Libra Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Horoscopes have a great story to tell. They reveal more than your ‘horoscope sign’, which is how people commonly see horoscopes as a whole.

Your sign that is your native, your Sun sign, is only one of the elements that constitute your natal chart and, thus, your horoscope.

Natal charts are complex diagrams featuring all signs of the Zodiac, planets of the Solar system (in Western astrology), astrological houses, aspects and more.

Each element has its meaning and purpose. Houses represent spheres of life, while signs in them represent some traits of yours and other characteristics of an individual.

Their distribution at the time of your birth makes you unique personality.

There are five ‘personal planets’, two ‘social planets’ and the last ones are ‘transpersonal planets’.

Today we focus on the first group and, particularly, on the Sun.

Sun Sign

The Sun in a natal chart tells about one’s life energy and personal strength. It also indicates a field of life in which you might have the greatest success, the one that would possibly allow you to use the maximum of your personal potentials.

The Sun always stands for one’s Ego and for the concept of authority as it is.

Therefore, it represents authoritative figures, such as the father, for example.

Being a masculine principle, it refers to male figures of authority. The Sun is also a creative principle, meaning it affects one’s creative potential. It boosts it and directs it towards certain areas of life.

The field the Sun sits in a birth chart tells a story about your true goals and priorities.

It is not about hidden desires, but those you are aware of and willing to pursue.

The Sun symbolizes life and, in an individual story, his or hers will for life. It symbolizes vitality, health and power.

It represents knights, kings, nobility and honor; all profiles that have great chance to shine and be remembered.

With good aspects, the Sun gives you an opportunity to reach your maximum and use all of your qualities in an honorable, positive way.

If aspects are bad, its energy goes the other way around. The Sun signs in bad aspects leads to vanity, greed, domineering, manipulation and all else that actually comes self-doubt and insecurity.

The Sun sign determines your basic personal traits and makes you a representative of one particular zodiac sign.

Your native sign is, however, affected by other elements in your chart and horoscope.

Sun in Libra

As we have said, the Sun determines your native sign, which defines your basic personality profile.

The Sun in Libra makes one a Libra representative. All Libras have certain traits and qualities on common. What are those?

Libra is an Air element sign, governed by the planet of love and beauty, Venus. It is one of the cardinal signs and of positive polarity. Libra’s natural field is the seventh house.

Libras are balanced people or at least they do very well in their attempts to reach balance in life, that between their heart and heir reason.

They are in love with life and all the beautiful things it has to offer. Libras are capable of finding beauty everywhere around, even in simple, little things others commonly miss out.

These people are intelligent and clever.

They find inspiration in the world and the people around them, being very creative and commonly artistic. They are great aesthetes, elegant and sophisticated.

Libras enjoy surrounding themselves with beautiful things, such as music and art. They enjoy living life in a relaxed manner. They are capable of avoiding and managing stresses of everyday life.

Libras are fascinated by symmetry, although they are flexible and laidback.

Their love for symmetry makes them peacemakers, the ones that stand for tolerance and justice; justice, above everything else.

They are mediators and diplomats, people capable of finding a decent and a peaceful solution in even the most critical situations.

Relaxed, likeable and friendly, Libras sometimes appear indifferent and indecisive, but that is not true.

They have their ideals and goals, but rarely follow a straight road to success. They are empathic, warm and compassionate, but reasonable.

Libras are approachable and sociable people one could always feel relaxed by.

Moon Sign

While the Sun is our glorious, visible self, in a way, the Moon is what lies beyond.

Its subtle shine inspires our Sun sign; it guides us through life on a deeper, more mysterious level. We are unaware of its influence most of the time.

We do not think about the Moon guidance directly; it is just something that we feel.

The Moon is exactly about that, the way we feel the world. It affects our impressions more than our expression.

The Moon defines the way we are going to react to different situations in life. It defines us as emotional, feeling individuals.

