Virgo in 12th House – Meaning and Info

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What characterizes a person born in the sign of Virgo? Thanks to patience and work, they achieve enviable results, and mental and physical hygiene is very important to them.

There is no astrological sign that cares as much about its health as Virgo.

If you notice a person who describes each of his symptoms in great detail and detail, you can assume that he was born in this sign or that it is emphasized in his personal horoscope.

Virgo – Meaning and Info

There are many doctors, pharmacists and nurses among these people. Since they are burdened with health, they always carry a small pharmacy with them, just in case. They are very dedicated to their profession, and they perceive the treatment of other people as their own healing.

The part of the body ruled by a sign is also the most sensitive point. Since Virgo rules the stomach, first the intestines, the appendix, the pancreas, the spleen … these organs are the most endangered in these people. They often suffer from diarrhea, constipation, stomach cramps as well as other stomach ailments and diseases.

Mercury, the planet that rules Virgo, controls the nerves in the human body, and thus indirectly affects the stomach in these people, and they, sensitive and timid, due to excessive work and worries, with stomach cramps, often become mentally unstable. This further explains the small mobile pharmacy in which there is often a large selection of sedatives.

Chronic criticism, negative attitude and unpleasant performance in the social environment, push these people into loneliness and depression. In a vicious circle, they find solace in doing the job they do perfectly.

Excessive self-criticism, complicating every problem, analyzing all sorts of little things, draws Virgo into a trap called illness.

It can seem that Virgos are weak and chronically ill people who walk through life like nightmares. However, that is not the case, among them we have many high-minded experts who instinctively managed to get the most positive maximum that was given at birth.

And those are: precision, dedication, meticulousness and hygiene, both physical and mental. Regular check-ups, you will often find them at the same doctor more than once. They never accept the answers to their dilemmas with a dry diagnosis, but require detailed explanations that often surprise the doctor himself.

Their analytical spirit does not rest until it mathematically completes all the possible and impossible causes of their newly formed “severe” disease. Virgo, in addition to health, service activities, government and a healthy diet, macrobiotics, small animals, pets, clothing…

We can see them on the market, behind the counter in a small independent arrangement, selling small products, which have no great value and whose price is paid with the smallest banknotes, because this sign symbolizes small money, bulk, sand and everything that is chopped into the smallest parts.

With his “earthly” patience, he achieves enviable results, and according to the system of the old saying “sweat by grain – bread”, he becomes richer with age.

The negative trait of this person that can befall you in the workplace is excessive criticism and insistence on little things that can sometimes be totally insane. The quality of not seeing the forest from a tree can take Virgo to the extreme and turn a perfect worker into a bad guy who doesn’t always like something.

To win the attention of Virgo, you must first be very practical and smart. The business acumen and precision that she evaluates with you will win a big plus.

In order to accept you, you must impose on her the obligation and sense of duty that she enjoys because that is how she knows that someone needs her.

More than any other sign, Virgo’s partner’s personal hygiene is extraordinarily important. If you want to win it, always be impeccably tidy, fragrant and don’t even mention that you have ever been ill in your life. He will run away with his head no matter if he suspects that he can get some disease from you, even if it was harmless.

12th House – Meaning and Info

The 12th house, the last of the individual mandala, is probably the most complicated place to understand in the natal chart.

Related to the Pisces sign, it has a fused and enigmatic character. The planets and signs located in the 12th house influence all matters related to the progress of humanity in general, and not to personal progress. We are going to know the characteristics of the natives who present Virgo in the 12th house.

The twelfth house has two meanings, one determined from the sign that is at the top and another marked by the planets that influence it. An unfavorable configuration according to astrologers is the positioning of the sign itself at the top of the 12th house, among other possibilities.

It is the house whose domain forces the native to shake the intrinsic towards his external energy, to seek the north of himself and surrender to free will. House number twelve indicates hidden and unknown strengths and weaknesses. Pattern suffering, anguish, limitations, difficulties, confinement and failure.

Show what we hide from others. Inquiries, reports, subjective support, inner discernment, the unconscious imagination, karma, mercy, pity, and help.

Often times, this house is called the “horoscope closet or garbage can” because it covers up the problems and dark issues of life.

Virgo, the only sign personified by a woman, is a sign distinguished by its accuracy, its conventionality and its search for perfection, among other characteristics that determine it.

Virgo natives are usually onlookers and resigned, sometimes indifferent, therefore in certain circumstances it is difficult for them to make great friends.

This is a person who always supports the person to whom he is attached to the community, but has a predisposition to be a strict and just parent who always thinks many years in advance about his child’s plans, material security and the like.

