Saturn Trine North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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When we talk about astrology we immediately think of the horoscope, that is, about your sun sign.

But, once we begin to know more about this science that brings together factors of astronomy, psychology and spirituality, we find a guide to achieve a greater knowledge of our existence.

Going deeper into astrology is like reading an endless tale, the next day you wait for the outcome but there is still more to discover and learn.

Saturn – Meaning and Info

Among those topics are the lunar nodes, which are not planets, asteroids, or any type of physical body.

Basically they are defined as the two symbolic points where the plane of the moon’s orbit intersects the ecliptic of the Earth.

The north node, which as its name says goes from south to north, symbolizes birth and the entrance to the material world.

The south node goes from north to south, and symbolizes the exit from the material world, our internal knowledge.

According to Vedic astrology, it is very common to call them Rahu or north node, Rahu being the head of the dragon and Ketu or south node, Ketu being the tail of the dragon, according to legend.

One of the most interesting interpretations in the lunar node theory is that of reincarnation or past lives, which states that the south node, depending on its sign, house and aspects, indicates past life experiences and / or relationships, what we already know (even when we are not aware).

The north node in turn, we can interpret it as what we came to do in this life, where we are moving, what we must learn and experience.

That is, the lunar node theory marks a relationship between the past and the future in which the wisdom of the south node can lead us to where we want to go — the north node.

North Node – Meaning and Info

Meanwhile, the North Node seems very alien and unnatural to us. Weakness forced him to adhere to more strong-minded people, on whom he could rely on a difficult moment. How do you characterize the closed shapes of partner nodes in compatibility?

In terms of marriage, the most important aspects are those that are formed by the Moon in both horoscopes of partners.

This improves the state of affairs for the North Node if it ends up at the bottom of the map.

Refer to the “Directions” chapters as well as “Horary Chart Homes” Chapter 8 for further location clarification. Trines and sextiles to the Nodes spray the energy of the Nodes, and a tendency appears.

Major aspects of the Sun with Lunar nodes harmony trine, sextile, connection with Rahu, the owner of the aspect in a past life treated other people with respect, never imposed his will, did not humiliate, did not abuse power. It depends on the rest of the map whether the talent will be related to art or.

Success is achieved by them with the help of thoroughness, methodology, accuracy and precisely calculated plans of action. His works are mainly devoted to Vedic philosophy, pacifism and the search for the meaning of life.

This person is a pronounced idealist, radical, sharp and inclined to overestimate his own knowledge and capabilities.

Firstly, easy does not mean quickly, and secondly, sometimes you do not know how to do it truly, and you do it untruly and accordingly with difficulty, but sometimes it is better than doing nothing at all.

It must be remembered that the world in general and the interlocutor in particular may not be ready for the perception of your original thought or influence, and you, as a rule, very much crush your thoughts Uranus in the aspect with the lower planet is always stronger.

I don’t understand much in Medical Astrology, I’m just learning the basics of general astrology. The aspect of connection in this case also speaks of the positive, bright potential of the relationship between two people.

Constantly changing social circumstances can impose a lot of responsibilities on him and lead to frequent frustrations. If so, then synastries or progressions, about which, in particular, Astraea wrote.

It is the pause that will give them special significance, value, wisdom and knowledge of life. The question is still such that such a part of fortune?

Here a person has too many emotions, both positive and negative, both cases with negative consequences for him, and he needs to find a certain amount of Capricorn practicality and determination.

The old and the new should interact with each other of life, and not lie in layers when no synthesis occurs. Like anyone with an afflicted Neptune, I knew what an unhappy relationship was.

The personal success of such a person is greatly facilitated by the conservatism of his views. North Node in conjunction with Saturn South Node in opposition with Saturn Development through the ability to plan, high responsible post, respect.

Unfortunately, it has already become a sad tradition that, unable to find an adequate explanation, astrologers turn to the concept of karma every time.

It is Chiron who can bring the interpretation of the law out of a state of inferiority. Such a person, when his Moon is turned on, seems to illuminate everything around him, it is difficult to quarrel with him, but, on the contrary, he wants to smile, anger comes later.

