Dreams About Big Waves – Interpretation and Meaning

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The power of water element has been fascinating human world since ancient past. Vast water spaces, such as seas and oceans, impress us by their grandiose appearance, their size and unpredictable nature.

Water gives life, but magnificent waves sweep away everything in front of them, without mercy.

Even in modern times, when our technologies give us possibility to see far into water depths and to examine the tiniest particles that compose the element of water, we are still helpless before the power of water itself.

We try to conquer it by building dams and bridges and else, but waters are still far more powerful than we are.

Since water is one of the four major elements that constitute our world, it is natural to assume that dreams about water are particularly meaningful and precious.

However, they are even more intriguing if you dream about moving waters and water activity, such as waves.

Dreams about big waves could reveal a lot about your life and your destiny. Waves in dreams are waves of your own thoughts and emotions, perhaps suppressed in reality.

If you have recently returned from seaside, it must have made a great impression, so it is quite expected to dream about waves. However, it is most likely such dreams are only reflection of your experience and maybe symbolic expression of longing for seaside harmony.

If you dream about waves all of a sudden, without even thinking about seaside, oceans, rivers and lakes, there must be more to it. If that is the case, your dream could have deeper meaning; it could reveal waves that your own soul emits or announce things that await you in future.

Dreams about big waves are quite impressive and a dreamer usually remembers them very well. Big waves are another great-scale natural phenomenon that makes people feel both amazed and afraid.

If you have dreams about big waves often, it could be useful to interpret them in a proper way; these dreams could be revealing, relieving and very helpful in life.

To do so, it is important to remember the exact course of the dream and think about your feelings towards the dream itself.

Dreams about big waves

Dreams about waves, especially big waves, could awaken various emotions in a dreamer. Such dreams could appear fascinating, magnificent and beautiful, but they could also be particularly scary, even terrifying.

It all depends on your impression about the dream, on your current life situation and your connection of these two.

Great, mighty waves are another of devastating natural phenomena, so it is not strange they are common metaphor for strong emotions we feel in reality. It usually reflects those emotions we are afraid to show in waking life or are unconscious of.

On the other hand, dreams about big waves could reflect the situation in our life itself. Moreover, dreams about waves could even be prophetic. If you have good intuition or you master the art of dream interpretation, you could even recognize quite strong signs in such dreams.

Dreams about big waves vary, of course. You could dream about swimming in big waves easily or with great difficulty, you could dream you are drowning in big waves or that waves are destroying things.

There are also dreams in which nothing actually happens, but you simply see great waters and big waves.

You could also have dreams about hearing the sound of big waves shattering shores, but you do see neither the water nor the coast.

There are numerous variations, each one special for each dreamer. In the most cases, waves in dreams represent either a dreamer’s emotions or a situation that induces certain strong emotions in a dreamer.

Dreams about hearing the sound of waves

If you dream about hearing the sound of waves, but you do not see the waves, it is usually a positive omen, especially if the sound appears calming and relaxing. For some people, even the sound of raging waves, crashing on cliffs could sound soothing and induce pleasant feeling.

In general, dreams about hearing the sound of waves mean you are content with your life; you know there are many aspects of life and you are able to distinguish each one by importance.

The sound of waves could symbolize situations that you are aware are partly shaping your life, but you still have control over them.

The sound of waves could also represent things you have distanced yourself from, consciously or instinctively. You are content with that, because you have realized there are things you cannot affect or change and you have accepted them the way they are, without further analyzing.

Hearing waves in dreams reflects these things and makes you feel good about yourself. Such dreams are usually calming.

Dreaming about seeing big waves

If you dream you are seeing big waves, it is usually a dream of prediction of your encounter with another person and, of course, his or hers emotions.

If waves are relatively steady and calm, although big, it means you will have a pleasant experience with that person or that you will be impressed.

It could also mean you are unconsciously letting someone finally reach to you and approach you.

If you remain dry, it means you are careful and observant, but ready to open up to someone or receive guidance and advice from another person.

If waves you are seeing are raging, unrestrained and appear threatening, than you will soon face someone or something you will not like at all.

Maybe you are trying to avoid a conflict and argument with someone, or you are skipping your duties in reality.

Dreams about big, crashing waves remind you you cannot avoid such things forever. You might even be aware of that in reality, but are still trying to escape the situation.

If you get hit and wet, it means you will definitely have to face consequences of your own decisions and deed.

Dreaming about swimming in the waves

If you have a dream in which you are in water and it gets disturbed and wavy, it could mean you are finally letting you off your fears and surrender yourself to waves of your destiny.

In your dream, you are already capable of letting yourself ‘go with the flow’, even if it has taken a lot of time to realize life is not all about control and prediction. Life is like a river, a sea or an ocean; a moving, everlasting flow, with its turbulent and calm phases.

If you feel especially calm and you enjoy the ride, swimming without any difficulty, that is certainly a positive sign. It means your new, more relaxed attitude, will eventually lead to new horizons and opportunities.

However, if you are fighting against the waves, struggling to survive and drowning, this could not be a good sign. It is a reflection of struggles you experience in your waking life.

You have piled up problems and made your own life complicated and now you feel totally lost, disoriented and confused. You are feeling hopeless in reality, so you have dream about losing hope for survival.

Big waves you are fighting against are a metaphor for your real life troubles. If you cannot handle the waves or eventually reach the safe place, it means you will definitely lose control over certain aspect of your life that actually bothers you the most.

If you manage to survive by yourself or someone else rescue you, such a dream could give you a hint of where you should seek for help in reality.

Maybe you have to realize you have enough resources to handle the situation yourself or it should be good to ask someone for guidance.

Dreams about sailing on the waves

If you are sailing the waves on a boat or another type of vessel, it could be very inspiring dream.

Dreams about sailing mean you are facing or you will face situations, circumstances and environments totally new for you.

You are in a phase of exploring your own deeper self and life in general; you are eager to know what is around the corner and which direction should you be heading in your life.

Waves could be either calm or turbulent, which reflects the level of your personal insecurity about new experiences.

If waves are turbulent, it means you are willing to try new things, but you are a bit concerned about consequences; the calmer the waves the more self-confident you are.