Venus Sextile Neptune

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Astrology and its knowledge have been used for centuries to determine events that might happen sometime in the future, as well as people’s characters and their possible destiny.

It is an old discipline, which analyzes the positions of the planets in the natal chart.

Astrology does that to determine someone’s personality and the likely events they are about to experience in life. Astrology analyzes the signs and the houses of the planets, but also the aspects they make with other planets.

The aspects are certain angles between planets formed during planets’ movement across the sky. They can be harmonious and inharmonious, as well as major and minor.

Harmonious aspects enable the cooperation of the planets and full expression of their energy.

Inharmonious aspects block the planetary energy and create obstacles in the areas ruled by the signs and planets which form the aspect. Inharmonious aspects prevent the planets to express their good qualities.

The major aspects are conjunction, trine, square, sextile, and opposition. The minor aspects are novile, quincunx, semi-square, semi-sextile, decile, etc.

The most effective and influential are the aspects with exact orbs. 

Sextile Aspect

Sextiles are in the category of harmonious aspects. They are formed when planets are at a distance of 60 degrees.

The sextile creates talents and skills in the areas ruled by the houses and signs where the planets that make the sextile are placed.

This aspect allows the planets to express their energy and it gives the person opportunities to develop their talents and skills. The planets connected with the sextile aspect cooperate and help one another to show their best nature.

Sextiles give the person opportunities to accomplish their goals. This aspect is a fortunate one, bringing a lot of chances and allowing the person to achieve their goals without putting in much effort.

On the other hand, these aspects can cause the person to become lazy and lose ambition to fight for their goals. They might get used to things coming to them easily and lose the desire to work for their achievements.

This could often be the reason why these people waste their talents and don’t manage to use their full potential.

Contrary to this, people who are not as fortunate to be blessed with harmonious aspects and have predominately challenging ones, know that they must fight for what they want and they try to grab every opportunity they can get and even create their opportunities through action and initiative.

This is why people with challenging aspects often become more successful than the ones with predominantly harmonious aspects.

Sextiles formed by transits and progressions often bring new opportunities and chances for progress and developing skills. They introduce people into our lives that can help us fulfill our dreams. 

Venus – Basic Traits

Venus is a bright night star, second brightest to the Moon at night. It was worshiped by many ancient civilizations and known as the “evening star” or the “morning star”.

Venus is closest to the Sun after Mercury. It doesn’t distance from the Sun more than 48 degrees.

Venus was the ancient Romans goddess of beauty, romance, and love. In astrology, the planet Venus is also the ruler of these areas.

It rules women in general and the female principle. Venus rules arts and artists, justice, money, wealth, talents, social gatherings, comfort, relationships, marriage, weddings, attractiveness, taste, etc.

Venus rules the signs Taurus and Libra. It is the strongest when it is placed in these signs. It is also strong in Pisces, where it is exalted.

Those influenced by Venus are in most cases good looking and attractive. They are beauty lovers in all forms, whether in art, fashion, architecture, household items, making themselves looking more beautiful, etc. These people would do anything to look good.

They love being surrounded with beautiful things and possess all kinds of beauty items. They usually have good taste in clothing and know how to match their colors.

Venus people love luxury as well and they often manage to obtain a fair amount, through their own efforts, marriage, and/or other relationships. They are often into latest fashion trends and pay much attention to their clothing and other fashion accessories.

They are relationship types and most of them cannot remain single for a long time. These people feel best when they are coupled.

They also love people and prefer being in company rather than being alone. 

Neptune – Basic Traits

The planet Neptune is a very cold and heavy planet. It is made mostly of helium and hydrogen. In its interior there are mostly ice and rocks. Neptune was the ancient Romans’ god of water and sea.

In astrology, the planet Neptune is the ruler of the sign of Pisces.

Neptune rules art and artists, sensitivity, romantic feelings, deceptions, lies, isolation, secrets, addictions, illusions, nervousness, laziness, depression, scandals, nervous disorders, psychic illness, etc.

Neptune rules secret knowledge, magic, magicians, psychic abilities, and similar matters. It brings confusion into our lives.

People under a strong influence of Neptune can be very emotional, possess artistic skills, have an easily confused nature, be prone to lying and manipulating others, as well as being easily manipulated by others. This person often is a great liar with a tendency to deceive others.

Neptune in bad aspects to other planets, especially to personal planets, can cause a lot of problems in the person’s life. The person could have psychical issues, suffer from nervous disorders, psychical illness, be prone to addictions, like alcohol, gambling, or drugs, etc.

