Moth – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Moths are insects related to butterflies. It is considered that 160,000 species of moths exist.

Some scientists presume that there are more than half a million species of moths. These are mostly nocturnal insects, but there are also species which are active during the day as well.

Many people mistake diurnal moths with butterflies, hummingbirds and sometimes even bees. Moths also drink nectar from flowers, which is one of the causes for mistaking them for butterflies or other insects. They are in fact important pollinators of flowers.

There are no strict rules for distinguishing moths and butterflies, but one important difference is the thin antennae that the butterflies have on their heads, as well as the small balls at the end of these antennae.

Moths also have these antennae, but without the balls on the top.

Moths go through larvae stage, but they emerge from their larvae as fully grown adults with wings. Some moth caterpillars make holes in the ground and they live there until they turn into moths.

These insects have evolved before butterflies. Many moths, and especially their caterpillars are considered major agricultural pests. They can cause grave damage to forests, crops, and fruit farms. Many moth larvae eat clothes fibers like wool or silk.

They don’t like artificial fibers. People use different remedies to get rid of moths, such as scented woods, lavender, natural oils and, what is considered the most effective remedy, mothballs or naphthalene.

Their larvae cannot survive freezing temperatures below -8 °C, so that is one of the ways they can be exterminated.

An interesting fact about moths is that most of the adult ones don’t eat at all. They don’t have mouth parts and survive using the energy they have collected as caterpillars. Many moths drink nectar from flowers.

The most famous moths are the ones farmed for their special abilities, which gives them an economic value, like the silkworm. The silkworm is a larva of a domesticated moth farmed for the silk which it uses to build its cocoon. There are several species of moths farmed for their abilities to produce silk.

Moths come in various sizes, from tiny, about 2mm in size, to extra-large, which means as large as a dinner plate, which is around 28cm.

Many moth larvae are used as food, especially in Africa. They are not only sold in the markets, but are exported to other African countries.

Many animals feed on moths, especially the nocturnal types, such as bats, as well as some owls and birds. Moths are also eaten by cats, dogs, lizards, rodents, and surprisingly, some bears.

These insects are able to detect ultrasound emitted by bats, which causes them to maneuver while flying to avoid potential attack.

Moths are attracted to artificial light. These animals are great at disguising themselves. They usually blend in with the surroundings.

Some moth species are migratory and they travel to other places to find better food resources or to avoid bad weather conditions.

What does a Moth Symbolize?

Moths symbolize different things. They symbolize attraction, confusion, allure, darkness, dreams, determination, faith, inner knowing, movement, light, intuition, psychic awareness, psychic abilities, spiritual transformation, hiding, secrets, optimism, courage, camouflage, strong will, confidence, secret knowledge, truth, shadows, fragility, vulnerability, transformation, etc. 

The Moth Meaning as a Spirit Animal

The moth totem can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Attraction and attractiveness. Moths are attracted to artificial light, and that is one of their distinguishing marks. They can’t resist light. Because of that, moths symbolize attractions and attachments. These attractions can be healthy or unhealthy. If you have some unhealthy attachments, the moth totem helps you transform them into healthy ones. With this animal as your totem, you also possess a natural attractiveness, which lures people towards you.

Secret knowledge. Moths are a symbol of secrets you are holding inside you. They also symbolize the secret knowledge you gained or you gaining going through life. This totem animal teaches you to use that knowledge for your benefit as well as the benefit of others.

Fragility. Moths are very fragile creatures. The moth as your totem animal teaches you of the need to overcome your inborn fragility and become stronger. You need to be able to confront different situations in life and get out of them as a winner.

Confidence and strong will. Moths have a strong confidence and will to do whatever they need. This totem animal gives you the gift of being confident about your abilities, and to have a strong enough will make the most of them.

Courage. The moth is a courageous insect. As a totem it is asking you to be the same. You need to be brave and bold to accomplish your goals. Don’t let anyone dismay you from your desired path.

Camouflage. Moths are masters of disguise. They manage to blend into every surrounding. The moth spirit animal is teaching you of the importance of disguising yourself when you will benefit because of that. You can do it for protection reasons or for some other reasons. Use that ability as your advantage.

