Mercury in Sagittarius

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The planet Mercury rules intelligence and the thought process.

It also rules education, our schools, rationality, communication skills, our neighbors and our neighborhood, our cousins and our relationships with them, our immediate surroundings and our interactions with the people from our immediate surroundings.

This planet is the ruler of travels and travelers, trading and traders, writing and writers, books, reading, messages, information, agreements, contracts, emails, calls, news, newspapers, rumors, tricks, tricksters, liars and lying, curiosity, our ability to adapt, etc.

Out of all planets in our Solar system, Mercury is the closest to the Sun, and it is the smallest planet as well.

Being so close to the Sun, this planet takes only 88 days to orbit around it. On its way around the Sun, Mercury passes through all Zodiac signs, and spends around 7.5 days in each one of them.

Mercury is the ruler of the signs of Gemini and Virgo, and it is in its highest power while transiting these signs.

In the sign of Sagittarius and Pisces this planet doesn’t feel as well, and it doesn’t have the maximum of its power.

Every sign it transits through, influences this planet’s traits with its influence.

In this text, we are giving some general information about the traits of people born with the planet Mercury in Capricorn.

Mercury in Sagittarius Man

Men born with Mercury in Sagittarius are interesting to be around and people love to be in their company. These men are full of amazing stories from their experiences and past travels, which people adore hearing about. They are true citizens of the world who enjoy experiencing new things and meeting new people.

These men are focused on the bigger picture of things, and they don’t pay much attention to the details. Their lack of interest for details and can sometimes cost them and cause damage or loss of opportunities, but these men usually achieve success without having to worry much about the details.

Their good luck compensates that, and they end up getting what they want, even when circumstances weren’t on their side.

These men easily get bored with people who are overly responsible and detailed.

They have a firm belief in the positive outcome of their actions and they don’t want other people’s opinions and disbelief influence them. They have their goal in mind and they blindly go after it. Besides not paying attention to details, these men are usually not very organized and responsible either.

Men with Mercury in Sagittarius are often blessed with good fortune, and they manage to get out of most situations as winners, even when all odds were against them. They don’t let anything discourage them.

They are a fun company and are very sociable. They always meet new people and expand their circle of acquaintances. They are often in a presence of people, and don’t have difficulties approaching people and starting a conversation.

Because they meet so many people, they don’t have time to develop and invest in most of these acquaintanceships, and that is why these men can be perceived as superficial.

The real fact is that many of them are superficial, at least regarding some things and people in their lives.

Although they might appear disinterested and superficial in some situations, these men are usually very deep and often spiritually developed. They are interested in the secrets of the Universe and they have a lot of knowledge on the subject.

When they encounter the right person to talk to, the brilliance of their mind and perception of the world becomes obvious. 

Mercury in Sagittarius Woman

Women with Mercury in Sagittarius are very inquisitive and curious. These women have an adventurous nature and love traveling.

They often travel to distant places and even live abroad. Like men born with this placement, these women are focused on the whole picture rather than analyzing the details. They are optimists who don’t allow circumstances to bring them down, or discourage them from their path.

These women are often highly educated and full of knowledge, and often try to find some unusual ways of learning because they hate the discipline and routine required for finishing studies.

They have a philosophical approach to life and enjoy discovering the secrets of life and the Universe as a whole.

They are inspired by encounters with other people, especially strangers, as well as other cultures. They always seek the truth in unusual places. These women are very intelligent and interesting to be around. They are very communicative and have a nice way of expressing themselves. They often speak several languages, and they love learning them.

Women with Mercury in Sagittarius often have an adventurous spirit and love hanging around people with similar interests. They love the company of other people and they are tolerant of differences.

They get along well with almost anyone and are very easy to get along. They are relaxed and usually very adaptable. These women don’t need much to have fun or to be satisfied.

Like men with this Mercury placement, they can be overly direct and inconsiderate about their words, which could hurt people who are not as confident as they are and cannot handle being told the truth.

They need to work on their sense of empathy towards other people and begin paying more attention to their feelings. 

Good Traits

Some of the good traits of Mercury in Sagittarius are:

honesty, seeking and gaining knowledge, seeking the truth about life and the Universe, philosopher, good friend, expansive, love for learning, educated, curious, inquisitive, visionary, determination to succeed, optimistic, seeing the bigger picture of things, adaptability, open-minded, easy-going, focused on the future, freedom loving, communicative, sociable, visionaries, positive expectations, persistent, determined to succeed, citizens of the world, etc.

Bad Traits

Some of the bad traits of Mercury in Sagittarius are:

lack of focus, thoughtfulness, tactless, lack of attention to details, impatient, inconsiderate, unrealistic, unreliable, undisciplined, intolerant, exaggeration, rash behavior, lack of focus, brutally honest and hurting people with their words, superficiality, etc.