Neptune is the ruler religion, religious authorities, religious beliefs, and similar matters. The influence of this planet could cause this person to be very religious and often chose a profession related to religion.

This planet can also give the person psychic abilities and heightened intuition.

Sometimes they can possess healing powers and devote their lives to helping people with their gifts. Some of this people have a powerful ability to sense what others are thinking and feeling.

Neptune is a planet of compassion and selflessly helping others. When it is harmoniously placed into the natal chart it brings a lot of good into the person’s life. Badly placed Neptune can cause confusion, disappointment, loss, nervous breakdowns, and similar states.

This is a generational planet because it goes through one sign 14 years. This is why its position in a certain sign impacts more the whole society or a generation of people born during this time than individuals.

Neptune inspires transformations in the areas ruled by it, like religion, arts, and others.

It can trigger change in the ways people perceive religion or change in religious beliefs.

Those born with Ascendant or Sun in the sign of Pisces tend to be more prone to sensing Neptune’s influence than others. 

Venus Sextile Neptune

Both Venus and Neptune are the planets of love and romance. The main difference is that Venus rules the more physical side while the Neptune rules the more psychical side of these phenomena.

When these two planets are making a good aspect such as sextile, that usually makes the person romantic and encountering a lot of opportunities to find a suitable partner.

This aspect usually ensures love happiness and lasting relationships filled with love and compassion. This is a very sensitive person and needs a lot of attention from their partner.

Their emotions are easily hurt, and they don’t like the company of people who are ruthless and inconsiderate.

They are usually very good looking and passionate. People consider them attractive and they are often in the center of attention.

They are usually charming, and people enjoy their presence. They are communicative and often have many friends and acquaintances although they could need some time alone.

This aspect often gives a person great artistic talent and sense of beauty.

Even when they don’t have artistic skills, they know how to recognize quality and beauty, whether it is music, art, fashion, house décor, or similar matters. They often have a good taste and people admire their style.

These people are also talented photographers and they can be interested in film or photography either as a hobby or as their main profession.

A person with Venus sextile Neptune usually has a problem with being single. They need a partner to feel whole and fulfilled. This doesn’t have to mean that they are dependent and insecure; it is only a reflection of their nature which requires a partnership to feel complete.

They choose caring and nurturing partners, kind and gentle, ones that can understand and respect their giving and sensitive nature. They equally value the psychical and the emotional side of partnership, and they also need to establish a spiritual connection to their partners.

These people usually have a strong and vivid imagination and talent to create beauty. This trait helps them express their creativity. They love being surrounded with beautiful items and their home is usually beautifully decorated.

They prefer romantic décor and soft, pastel colors. These people love fashion and jewelry, especially women. They usually pay a lot for their beauty routine.

People often admire their style and try to copy them. They usually have a strong confidence about the way they look and pay a lot of attention to detail.

They have a calming and peaceful nature and they try to avoid situations and people that are rude and disturbing to their psyche. They prefer the company of people they know well, and they are usually people who are nice and have good manners like them.

These people have a kind and helpful nature and sincerely enjoy doing good things for other people. They are very sensitive to human suffer and pain in any form. They often try to avoid listening to disturbing news and stories.

They often have psychic powers and heightened intuition. They use them to help others as well as while making their decisions, because they can tend to be indecisive.

They refuse to see the bad side of the world and people, which can sometimes lead to disappointments. These people can only perceive people as good and always expect best from them.

Their love for beauty and beautiful items can sometimes be the cause of overspending and jeopardizing their finances. It is important for them to learn how to control their spending urges and prevent themselves from buying things they don’t need.

Venus Sextile Saturn Transit

When the sextile aspect between Venus and Neptune is created during transit, that marks a time of enjoying in beauty and pleasures of life.

During this time the person might feel the urge to begin using their artistic talents and creating beauty. This could also be a time for new romantic encounters and beginning of some wonderful loving relationships.

The person might feel extremely sensitive and in a romantic mood during this transit. During this transit your relationships with others might improve and become more emotional.

Someone might confess their feelings for you, or you could confess to someone that you like or love them. This transit indicates caring and nurturing partnerships where both partners treat each other with respect and great care.

A transiting sextile between Venus and Neptune could indicate a time of heightened interest for decorating and buying beauty items, such as cosmetics, clothes, jewelry, going to beauty treatments, and spending money on similar matters.

It could be a time when the person decides to redecorate their home, change their personal style or simply cut their hair to make a change in their appearance.

The person is likely to be more sociable than usually and during this transit encounters with friends and meeting new people are highly likely.

This transit could also indicate beginning a new hobby or starting to pay more attention to your physical beauty and care more about yourself and the way you look.