Chiron Sextile Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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In the following posts we will discuss the aspects between the Chiron and the ascendants. We continue with the aspects of Chiron, in previous posts these four asteroids and Chiron were presented.

Well, it is important to take into account the position of these celestial bodies at the time we were born, and the aspects that they form for other points in our birth chart are equally important, since many times they show us characteristics that we could not explain otherwise.

Chiron represents the process of alchemical transmutation, synthesis of the basic polarities (instinct/intellect; soul/mind) and mystical experiences and expansion of consciousness, which contribute to facilitate an integrative and global vision of the cosmos, and a practical translation and effective of the “apprehended”.

Chiron – Meaning and Info

The topic today is experimental-pre-experimental, but this is Chiron: King of the Centaurs, dual Deity, but not Gemini, healer and patient, disease and medicine, Teacher of Heroes, but not Sagittarius, but the Centaur, who helped all those who suffer, but, alas, no one I could not help, his personal wounds were so deep.

Finally, does he rule Libra, a dual Sign, and just as strange: this is the only THING in the Zodiac. Or does he, as an under-Man, or an arch-Centaur, governs the under-constellation Ophiuchus, which overlaps most of the Sun period in Sagittarius and breaks the numerological harmonious system of the Zodiac?

Yes, the basic principle of Chiron is to break through the perimeter of Saturn, and it is astronomically unclear where it is: perihelion crosses the orbit of Saturn, aphelion is already Uranus, and it came to us from the Kuiper belt, which is far beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Take, the distant Hades threw us an artifact-key from the world of the Highest, which was brought by the Ocean to the services of people: know yourself, open the doors to Eternity and use it, just do not regret later that you have chosen the wrong pill: a lot of knowledge – a lot of sorrow (with).

On a par with Venus, and not Sagittarius, which already has a far from ephemeral Jupiter (although it is huge only due to gas), and, accordingly, under its influence the Descendant falls – the work of the Teacher (not for the crowd, but for the Chosen), a medicine doctor, and even an astrologer presupposes close interaction, an equivalent exchange.

One way or another, the point of Chiron’s orbit closest to the Sun is in Libra. And in Sagittarius, he is already exalted.

In addition, Chiron, like Venus, can also fulfill our desires, but it’s somehow strange: an undeserved gain is also a loss at the same time, or Venus is a matter: little luck, and that’s it!

Finally, what else speaks in favor of the 7th House and Libra is the Descendant as the border of the Upper and Lower Worlds, which fully corresponds to the functions of Chiron as an intermediary between them, a key or a guide.

This is the key to the balance of Yin and Yang, light and darkness, the ability to go beyond the system, nevertheless, without shutting the doors behind you, not twisting in the clouds, to connect the incompatible.

Therefore, when calculating points – Libra and 7th House.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

The ascendant is an important factor in astrology. Every astrologer knows that it is an integral part of the horoscope along with the sign of the Sun.

To find out your Ascendant, it is not enough to just look at the calendar on which day your date of birth falls.

To determine, you need to know exactly what time and minute you were born, as well as the place of birth, because based on the star date, the Ascendant is found out.

Calculating the Ascendant is not easy, so it is good to leave it to the experts.

According to astrology, the Sign is a sign of ascent. This is seen on the horizon at the time of your birth. Imagine your horoscope as a large circle in the middle of which you stand.

That circle is the sky that surrounded you at the time of birth and where the influence of the planets and stars that determine your spiritual state comes from.

That is why every person and every horoscope is unique, even twins were not born in the same minute because different influences affected them.

A ascendant is a point that changes quickly. Its calculation is complicated, so we cannot detect it in this article.

There are many calculators on the internet that offer calculations, but only an astrologer can do the exact calculation for you!

The ascendant is the deepest inner ego that no one but you knows. The sign of the Sun primarily represents your attitude that you show to the world, i.e. a person born in the sign of Sagittarius will react like Sagittarius, but he can experience the same thing as Pisces, if it is his Ascendant.

That is why it is very important to ask yourself the question: “What is my Sub-Sign?”If you find out, you will be much closer to self-knowledge. You will learn secrets about yourself, something you always doubted about yourself and never managed to understand.

You were born in the sign of Aries, even though you have never felt the characteristics of this sign. You are not a fighting type, you are empathetic, selfless. This is possible if the ascendant is a completely different sign that is hiding in your soul and waiting for you to discover it.

Chiron Sextile Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

And the reality is that we cannot find any logical (rational) or any other intelligible explanation for many events in our life.

Therefore, they have to be accepted as they happen and not bother about it.

However, the majority do not bother and do not notice what is happening to them at all.

Therefore, this text is for those who notice or at least try to notice, and also try to find some kind of explanation for what is happening to him.

It was discovered about thirty years ago and has already received a bunch of astrological interpretations. Probably, humanity is ripe for the realization of the principle of Chiron – and therefore discovered it as a material cosmic and etheric astrological body. What is the general astrological principle of Chiron? Or – its astrological meaning.

A swindler, in politics – a diplomat. Strong legal skills. In general – this is Figaro – can keep up with three jobs, connect friends and enemies, his wife and all his mistresses.

All this, due to the kindness of Chiron, is successful. However, there is no need to get carried away and be tempted by the ease of problem solving.

Now we need to use Chiron on the highest plane. If the information is still mixed for the Mercurian, then for the Chironian it is already ordered (crystallization function, closer to Saturn).

The Chironian must consciously perform the functions of a transitional state from Vulcan – the connection of humanity with the laws of the Cosmos.

When trying to settle a quarrel, the peacemaker gets the most. A person “in principle” makes the choice between the extremes not in his favor. His tricks turn against him, his espionage activities are exposed.

Always suffers from a struggle between two factions, be it in science or in politics.

This is an “irrevocable spy” or a politician who is “framed” and sacrificed. This is a diplomat who is accused of exceeding his functions.

On the highest plane, he is a cosmic villain who smuggles through the Manichean heresy that good and evil are one. Here PUNISHMENT IS ADEQUATE TO THE RANK OF CRIME.


In astrology, the so-called sign of the Sun, the sign of your birth, is still at the top of our popularity.

Aries, Taurus, Gemini or some other sign in the horoscope certainly give you some basic character traits and preferences.

Probably the second most important in the natal chart is the ascendant or ascendant, while the third is your Moon sign. The word comes from the word “ascendant” or “ascendere” and means “to ascend”.

In English we also encounter the form of the word “ascendant”. Webster’s dictionary describes it as ‘a state or position of dominant importance or strength’.

The square to the Ascendant often symbolizes some quality in the early environment of a person, usually manifested either as a type of suppression or containment (especially when the planet involved is in the 4th house), or as unusually strong pressure to achieve or recognition (often when the involved planet is in 10th house).

In other words, there are essentially two types of Ascendant quadrature’s that can be classified as follows: 4th house quadrature type often indicates emotional patterns that keep us from reaching the spontaneity of expression, represented by the ascending sign; the type of 10th house squaring often shows the forces within us that pull us forward towards some kind of achievement.