Virgo Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The sun sign reveals our conscious side of personality and the way we usually behave when we are in public. The moon sign, on the other hand, represents our subconscious and the reactions of our inner being, which are not visible to most people.

People with sun in Virgo and moon in Cancer are a combination of earth and water element.

These people are very emotional, but in combination with their sun sign their character could be very difficult to deal with.

The main reason is their need to tell people what to do, combined with their insecurity and emotional response when people refuse to listen to them and call them controlling (which they are).

These people often hide behind their emotionality. They often feel they have the right to tell everyone else what to do and criticize their behavior, at the same time getting offended and hurt when others try doing the same to them.

The main reason is the lack of objectivity on their side.

They often consider themselves and their actions absolutely correct and standard for judging others.

If people don’t behave the way they think they should their reactions could be anger, silence, accusing, judging, criticizing, etc.

On the other hand, these people cannot stand to be criticized and reproached and always find excuses for their behavior.

They also almost immediately attack the person who is trying to criticize them, or they use another method of emotional manipulation.

Undoubtedly, these people have great abilities and are very intelligent. They have a talent for organizing things and noticing details which help them make the correct decisions and take the right actions.

They are also precise and very practical. All these traits make them good judges of situations and ensure the correctness of their decisions.

They are excellent problem solvers because they have a talent to see the bigger picture of things at the same time paying attention to the details. They are also very practical and don’t waste time on unnecessary matters.

All these traits are the ones which make these people convinced in their impeccability and make them consider themselves appropriate to tell others how things should be done.

Although it is a fact that their suggestions are right most of the times, the way they present them is unacceptable by most people.

These people need to learn to be more tolerant of other people’s differences and accept them as a part of their individuality.

They usually don’t want to be around people who will be afraid of their reactions every time they do something.

It sounds cruel, but many people around them actually fear their reactions before doing something and are always expecting to be reproached for something.

At the same time they are afraid of commenting something to these people because they are afraid of their reaction and not to hurt them.

Their tendency to criticize and their assurance in their infallibility is something they need to learn how to control because it might jeopardize all their relationships.

No one desires being criticized and told what to do.

People might begin avoiding these people, even though they have so many other wonderful qualities because that part of their personalities is completely unacceptable.

Their ability to organize and their practical approach make them excellent for any job which requires these traits.

These people are very reliable and do the job with perfection. Their bosses love their dedicated approach and the hard work they put into accomplishing their tasks.

Their emotionality can become an issue in their professional life too because they cannot stand being criticized at all, even if the remarks made are well-minded and are nothing special at all.

They are usually very organized and precise. These people have an eye for details and nothing misses their eye. They are creative and many of them have artistic abilities.

These people love financial stability and love making money. They are not very ambitious but they love the feeling of security money brings into their lives.

That is why they put in the necessary effort to earn and save it.

They don’t like wasting anything, especially money, and have a very cautious approach towards spending. They love saving it, and usually have a substantial amount stashed somewhere.

They are not very sociable in general, and love spending time at home. As a combination of Virgo and Cancer, these people love their home, both spending time alone there or spending time with their family.

They are very attached to their family members and often in a position to help them financially or in some other way.

Being Virgo sun and Cancer moon, these people can have difficulty expressing their emotions, and they need some time to relax before they could start showing their true selves.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Virgo and Moon in Cancer:

– tender, kind, emotional, organized, tidy, independent, attached to their family, good with money, creative, precise, practical, hard workers, dedicated, reliable, detailed, good parents, etc.

Bad Traits

The good traits of Sun in Virgo and Moon in Cancer:

– controlling, prone to mood swings, judgmental, critical, hard to express their emotions, prone to emotional control, insecure, cannot accept being criticized, not very sociable, perfectionists, etc. 

‘Virgo’ Sun ‘Cancer’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with sun in Virgo and moon in Cancer are very emotional, but that is not obvious to regular observers.

They often appear cold and reserved when you first meet them. They need time to relax and get to know someone to begin showing their true nature.

These people don’t show their emotions easily even when they fall in love with someone.

They need to gain trust in that person and believe in the potential of the relationship to finally begin opening up and showing their feelings to their partner.

Their nature is not easy to deal with. They often have strict demands from their partners and spouses about the relationship and marriage, and yet they are very emotional and easy to hurt.

It is not easy for their partners who are in love with them to be honest and talk about what their desires are in the relationship because they are afraid of causing a conflict or hurting this person’s feelings.

Simply said, these people often have their set of rules they expect their partners and spouses to follow and if they fail to do that, or they refuse, they become judgmental and begin criticizing them.

If their partners respond by returning the criticism to them and/or beginning an argument because they refuse to be controlled, these people usually tend to retreat, become silent, or sulk, become angry, accusing, or quarrel with their partners and spouses.

Another thing about them and their relationships is their tendency towards mood swings.

They suddenly stop talking or become grumpy without explaining. This kind of behavior is usually influenced by the Moon’s phases, but is also a part of their character and it cannot be changed, only accepted by their partners.

In times they get used to these people’s moodiness and realize that it doesn’t last long.

When they are not criticizing their partner or sulking about something, these people are very emotional and tender towards their partners.

They love cuddling with them, and are usually not very passionate.

These people are usually commitment types, although some of them could love their independence more than marriage or a long-term relationship.

They are usually family oriented, and love children.

They are good parents, and usually find a good balance between being too complaisant and strict towards their kids.

Best Match For ‘Virgo’ Sun ‘Cancer’ Moon

People with sun in Virgo and moon in Cancer get along best with partners who have Cancer or other water signs prominent in their natal chart, combined with an earth element influence.

Earth signs with water element influence are also a good match for them.

Air and fire element signs are not a good match because they have incompatible personalities.

They could be a good match providing they have prominent water or earth element in their charts.

Their partner needs to be a person who is tolerant and can put up with their criticizing and nagging. Air and fire signs usually don’t have enough patience and will to do that.


People with sun in Virgo and moon in Cancer are emotional and rational at the same time.

They are very precise, detailed, and organized; they are also emotional and family oriented.

They are tender and gentle, but need time to relax and get to know a person before relaxing in their presence and showing them their emotions.

The main issues these people experience are due to their nature prone to criticizing and judging others, especially their partners, when they don’t behave the way they expect them to or they don’t behave according to their standards.

These people need to work on getting rid of their need to control others and allow their individuality to express.

When they learn to do that, they will feel more relaxed and that will prevent a lot of potential conflicts with their partners and other people in general.

These people can be prone to frequent mood swings, which is something others should get used to because they are a part of their nature.

In general, these people are commitment types and love being in relationships and marriage.

They are independent and not very sociable. They love spending time at home whether alone or accompanied by the members of their family.

These people have great organizational skills and they usually undertake the role of the organizer in their relationships or marriage. They are much attached to their families and love spending time with them.

They love children and are good parents. They are not overly strict towards their children, but also not too complaisant.