Pisces in 12th House – Meaning and Info

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The sun, located in the 12th house or in the square with its cusp, warns of dangerous and powerful enemies that can cause a lot of evil.

At the same time, the conjunction of the Sun with Mars, Saturn, Uranus or Pluto portends numerous trials and a difficult fate.

And the square, opposition, half or one and a half square of the Sun to Mars, Saturn, Uranus or Pluto directly means restriction or imprisonment: imprisonment, monastery, psychiatric hospital, as well as violence and coercion.

Pisces – Meaning and Info

Pisces belong to the water sign of the horoscope. These are mysterious people who are very sensitive and emotional. Their intelligence, thinking and sense of justice are guided by intuition.

Light and timid specimens can be found among the fish, as well as large sharks that are fierce fighters. They are very friendly, so they are always surrounded by the company of different people.

Unselfish and always ready to help others, Pisces is the zodiac sign with the most empathy. Emotions are experienced extremely, when they are happy, they are extremely happy, when they are sad they become extremely depressed.

Pisces lacks self-discipline or self-confidence for leadership positions. Unfortunately, they always choose the easier path and never realize the full potential they possess.

These are creative people, who have a need to do a job that is a pleasure for them and to which they can give themselves completely. They are very good artists and athletes.

They get along great in a team, imaginative and creative are always ready to help others. The most sensitive horoscope sign characterized by hypersensitivity and strong emotions. These are incorrigible romantics who will always choose love between love and material wealth.

They persistently want to realize their deep ideals of selfless love and unity. They are harder and seek a deeper meaning of the relationship, which is why other characters consider them emotionally too demanding and unrealistic.

Pisces need a dominant partner who will lower them to the ground and keep them on the right path.

These incorrigible romantics cannot live without love. When they fall in love with an equal partner who will not take advantage of their goodwill, they can be the best partners. Pisces love to have family, children and animals.

The Pisces man is romantic and sensitive. He needs a woman to bring him down to earth, so he is attracted to sensitive and strong women. It seeks a combination of friend, soul mate and love. If you want to win him over it is best to open up to him completely, be innovative, imaginative and different.

Quiet and modest, it causes a complete flood in the bedroom. She loves fantasies and role-playing. He is an extremely imaginative and generous lover.

Do not judge a man born in the sign of Pisces by a mild attitude, in bed he turns into a whirlpool of passion. He simply conquers with tenderness and charm.

Pisces women are interesting, charming and dedicated women who almost never express love in words. If you want to win these women you have to be romantic, listen well and have a good sense of humor. With these Pisces you will never be bored in the bedroom.

Because of their sensuality, fragility and sensitivity, every man wants to protect them. This is why they often engage in complicated relationships that they are unable to break, so they turn into the shadow of the man they depend on.

12th House – Meaning and Info

On New Moon, the square or opposition of the Sun (from the 12th house or in square with its cusp) to Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto portends captivity.

The moon, located in the 12th house or in a configuration with its cusp, indicates a desire for voluntary isolation, impracticality, inability and ineptitude in everyday matters. In conjunction, quadrature, opposition, half or setsquare with Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, hospital isolation, long-term illnesses, mental disorders are threatened.

Mercury in the 12th house warns of numerous enemies threatening intrigues and betrayal. But with a configuration with Venus, Jupiter or Chiron, the enemies will turn out to be harmless and will not be able to do evil, they will be defeated and restored to their honor. Success in defeating enemies.

Venus in the 12th house or in a configuration with its cusp, keeps you from troubles and misfortunes. Saves from enemies, and in the absence of quadrature’s and oppositions, it directly indicates their absence.

In this position, in the Natal chart, Venus removes troubles and misfortunes from a person, allowing him to safely avoid dangers. However, occupying this house, Venus directly and directly testifies to a hidden sexual life or the impossibility of being with a loved one.

Mars in the 12th house of the horoscope or in square with its cusp already in itself means violence and compulsion, which will inevitably be faced. Often indicates a physically weak body. And when connecting, squaring, opposition, half or one and a half square with the Sun, Moon or Mercury – to ridicule and mockery.

Conjunction, square, opposition, half or one and a half square of Mars to Saturn indicates a physical handicap, disability, threatening loneliness, lifelong isolation in a medical institution; and when Mars or Saturn are in exile or fall, or additionally squaring or opposition with the Sun or Moon – to commit a crime, imprisonment.

Conjunction, square, opposition, half or setsquare Mars with Neptune means deception, betrayal, accidents, even serious injuries with the loss of organs, disability; threatens imprisonment, violence and bullying in the army or places of imprisonment; there is a tendency to crime.

Conjunction, square, opposition, half or half square with Uranus or Pluto indicate criminal inclinations, a life full of violence. Square or opposition with Jupiter leads to poverty, a difficult financial situation, falling out of social processes due to moving to a remote village.

