Moon In 10th House – Meaning, Synastry

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Astrology analysis can allow us to determine details about people or different events and situations; it can help us to determine people’s traits and outcomes of situations, as well as the events that might happen in the future.

Astrology can also analyze relationships and determine whether they are likely to be lasting and harmonious.

Astrology can analyze many other matters and give answer to many different questions.

Unfortunately, astrology is still unrecognized as a science, despite its prove accuracy and dependability through time. 

Planets in houses individual charts and synastry meaning

The birth chart is a frozen image of the planets at a certain moment; that is usually the birth of someone. The birth chart has 12 houses where these planets are placed.

Those houses with planets inside reveal the areas of life where the person will tend to focus their attention and activities. The planets will add their energy to the events related to these houses.

When doing synastry analysis, houses of the natal chart also have great importance. The houses where the planets of one person fall into another person’s chart reveal how their relationship will influence them.

The houses of the natal chart rule different areas of life, for example, our relationships, our physical appearance, siblings, character, surroundings, neighbors, friends, parents, social life, travel, health, education, etc.

The first 6 houses are personal, and the other 6 houses are interpersonal. Houses 1 -3 rule personal identity; houses 4 – 6 rule process of integration in the surroundings; 7 – 9 rule person’s awareness of people; houses 10 – 12 rule the person’s social expression and integration.

The houses 1, 4, 7, and 10 are angular or cardinal; the houses 2, 5, 8, and 11 are succedent or fixed; the houses 3, 6, 9, and 12 are cadent or mutable. 

Moon – Basic Qualities

The Moon is a celestial body with great importance for the life on our planet, and it is not a planet but an Earth’s satellite.

The formation of the Moon is believed to have happened when the planet Earth collided with an asteroid, which happened around 4.5 billion years ago. Some people doubt this theory and believe that the Moon was formed artificially by aliens.

The Moon moves very fast; it travels around the Earth and that takes 27.5 days. This is the time necessary for the Moon to cross all 12 Zodiac signs. In astrology, the Moon rules Cancer; it is exalted in Taurus; it’s in its fall in Scorpio, and in detriment in Capricorn.

The Moon is the ruler of emotions, feelings, mother, motherly instincts, other women in our life, our femininity, home, intuition, subconscious, inner being, etc.

People under the influence of the Moon are usually very emotional and their feelings are easily hurt. Their memory is powerful, but sometimes it can be their worst enemy, making them hold on to their past hurtful memories which prevent them from moving with their lives.

They should learn to let go of their past and resentment they feel and forgive the people who have hurt them. If they don’t do that, they risk wasting their time and filling themselves with negativity.

Moon people are often shy and closed off. They prefer the company of their family and close friends. It takes a lot for them to begin trusting someone and sharing the stories from their private life.

Their homes are very important to them, and only chosen ones can join them there. They have nurturing nature and enjoy taking care for their loved ones.

Oftentimes, especially when the Moon is afflicted, these people tend to be moody and change their opinion frequently. They can be very demanding and irritating others with their behavior.

Some of them might be prone to dependent and clingy behavior. In some cases, these people are very possessive.

Moon is the ruler of intuition, which is why people influenced by the Moon often have heightened intuition and can sense what others think or feel. Some of them have a gift of premonition and can foretell future events.

Because the Moon rules our mother, the position of the Moon in house or sign can reveal a lot about her. The position of the Moon in our chart also shows areas where we feel most comfortable or like “at home”. It also shows the level of comfort we require and possess in our life.

Tenth House Meaning

The tenth house is considered the house of career and success in life. It shows the recognition and reputation we manage to gain during our lifetime. It is the house of rewards for our work. The planet ruler of this house is Saturn and it corresponds to the sign of Capricorn.

This is considered the house of family ancestry, legacy and our roots; the house reveals goals that were inherited from your ancestors. The tenth is also the house of inherited social status, or a desire that lingers through generations of your ancestors to climb the ladder of success.

When there are planets in this house, this is usually an indication of an ambitious individual, determined to succeed and accomplish their goals. This house is a house revealing your achievements and level of ambition. It also rules your boss and authorities you have in life.

This is also the house traditionally related to our father. It reveals the power and influence you possess in society. The 10th house is the house of fame and public life, as well as public appearances.

The tenth house, the sign on the top and the planets in the house, reveal your public appearance and the way you are perceived by the public. This house and the planets inside might reveal the level of authority and leadership skills you possess.

Because Saturn is about hard work, the tenth house reveals the achievements and success you have achieved through hard work and patience.

The 10th house reveals your operability. The sign and the planets inside can reveal the areas you can become an expert of. It reveals the legacy you might leave to those that come after. This house often reveals the best profession for you.