Saturn Trine North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Although the Moon has not yet found its shadow on the Sun, the eclipse begins when the Moon approaches the Sun at the distance of the approaching converging conjunction aspect. This is the world’s smallest independent state withdrew from the control of Britain, Australia and New Zealand on January 31st.

Discernment and a willingness to change deeply, deep research into secret things, overcoming crises helps you not to become attached to values ​​that have already served their purpose. It is not easy to work with him, as the legacy of the past interferes with heightened impulsivity, emotionality, conceit and arrogance.

For example, if the North Node is in Leo, then the Sun will be the ruler of this Node. He expresses thoughts easily and simply, due to which he has a certain gift of an orator. And again we see that dominion is still not complete separation of Mercury and Neptune connected by a weak aspect of tridecyl.

In the harmonious version of the North Node, the child is taught to be kind, in case of defeat, the art of deceiving and escaping fair punishment, you cannot steal a position in life, you cannot eat, or honesty is a pitiful excuse for stupidity.

Aspects indicate karmic lessons taking up more than one life. As a result, he may decide that the partner is too conservative and the north node in trine to Saturn is inactive in his thinking processes – and this will become a stumbling block in the relationship.

There are many ideas, very different, and finds, but most of them flow through our fingers, do not linger. Trust your intuition in financial matters and invest in strengthening the family hearth or purchasing real estate.

Through the connection of the personal planets of one partner with the Rahu North Node of the Moon of the other. An excellent ability to concentrate is expressed in the ability to control your own imagination.

All this symbolically reflects his behavior of the configuration with others, he castrates their planets, suppressing the basic qualities. The coincidence of the transit Pluto with the Mercury Moon indicates a cardinal change in personality.

New themes, ideas and beginnings at the end of April may require solutions, but what is needed now is caution, not enthusiasm. They themselves are very headstrong, aggressive, unpredictable, radical and destructive.

Regulars saves the king from conspirators, whatever the king may be, but he has more rights than adversaries. It is very risky to engage in astral phenomena, occultism. On Jupiter there are foreigners, as well as people providing patronage or patronage.

In the negative, you in the past could have been a bully, bully, rapist, murderer, or you had a violent end. The young eclipse is not yet known what programs it will include.

For such people, in order to deal with complexes, it is very important to know their kind, and because their system, the very core of existence, relies on relations with the family and parents. Australia seems to experience this family of eclipses as a drive for group activity, positively or negatively.

The Wheel of Fortune Capricorn hints at an abandoned place, open space, shrubland with large stones.

By showing interest in small, invisible to the ordinary sight, phenomena, he is able to deduce broad, significant regularities, or by grasping an inconspicuous character trait or habit of another person, on its basis, he can advise on what to get rid of and what to acquire.

And Borka began to laugh and tease the north node in trine to Saturn, and everyone laughed, and I cried. Success can be brought by the profession of a hygienist, nutritionist, healing, herbal medicine, entrepreneurship.

With the clustering of planets at the South Node, you will have to fight with yourself to grow. Astrologers who study past lives believe that such a person has a painful experience of relationships, but the 7th house with Saturn is also the area where we must earn respect and authority.

A person seems better to himself and to the world than he really is, his shortcomings are concealed, as well as the shortcomings of the world of his perception. Friends excite feelings, or vice versa, he constantly excites his surroundings.

Mercury rules the Ascendant and therefore the querent is the adoptive mother. Trine is a relaxing aspect, when a big obstacle is seen as insignificant, but serious.

In an eclipse on Mercury, a person becomes a victim and pays for other people’s debts.

But you can try to redirect another channel on a psychological or eventual plane, for example, through working with Pluto, connecting with the Ascending Node, this is generally a lifelong task.


Constantly changing social circumstances can impose a lot of responsibilities on him and lead to frequent frustrations.

If so, then synastries or progressions, about which, in particular, Astraea wrote. It is the pause that will give them special significance, value, wisdom and knowledge of life.

The question is still such that such a part of fortune?