Several of their relationships with third parties turn out to be frivolous, because in reality they fear to give free rein to their impressions and they lack confidence in their statements and opinions. They choose to proceed with reservations and with an engaging ability.

They tend to be cautious, friendly, and distracted with other people; Virgos can help solve the difficulties of others with a dexterity and sanity that they often lack in their own personal relationships.

These natives possess magic and decorum, in addition to being orderly, applied and lovers of the method. They are able to examine the most complicated contexts.

However, they are sometimes so minute that they delay the accomplishment of complicated purposes. They are very instinctive and skilled at seeing all sides of an argument, causing it to be difficult for them to reach results.

Virgo in 12th House – Meaning and Info

All those basic features of this sign are now enhanced by the influence through its ascendant, so we have a hardworking, diligent, shy, productive, extremely thorough person very focused on himself, his appearance, which we can recognize by mild melancholy.

But exceptional kindness especially if you ask this person certain financial services, a person who is very mentally pervasive, strong in words and combatively defends his views, can be sarcastic and stubborn when needed, very nice demeanor, but a person who strives and holds exceptional personal self-control.

She notices things that can be useful to her, very practically organizes her life and introduces herself to others, has a very intuitive nature and easily connects things. She knows how to remember things that stand from childhood (first punishments, insults, grades, school environment).

She does not forget anything and always remembers those good, but also bad memories. It always warns her not to make mistakes, and to be careful and smart.

Lives with very strong emotional relationships in marriage. Although he loves the rules, he can opt for a modern emotional community. She can show excellent knowledge about the things she knows well, and financially the support of others means a lot to her, she weighs, balances, always looking for good ideas for improving her material condition.

By the way, what is not visible at first glance is that this person can be very timid, hide his phobias well, know how to be very insecure personally and constantly set himself higher goals in order to be good.

Therefore, there is a subconscious desire to achieve something more and to please others, although it may seem colder at first glance and very distant from others, tends to be difficult to open, but to evaluate people who meet for the first time very well.

A double Virgo prefers to have emotional initiative from the opposite sex, and can also be prone to very long relationships or long loneliness.

There are periods of confinement, and then a sudden emotional awakening when in a slightly unusual way there are good emotional situations and marriage.

It is quite difficult to come to terms with things from the past and she always needs a lot of time to find her daily rhythm again and to give a new person a chance emotionally.

She can show exceptional humanity and dexterity professionally, but she feels better when she is more independent and when she organizes the work herself.

At work, she can show exceptional energy, courage, inclination to take risks (always feel when risk is needed).

She also shows exceptional equality, but she needs others to give her “determined hands” because she works best when she is not under pressure. These people may seem shy, scared, they are exceptional fighters in relation to life crises. They never give up and always face things that scare them.

They excel in jobs related to pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, electrical engineering, government affairs and the arts.

No matter how tidy and organized the Double Virgo needs to be, it can often happen that she takes on too many responsibilities and lives under great stress every day, and that this trait needs to be under control and not come to the fore in everyday life, especially work.

This is a person who always supports the person to whom he is attached to the community, but has a predisposition to be a strict and just parent who always thinks many years in advance about his child’s plans, material security and the like.

The Double Virgo always has phases to lead a somewhat “slave” life followed by obligations, sacrifices for others, great personal sacrifices and a period when she relaxes, loves life and leaves it to all the senses (it is always somehow in the period of spring and the beginning of the year).

Of course, the self-criticism she is prone to bothers the person and the environment, so it can make her sometimes “hard”, but also oversensitive and with a constant feeling that others do not want to change what bothers her.

These are also people whose business plan has constant changes, who are constantly “cooking” something professional, people who value friendship and who stick to trusted people (especially those with whom they grew up).

They have periods of strong idealizations when it is difficult for them to face real life, and they go through emotional crises quite withdrawn so that no one knows. They often find themselves next to people where there are some age or geographical differences.

The Double Virgo always has her own special style of dress with many details that adorn and attract attention, she is interested in occultism, psychology.

Although she often chooses and becomes emotionally attached to very different people, she has the opportunity to be happy.


It hints at a critical nature, with a strong presence in your unconscious. Possibly the native does not show this superficially.

Self-conscious cravings can destroy mental energy, so it is vital that Virgo profiles in the 12th house manage to bring out the deepest feelings of her.

Virgo is associated with health issues and has strong interests related to these issues. His reservations end at certain moments and even somewhat violently, when after possibly spending a great deal of time speculating on an issue and rehearsing while she is alone, she decides to make his thought public.