Jupiter, located in the 12th house or in its cusp configuration, protects against anything bad that can happen. A person with such a Jupiter in the birth horoscope unexpectedly and safely gets out of difficult situations, he manages to avoid dangers.

Fate keeps him. Life will be calm, without shocks. In conjunction, sextile, trigone with the Sun, Mercury, Venus or Chiron, secret help from friends, from communication with secret groups. Square or opposition with Mars or Saturn – long-term illness or disability, lack of luck, gray life.

Such a person has a natural mind, fueled by a deep intuitive understanding of the connection with humanity and the whole world. However, any situation of loneliness is perceived by such a person extremely sharply, causing confusion in the subconscious. Therefore, it is difficult for him to endure imprisonment and isolation.

Psycho-emotional instability associated with loneliness or caused by the intrigues of secret enemies can adversely affect the state of such a person and his way of life. Such a person feels alone in any situations that imply the need for subtle emotional contact in the perception of reality and empathy with people.

He certainly has the ability for empathy and a sensitive susceptibility to other people’s suffering. But he is unable to express his feelings to the world. All emotional experiences create a prison mood for him.

He tries to think about something else in order to escape from captivity, tries to float away into imaginary worlds or to forget himself in some kind of trance – and all this in order to bring self-deception to the end and convince himself that there are no walls at all.

With high development, a very subtle and accurate understanding of life is formed, mystical revelations about subtle transitions and transformations of nature come, expressed only in the language of music and painting. Such a person feels well suffering and unhappy, regrets and seeks to help.

But his empathy is so strong that he begins to feel sorry for himself as compassionate. As a result, he seeks to forget about everything and float away from worries into the depths of sincere self-compassion and self-indulgence.

Pisces in 12th House – Meaning and Info

A person who has 12 houses in Fishes has great intellectual abilities. Also well-developed intuition, which helps to anticipate future events. The main negative act, inherent to the character, is included in a difficult period of loneliness.

The person starts to dream in search of the community. Once you leave the created psycho-logical room you will not always get it, since this is hindered by the hidden programs of suspicion. The 12th house in Fishes is the character of a person.

Personality can possess secret enemies. Usually they hide in the nearest environment, being infused by their best friends. It is practically impossible to identify them. Changed actions of adversaries destroy life plans.

This leads to psychological oppression and loss of vital interest. As a result of intrigues created by enemies, the lifestyle of a person can change dramatically, and not necessarily for the better. However, it is not capable of fully demonstrating its emotional experiences, because of which overwhelm it arises.

A person tries to captivate their thoughts with distant preconceptions in order to unleash a dark mood and break out of the psycho-logical mind. Although the results of such a mental activity are self-deception, which gives only the illusion of a happy life.

In the most start-up states, it is possible to bring oneself to the detection literally in the empty place. With a positive scene of the development of a character in such a person, the manifestation of mystic disturbances is likely. They allow you to achieve success in painting and music.

By the way, he can practically be used for any creative direction, where it is allowed as much as possible freely and without the permission to express his ideas and thoughts. Therefore, in the choice of professional activity, it is recommended to focus on creativity. A person who has 12 homes in Fishery is interested in welfare, since she has an increased rate of being sick and sick.

A person starts to feel sorry for himself, to forget about the goal to provide help. At this he assumes that he is committing self-sacrifice, and no further action is required.

This is a great delusion that must be countered. For this, it is necessary to carry out a self-analysis and study in hidden intentions. A person can sacrifice their own interests for the benefit of pedestrian people.

One such act is carried out unconsciously, due to the fact that a person is not uncommonly susceptible to discouragement. His life is made of misunderstanding, because he is not able to correctly assess the actions of other people.

Also, it is not easy for him to understand himself in order to highlight the basic motivation of the present trips. Such a person needs periodic isolation in order to replenish the energy potential. At this, he should be careful of constant loneliness, as the development of a deep, depressive state is probable.

If a person begins to experience problems with excessive confinement, it is recommended to turn to the services of a psychoanalyst.

The specialist will help you to deal with the first reasons that have served the development of loneliness.


Sympathizing with others, he immediately sacrifices himself, and therefore believes that actions are no longer needed. He usually sacrifices emotionally and ill-considered, with an obvious lack of calmness and elementary inner honesty.

Such a person knows how to serve and help people in need. There can be a lot of loneliness and frustration in his life because he often underestimates and misunderstands others.

At the same time, it is not easy for him to honestly and objectively look at himself. From time to time, he needs solitude in order to replenish his energy, and yet he must beware of being overly withdrawn and not playing the role of a victim.

His actions sometimes turn out to be violent, as if he is trying to hide behind them his sensitivity and vulnerability, that is, everything that he really feels in the depths of his subconscious.

When finding the ruler of the Ascendant in the 12th House, cooperation with a psychoanalyst can be of great help.