Libra Sun Aquarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Our sun sign reveals the way we present ourselves to our surroundings, while the moon sign describes our inner being and subconscious content.

Our moon side of personality usually remains hidden from most of the people from our surroundings, while the sun side is usually how people perceive us (combined with the traits of our Ascendant sign).

People with their sun in Libra and moon in Aquarius are airy and lighthearted. These people are usually very sociable and focused on people.

They enjoy meeting new acquaintances and mingling around, gathering new experiences. These people often have a hard time being alone, and some of them need constant company.

They are usually not very choosy when it comes to the people to keep them company because they prefer anyone than being on their own.

Not all of these people have these traits, and some can be extreme loners or seeking time for themselves.

Some of them could be prone to leave their companions without warning, and head towards the door.

These people could exhibit strange and unexpected behavior, and their reactions are not easy to understand by many people from their surroundings.

The sign of Aquarius in combination with the sign of Libra creates people who are tolerant and eager to help others.

These people enjoy being of service to others, and often selflessly offer their help even to people they don’t know.

They never seem to have any difficulties in doing anything when someone else asks them to, and that is what makes these people prone to being used and manipulated by some people.

Regardless of that, these people don’t seem to hold any grudge against anyone, and they quickly forget any insults and mistreatments. It is kind and noble of them, but often gets them in similar situations.

Most of these people remain like that all their lives, and never make any changes in their personalities.

These people have a strong sense of community and helping other people, which doesn’t allow them to focus on themselves and their needs.

They are the happiest when they make others happy, which is why they often find themselves involved in some humanitarian cause, saving the planet, the nature and animal life, people’s lives, etc.

They are often beyond common human traits like egotism and self-centeredness.

These people often consider themselves as having a mission of service to others in this life, and they feel happy and content about it.

They often choose a career where they can express their social nature, love for people, and their creativity. They are lovers of beauty and often creative and artistically gifted.

These people have a harmonious and balanced character and are focused on creating the same in their surroundings.

They have an easy-going and open nature, and a special ability to help others resolve their issues and disagreements. They cannot stand conflicts and quickly evacuate themselves from such situations.

Their nature doesn’t tolerate negativity and stressful surroundings, and they try their best to protect themselves from anything which could jeopardize their mental stability.

One of the issues, they might be prone to is indecisiveness or impulsive and irrational decisions.

They can be prone to changing their mind and taking too much or too little time before making important decisions. They need to try to find balance in these situations and control their urges to overthink or don’t think enough.

These people can be very stylish and good looking, but have something unusual in their style and overall appearance.

Libra in combination with Aquarius usually chooses some unique details and extravagant pieces or combinations of clothing, which not many people could pull off, but they manage to look amazing.

Their style is usually not easy to copy, but they are often envied and admired for their ability. Their home and office spaces also carry their personal touch of uniqueness.

They are usually not very ambitious and don’t strive towards some major success in life.

These people are usually blessed with good fortune, and good things often come to them without them trying too hard. They love to enjoy life’s pleasures and they often have an adventurous spirit.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Libra and Moon in Aquarius:

– good souls, kind-hearted, helpful, tender, gentle, enjoy being of service to others, unique style, good looking, cooperative, harmonious, balanced, communicative, nurturing, caring, tolerant, fortunate, creative, artistic, dislike conflicts and disagreements, etc. 

Bad Traits

The bad traits of Sun in Libra and Moon in Aquarius:

– lack of confidence, indecisiveness, prone to changing their mind, irrational behavior, unpredictable, they cannot stand loneliness, not very ambitious, impulsive decisions, etc.

‘Libra’ Sun ‘Aquarius’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with sun in Libra and moon in Aquarius are often good looking and have some unique traits in their personalities which make them appear different and attractive to their potential partners.

These people are not very passionate and they approach their potential partners with a friendly approach.

If nothing happens romantically, they might become friends with that person; they often have that approach when it comes to dating and meeting people.

Their preferred relationships are light and filled with harmony and cooperation.

They run away from burdening relationships and partners who desire to merge their souls and bodies. That is usually not their ideal.

Their partner should be someone who is good looking, interesting, communicative, unique, special, different, and intelligent.

They desire to have an intellectual bond with their partner, and if that doesn’t work out well, the attraction doesn’t play a significant role in their relationship.

These people need someone who will have a calming effect on them, who will understand, tolerate, and support their occasional indecisiveness or irrational behavior. They need someone they could rely on if needed.

Libra people are often not confident enough in their abilities, or tend to have doubts. They need a partner who will be supportive of their talents and abilities and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

With the moon in Aquarius, these people might be prone to have some unique and according to some – impossible dreams. These people need a companion in life, someone to talk to and share their life with.

In some cases, these people might be prone to making irrational decisions in their love life, motivated by their fear of loneliness.

They could be prone to enter in relationships without taking their time to get to know the person, and omitting to notice their negative traits. That could lead to more catastrophic consequences.

These people should learn to enjoy being alone equally as being in a relationship. They need to enjoy their own company and not seek the company of other people regardless of the cost.

When they are able to do that, they won’t have a problem devoting more of their time evaluating the characteristics of their potential partner or spouse, and noticing the red flags if there are any.

That approach will prevent these people from entering unsatisfying relationships with people who are not a suitable match for them, and saving their time for someone who will be the right person.

People with this sun/moon sign combination are very tender and kind souls, which makes them easy to prey upon by people with bad intentions or people who are prone to abusing their partners.

Mainly because of that these people need to pay attention to the traits of the people they plan starting a relationship with.

With the right partners, these people express the maximum of their good qualities.

Their relationships and marriages are full of joy, stability, happiness, and harmony, which is something that these people consider ideal.

Their marriages (with the partners/spouses who are right matches for them) tend to be lasting and fulfilling.

These people are caring and nurturing partners, who desire to do everything to please their partners, enjoying making them happy.

As parents, they could be overly complaisant and have a liberal attitude towards their children’s upbringing.

They tend to give their children a lot of freedom to develop their own uniqueness which to some extent can be good, but it can also produce a lack of responsibility in their children.

Best Match For ‘Libra’ Sun ‘Aquarius’ Moon

The best match for a Libra sun and Aquarius moon is another air sign, but with some fire or earth influence.

Their partner should be someone who can understand their airy nature, but also someone who can be reliable and stable for additional support in the relationship.

Water signs are not a good match because they have different emotionality and both partners could suffer because of that.

Of course, a water sign with a lot of air, or with good reciprocal aspects between their natal charts could be a good match.


People with sun in Libra and moon in Aquarius are kind and gentle souls, ready to help anyone in need.

These people are open and easy-going. They can be a bit eccentric and have some unusual beliefs and attitude, but they are incredibly good and helpful.

These people are often very creative and artistic and often choose some profession in these areas.

They are communicative and sociable and many of them cannot stand being alone for a long time; that doesn’t refer to only being without a partner for a long time, but also without people.

Many of them are prone to spending their time with people who are not a suitable match for their personalities and lives, but they do it because they fear being alone.

That fear often causes them to make irrational decisions and begin relationships with people who could physically and mentally abuse them.

Their ideal match is someone who they have a great communication and cooperation with.

They need balance and harmony in their lives, and they cannot stand arguments, disagreements, and conflicts of any kind.

Their ideal partner should be good looking and reliable, as well as have a calm and stable personality.

They love to nurture their partners, and can be complaisant and overly tolerant parents.