The Moon is related to the element of Water, which makes its energy ever flowing, changing and flexible, but strong and overwhelming. The Moon in a natal chart points out the area of life we are particularly attached and sensitive to, for any reason.

The energy of the Moon shapes up one’s life just as the Sun does. Without the Moon’s inspiration, creative potentials given by the Sun cannot reach their maximum.

The two elements are like two sides of the same coin, in a way.

Of course, the Moon sign is also affected by good or bad aspects, of which depends whether its energy is going to flow freely or not.

Moon in Virgo

Virgo is not considered an emotional, but cold and distant sign. What does it mean to have the Moon in Virgo, then?

Virgo sign is obsessed by details, precision, order and organization.

There is not much place for emotional burst outs and so. The Moon is not as much as restricted, as it is transformed into something else in Virgo.

We could call it ‘rationalized emotionality’.

Moon Virgos tend to put some common sense into anything they think or feel.

Each emotion has to have a logical explanation. It may sound paradoxical, but Virgos simply ‘work’ that way; it is perfectly normal to them.

They do not like any form of chaos or uncertainty; they have it all organized and analyzed.

Sometimes, it makes them very stiff and does restrict them. Emotions are hard to organize into ladders.

People with the Moon in Virgo keep cool in critical situations.

However, if things do not go according to their carefully sorted out plans, they feel very bad about it, but often lack the ability to channel their negative feelings properly.

Virgo is in search perfection, so it is hard that Virgo Moon would be ever be fully satisfied.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon Personality

With the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Virgo, one makes for an extremely talented and creative personality, usually guided more by reason than emotions.

It means that the creative potential here expresses in a practical way.

For example, one could become a successful architect or an inventor, rather than a painter or a singer.

There is a distinctive need for measuring, calculating and organizing in a creative process.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon are great managers and diplomats in all situations.

They are of hospitable nature, but they like being in control of things. They are less relaxed and easygoing than typical Sun Libras, because Virgo element restricts their flexibility.

Both Libra and Virgo enjoy beautiful things and are aesthetic in nature, but Virgo limits the source of things these individuals actually find beautiful.

These people are in love with details; not obsessed as Virgo might suggest, but easily attracted by details and fascinated by them. Thanks to Libra.

It means they notice things others commonly miss out, which makes them people of great taste, but also people who find more beauty and inspiration in the world than others do.

Good Traits

Their sense for order and needed flexibility opens amazing opportunities for these natives.

They recognize situations that require seriousness and order, but let themselves enjoy other situations without obsessing themselves with if everything goes according to plans.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon people are people of principles, guided primarily by the ideals of love, beauty and justice.

They know their limits and respect others’.

Bad Traits

Libra sun Virgo Moon ones could be criticizing and judging.

They think they know what the best is and do not like anyone else managing anything they do.

They have to improve everything and organize everyone.

It could be annoying and difficult to stand. With bad aspects, they fix to one thing and see nothing else.

They could be obsessed with their physical appearance and health.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon in Love and Marriage

In a relationship or a marriage, Libra Sun Virgo Moon are devoted and loyal.

They are not solitary personalities and they need others close.

They enjoy pleasing their lover or a married partner, but only in their own terms. The same applies on raising children.

They offer love, protection and care to all of their closest ones, but only according to their own principles.

They are elegant and charming people, easy to fall in love with, but not as easy to share life with at times.

Best Match for Libra Sun Virgo Moon

The best match for one Libra Sun Virgo Moon is someone honest, approachable and disciplined.

They do not like chaos in any area of their life and they need a person to rely on.

Libras are flirtatious by nature, but Virgo wants only perfection.

Their perfect partner is someone ready to commit to the relations hip and who would let them please them. It is someone to offer them love and respect.


Overall, Libra Sun Virgo Moon are kind of disciplined Libras.

These people maintain great balance between logic and emotions, being perfectly capable of handling difficult life situation without drama.

They are caring and they enjoy being with other people, but they have their limits.

They are polite, commonly very stylish, and well educated. They do not boast around with their qualities and they are quite hospitable and friendly.