Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Far back into past, our ancestors were looking upon the same starry sky, wondering if there is some force that governs upon all our lives, deciding on what their lives are going to be and why.

Thousands of years after, we wonder the same things.

We may have all sorts of fantastic gadgets that once appeared only in our own imagination, but still we have no answer to ultimate questions such as why we are here at all and what is an individual’s purpose in the whole universe’s destiny.

In search for such answers, particularly on an individual level, we often raise our heads up to the sky and wonder.

Maybe you are skeptical about astrological interpretations, but you have to give it at least some credit.

It is a very old discipline and many situations in life prove there has to be something in it.

Finally, you are here, reading this. Astrology is more than just a zodiac sign you were born under.

The base of natal that is individual astrology is a birth chart.

It features many elements besides your native zodiac sign and all of them affect it.

It simply means that there are no ideal representatives of zodiac signs.

People are wrong to thinks so and, thus, label ones as not a ‘real’ Sagittarius or Leo or Aries or any other.

Sun Sign

The thing is, your native zodiac sign is your Sun sign. The Sun shines upon that particular sign, which further means it matches the sign, making it your native, ruling sign.

This Sun sign has to do much with your personality, but other planets affect it, as well.

The Sun is the first of five personal planets, which also are Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Moon.

The Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, are astrologically considered planets, although technically they are not ones. The Sun is the first one to think about.

It represents the purpose of your personality, in a way; not that much a purpose on a big plan, but your own potentials. The Sun gives you the energy and motivation to reach your maximum.

It is the principle of creation and creativity; it drives you to develop, create, progress, and succeed. The Sun makes you strong and feeds your being with the energy for life and the will to live your life the best you can.

The Sun inspires noble qualities, knighthood, and generosity, warmth of the heart, courage, bravery, honesty and honor.

These could all turn bad, if your Sun sign faces some rather unpleasing aspects. Bad aspects make your Sun energy corrupted. It leads to vanity, wrong ambitions, even cruelty and malevolence.

It all depends on other planets and signs that affect your Sun sign.

There are no ideal ones; most of people express both good and the bad ones, but the point is to recognize your best qualities and nurture them.

Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fiery sign, the one with incredible enthusiasm for life. The Sun’s energy flows strong in this Fire element sign.

Sagittarius people are curious, joyful, very open-minded and adventurous.

They are the greatest travelers in real life. Sagittarius needs to meet as many people as he or she could, so to learn new and amazing things about the humankind as a whole.

They are adventurous philosophers, guided by ideals.

Sagittarius is in search for true purpose and he or she could never be discouraged; they are hopeful and they truly believe in their ideals. It is a quest, a mission, not something they do for fun.

Yet, at the same time, they enjoy it to the fullest. Sagittarius ideas are serious, but these people laugh easily, experience life to the fullest.

They are curious about people and they would gladly share their own ideas with others.

They live through experience and learning. Sagittarius are philosophical adventurers.

They explore ideas, but they need to experience them practically, as well. They are outgoing and sociable.

Sagittarius rarely remains solely on a thinking level; they think and do things. They need dynamic and activity and are not afraid of failure and making bad decisions.

At the end of the day, a Sagittarius always learns a lesson. They enjoy widening their horizons.

They also love teaching, not only learning. Sagittarius feels great if he or she has someone to pass his or her knowledge to.

They make for excellent tutors, mentors, teachers, amazing friends, parents and partners. They value freedom of thought and are restless.

Moon Sign

The Moon sign is not about your dynamic, manifesting personality, but about what lies beneath the surface.

Well, your Sun sign is not your surface in terms of shallowness, not at all, but the surface in terms of human consciousness. Your Sun sign is mostly what you are aware of.

The Moon is something entirely different. It rules over your intuition and sub conscious self.

It affects your dreams, fantasies, your deepest desires, usually those one needs a long time to recognize.

Your heart does not shout around as your head does. Your soul has a subtle voice and you would do great if you stop for a while and listen to it.

The Moon is about all of this. It is the planet of emotional growth and development.

It is also about flexibility, changeability and spontaneity. The Moon is a Water element entity, which makes it transformative and its energy ever flowing.

The Moon sign defines your emotional channel and the way you are going emotionally to respond to things that come upon your way.

The Moon inspires imagination and supports creativity; it is an inner voice telling you what your soul truly desires.

Moon in Taurus

The Moon feels good in Taurus, the sign of its exaltation. Taurus is an earth element sign, stable, firm and well grounded.

Taurus is physical, sensing; it needs touch, smell, taste and else.

Taurus Moon is a person who finds great joy in natural wonders and the one who can recognize the beauty in natural things we commonly overlook. Moon Taurus is also a hedonist.

These people are caring, warm and protective. They are the greatest providers in the entire Zodiac. They feel content if they can provide the best for themselves and their loved ones.

They value comfort and coziness. Financial stability means a great deal to any Moon Taurus.

Once they achieve it, they can surrender the life’s pleasures. Food is, for example, something they enjoy the most.

Moon Taurus’ are creative people, ones that enjoy making things by their own hands.

They are artists of life; everything they do is meant to make them feel comfortable and to nurture their great capacities for art, for everything that is beautiful.

These people can find beauty in small things, primarily natural ones.

They are family oriented receptive and protective people. They have strong parental instinct and attitude.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon Personality

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon is an amazing, positive personality that greatly combines enthusiasm of fiery Sagittarius, its need for adventure and knowledge with calm, steady and protective Taurus nature. This could make for a well-balanced personality.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon would perhaps focus more on studying than on wandering around the world without rest.

They can focus on one thing and dedicate their time to exploring its depths. Moreover, they would find great satisfaction in it and it is possible that they make a career out of their interest.

For example, a Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon could become a notable scholar, a professor with an amazing reputation.

He or she would very likely be interested in studying history, religion, philosophy or something of the sort.

It is also very important that their occupation allows them enough time to enjoy life’s pleasures.

Taurus Moon is all about it, while Sagittarius Sun makes this person more daring to experience new forms of pleasure.

These are people of an acquired taste, but ready to try something new. They are curious, but not restless as typical Sagittarius.

Good Traits

Overall, these people are content with who they are, thoughtful and modest.

They are practical, just as much their horizons are wide. They are capable of actually applying their ideas in reality, after carefully thinking about it.

They enjoy learning and teaching. They are protective and kind towards people they like.

Everyone feels good around them.

Bad Traits

Sometimes they get out of their balance. While Taurus Moon has a strong influence and wants routine and comfort, adventurous Sagittarius is restless and needs action.

Once the balance is disturbed, they may feel nervous, anxious and lost.

It makes them prone to excesses; they tend to over-indulge themselves and become stubborn.

They could stand no criticism in such phases of personal crisis.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon in Love and Marriage

These are kind and devoted lovers. They like to have a strong and stable base in their love life, but still they are enthusiastic and eager to explore the world.

Their relationships are very natural; periods of family harmony, spiced up with occasional surprises or spontaneous decisions.

Best Match for Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon

The best match for a Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon is a person of similar appetites for life. It should be someone whom they can rely on.

In addition, it should be a person would let them protect them.

They need a person to amaze them on an intellectual level, but also to share their need for physical closeness and coziness.

They need someone to cuddle and to talk to on various inspirational subjects.


Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon are laidback people with enthusiasm for learning new things and widening their horizons.

They would love to have someone to share the life with. They are home oriented, but still need to satisfy their hunger for a little bit of adventure.

They are more down to earth in thinking, but still philosophical.

They do not rush into an intellectual debate, but carefully think about their own arguments.

Overall, they are positive and they are guided by principles of family values, guardianship and provision.