior towards others, criticizing their actions and attitude, often in not a very pleasant manner. No one loves to be criticized and that is why these people are often turned down by the ones who they offer help to.

These people should learn how to control their urges to criticize and judge other people’s behavior especially if these are the people they want to offer some help or give some service to.


People with Chiron in Virgo usually have issues because of their perfectionism, need to control everything, criticizing, need for order and organizing, etc.

To heal these issues, they first need to acknowledge they have them, and then begin changing their behavior.