Mercury in Sagittarius – General Info

People born with Mercury in Sagittarius are usually optimistic, open-minded, and easy-going.

They don’t like sobbing over the past and are always focused on the future. These people don’t like restrictions of any kind, especially restrictions of their thoughts. They are friendly and open to communication. They have a lot of life experience and are full of interesting stories which people enjoy hearing.

These people enjoy being around different people and enjoy talking about their stories. They also love meeting new people and are very sociable.

They usually dream big and have great (almost impossible) visions for the future. People are often startled when they hear their ideas and often begin convincing them to give up on them because they are way too unrealistic.

Fortunately, these people are not easily startled and they keep pursuing their dreams regardless of how impossible they might seem to others and even to themselves.

These people are not fond of details and are usually focused on the bigger picture. That approach doesn’t prevent mistakes and even damage occurring because of their actions, but these people don’t care much about that. They have a blind faith which usually leads them to success.

People with Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius are often drawn to philosophy and thoughts about the purpose of existence. They love reading and expanding their knowledge and often have a waste range of interests.

These people often dislike the discipline required to attain academic studies, but they enjoy the process of learning, especially when they can experience first-hand the things they are learning about.

They are truth seekers and they are always on the lookout to finding it. They are often very educated and occupy high positions in their profession.

These people are often blindly optimistic, and that faith encourages them to follow their dreams. Sometimes their exaggerated optimism becomes the reason for their ruin. They are also prone to exaggerating in matters which are ruled by the planet Mercury.

They are not very organized and tend to do things without much planning and thinking ahead. They love doing things randomly and love surprises. They have a lot of friends and acquaintances and have good relations with their neighbors and their cousins.

They are often the neighbor or the cousin everyone loves to hang around with because they are always full of fun and interesting stories from the adventures they experience.

They are fun to talk to. They are usually the one doing the most of talking and they do it with great enthusiasm especially when they are talking about some new idea or a project. They love it when people have different opinions from theirs and enjoy proving their point of view using different arguments.

Although they love talking and they can talk endlessly, they are usually not good listeners. They often get bored easily.

When they talk they have a tendency to be very direct to the point of hurting people’s feelings. They can’t stand people who don’t have the courage to speak honestly what they mean. These people are very honest and they consider speaking the truth on every occasion very important.

Although the truth should be told, these people should begin paying attention to the consequences their actions could provoke. Their behavior is often thoughtless and rash, but they usually cannot prevent their reactions. Often they are impatient and inconsiderate.

These people love to talk to people. They both enjoy philosophical topics about the great secrets of the Universe, as well as doing small-talk. They consider that something new could be learned from anyone and at any place. These people always try to see the whole picture and not focus on the details.

Some people with Mercury in Sagittarius decide to make a career working as teachers or University professors. They also choose the fields of law and are very successful lawyers or judges.

These people are religious in their own way because through the years they have developed an outlook on religion based on their experiences, knowledge, and their inner feeling.

These people are born travelers and often consider themselves citizens of the world. Mercury is a planet which rules travel and travelers and when it is placed in the sign of Sagittarius, it ensures these people frequent travels, and travels to distant parts of the Globe.

These people appreciate their freedom and they travel as often and as much as they can.

They enjoy gaining new experiences and meeting new acquaintances on their travels. They often live far from their place of birth, and they often relocate to another country because of their job or private matters.

People with Mercury in Sagittarius often have a talent for learning foreign languages and often speak more than one.

They usually have good relations with their neighbors and their cousins, although it is often a superficial one. 


People born with Mercury in Sagittarius are open-minded and easy-going. They don’t like to burden themselves with way too many details, and the bits and pieces, and they simply look at the whole picture of things.

They base their conclusions and decisions based on the general overview of a situation.

They are very communicative and interesting storytellers. They love spending time with people who have similar interests and enjoy meeting new acquaintances.

They are frequent travelers who travel both for work and for pleasure.

These people often appear shallow, but are in fact very deep and often very spiritual. They are interested in learning the secrets of life and human existence, and they often study these subjects seriously. They have their own philosophical view on religion and the world around them.

These people are usually very educated although they are burdened by the discipline academic studying requires.

These people can get along well with almost anyone. They are very adaptable and don’t need much to be happy and satisfied.

Mercury in Sagittarius people are very honest. They are sometimes brutally direct to people and they don’t censure the words they speak, which hurts many people and makes them want to avoid their company.

These people need to learn to pay attention to people’s feelings and refrain from speaking everything that comes on their mind.