Moon in Tenth House Meaning in Individual Charts

The person with their Moon in the tenth house often seeks emotional satisfaction and security through their reputation and status. They are mainly focused on their career and their career success gives these people emotional security.

With the Moon in 10th house, the person might be in constant pursuit of achievements, success, and prestige. There is likely a strong woman influence when it comes to their choice of profession as well as help to succeed in their career.

Also, these people often rely on the help of women to achieve their success and goals.

The person with Moon in tenth house has a strong desire to be successful and their career is one of the most important, if not the most important things in their life. They cannot be happy and satisfied unless they are accomplished and successful.

Nothing is too hard for them when it comes to accomplishing their goals. They know that the satisfaction only comes when they reach their goals and this is what keeps them focused to succeed.

When the Moon is in the tent house, this can describe the person’s mother as a very ambitious and goal-driven person, who has influenced the owner of the tenth house to be equally driven to succeed and climb the ladder of success.

The mother of this person is often very successful herself, but she might also focus and project her ambition onto the 10th house person, pushing them to be successful.

Sometimes the tenth house person is driven to achieve success only to satisfy their mother.

The person with Moon in tenth house seeks emotional satisfaction through status and achievements, as well as public appreciation. These people often have a desire to be in the public eye, and choose professions that can bring them there, such as politics, acting, and similar.

The tenth house can bring the person fame and public acceptance, but if the planets placed there are malefic and afflicted, this could lead to scandals, and loss of popularity.

People with Moon in 10th house feel most comfortable when they are working and accomplishing their goals and building their career. They are often prone to working overtime to achieve what they desire. They desire public acknowledgment of their efforts and achievements.

If the tenth house has planets inside, this is a certain sign that the person is ambitious and desires to accomplish success. The state of the planet or planets which are inside the tenth house will reveal whether it is likely that the person will achieve success and whether it will be lasting.

For example, if Uranus is in the tenth house, it is likely that the person might achieve great success during their lifetime, but there is also a certainty that they might experience scandals and sudden endings in blocks in their career, which may or may not be possible to control.

With this position of the Moon the person who is not in a leader position might experience having women bosses and depending on the position of the Moon their experience with their bosses might be a pleasant one or not.

For example, if the Moon is afflicted, this could mean having a tyrant woman boss who doesn’t have understanding and appreciation for the person’s efforts and achievements.

Frequently, men with Moon in tenth house end up with ambitious women who might be more successful than they are.

Women with this position of the Moon might be very ambitious and manage to provide enough for themselves never to rely on anyone, and in some cases, them being the ones to support their partners or husbands.

Women with their Moon in the tenth house are often very capable and very successful. They usually manage to handle both their career and private life and family.

A boss with their Moon in the 10th house usually has protective and nurturing attitude towards their employees.

Moon in Tenth House Meaning in Synastry

When some person’s Moon is in the 10th house of another person, especially if it is conjunct the cusp of that house (MC), the Moon person will have an instinctive understanding of that person’s goals and desires in life.

The Moon person will be supportive of the tenth house person’s desires for achievement and success and he might also help her achieve these goals.

The Moon person’s support will act very stimulating to the tenth house person, and she will be inspired to put in the necessary efforts to prove her value to the Moon person.

The Moon person will know how to boost the 10th house person’s ambitions and she will be grateful for that. He might also help her with career, either through advice or through some other kind of actual help.

In some cases, the Moon person might have a nurturing and motherly approach and attitude towards the tenth house person, giving them advice they think will be the best for them regarding their career. This is often the position that occurs between the natal charts of married couples.

The Moon person might have a role to make the tenth house person aware of how important their reputation is and to inspire them to do everything possible to maintain that reputation pure and intact.

The Moon person often feels that the tenth house person is someone they can feel proud of and show off in public. They both might consider one another as a good catch.


The Moon in 10th house in individual charts is a position which makes the person ambitious and eager to succeed because their emotional stability depends on it.

Their career choices are often influenced by a strong women figure, usually their mother.

In some cases, the mother influence can be very strong, and the tenth house person might make career choices to please their mother, even though they don’t agree with them.

This is usually a sign of a successful woman who manages to accomplish everything she desires both in her professional and private life. For a man with this Moon placement this could indicate a strong and successful woman in their life.

If the person with this Moon placement is in a leadership position, it is likely that they will undertake a motherly role towards their employees and subordinates.

If the Moon of one partner appears in synastry analysis in the tenth house of the other partner, this is usually an indication that the Moon person supports the career moves of the tenth house person, and helps the tenth house person achieve their goals.