Psychic abilities. The moth totem animal gives you the gift of being psychically aware and having physical abilities. You need to become aware of them and begin using them for your own benefit as well as the benefit of the people around you.

Hiding and retreating. Moths tend to hide themselves for protection reasons. If the moth is your spirit animal, you can be very timid and insecure person, with a tendency to hide yourself from others as well as hide from your problems, putting them aside, instead of dealing with them. The moth totem teaches you of the need to confront your issues instead of ignoring them.

Transformation. Moths as many other insects go through stages of transformation during the process of becoming a fully grown adult. They spend some time in the larvae or caterpillar stage, after which they emerge as an adult with grown wings. With the moth as your spirit animal, you are prone to making frequent changes in your life. You also transform your personality and easily adapt to these changes.

Spiritual transformation. Moths go through transformation during the process of becoming adults. They also symbolize spirituality and spiritual development. This totem animal helps you go through the process of spiritual evolvement and gaining spiritual knowledge. With this totem animal you are most likely a highly spiritual developed person or you are on the way of becoming one.

Determination. Moths range in size from tiny to gigantic ones. Regardless of their size, they are considered very determined and they don’t quit if they have something planned. This totem animal teaches you to be determined and persevering and never give up on your goals, regardless of the obstacles you are facing. With the moth as your totem, you are probably very determined and not many things can stop you from accomplishing your desires.

Optimism. Moths symbolize optimism. This totem animal reminds you to remain optimistic and look on the bright side of every situation. That way you maintain calm and patiently wait until the right circumstances arise. If you have the moth as your spirit animal you are probably optimistic and joyful and tend to translate these feelings onto others. That is why you are a favorite person to be around.

Moth as Your Totem Animal

If the moth is your totem animal, you could have a tendency to be attracted to pleasurable things.

You are honest and true to yourself. You are confident and proud of yourself. You don’t mind what other people might say about you. You know who you are and you are not afraid to demonstrate that.

With the moth as your totem animal, you are a person who doesn’t hide your emotions and tends to show them to others.

You are confident about your abilities to succeed. You have a good intuition and sometimes developed intuitive and psychic gifts you use to help others and yourself.

This totem animal is reminding you not to overlook and ignore problems because they can grow to be something unsolvable.

The moth is asking you to deal with your issues when they arise and not delay them because they can become huge.

You are a very optimistic person and always look at the bright side of things and every situation you are in. You have a good and kind soul, and you are always ready to help others.

You are a person others can rely upon, you give great advices and people enjoy having you as their friend. You have a higher understanding of things around you and with your higher knowledge and wisdom you can help others go through the difficulties of life.

As a moth totem person you often go through changes and transformations in life but you don’t have a problem with that. You love changes and embrace them with joy.

You are attractive and people are naturally attracted to you. 

What if the Moth Appears in Your Life?

If the moth appears in your life could be a calling to discover your weak sides and deal with them.

The moth could be a calling to listen to your gut when it comes to making some important decisions and making important choices.

If the moth keeps appearing everywhere, it might be a calling to develop your spirituality further and gain more spiritual knowledge. This totem animal could also be a reminder of your psychic gifts and the need to begin using them.

The moth could also be a calling to become confident in your abilities and overcome your natural fragility.

This totem animal could be calling you to make some changes in your life or transform your personality.

Sometimes a moth appears in your life as a reminder to maintain optimistic in some difficult situation.

Keep your chin up and smile because better days will surely come. You don’t want to waste your time worrying.

When to call on Moth?

You should call on moth as your spirit animal when:

  • You want to speak honestly about your feelings to others;
  • You want to speak the truth in some situation;
  • You feel lack of motivation or inspiration;
  • You need to maintain your optimism and positive outlook on things;
  • You want to be more attractive;

Dreams about Moth – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about moths could indicate the need to pay attention to details you usually overlook and consider insignificant. Sometimes a dream of moths could indicate your fragility and weakness in some situation.

A dream of moths could also indicate some issue becoming apparent when it is too late to deal with it.

A moth larvae often indicates change and transformation you are about to go through.

Often a moth indicates attraction and romance which is about to begin in your life. Possibly someone you already know could be a suitable candidate for your new romantic partner, or you can soon encounter someone completely new.

Be open to receive love and try to be as attractive as you can.